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-This is not an art guild.-

Welcome to The Art of Life Guild.

In this guild people talk. We talk about our days, how things are going on in our lifes, a few random subjects, and more.

While mainly for depressed people and self injurers, anyone can join that wants to talk.

Here, when someone has a problem, everyone does their best to help out.

In order to join you must tell us in just a few words why you wish to join.

From the need of help, to the want to help, to any other reason that you can think of, we just want to know who would like to join and why. It will better help us to cater the guild to everyone's needs.

No flaming or spammers.

This guild is meant to help people in need. If you have nothing good to say, then don't say it. If you do flame or spam you will be given one warning. If it happens again, you shall be banned.

Please be respectful of everyone.

If someone, somehow is getting on your nerves and you feel that you cannot contain your frustration simply leave the thread. Just don't start ticking people off either way.

Other than that, please enjoy the guild. Thanks. biggrin