Do you have artistic skills that are going to waste while you play gaia? Do you see art and wish your art was see more often in the forums? Do you want peer criticism of your art? Do you want some cold hard cash fast and easy?

Then Art Nerds Unite is the guild for you

Here is a guild created by artist like you and maintained by people like you. Donations to the guild found here go into a special "pot"; from which winnings are taken from. There will be multiple artists awarded each contest. Contests shall be once a month starting on the first and ending on the last day of the month. Winnings shall be announced the 7th of the following month!

Please check out our art shop where you can support local artists and your guild

Please read rules and terms&conditions before joining this guild, you shalln't be refunded your entry fee!

If you feel you are being scammed out of money, please contact me via PM and we can discuss your problem.

Gold collected by entry fees and donation on this page are only for maintaining our beautiful guild these can not be added to the pot! Please see above for how to find the mule account for this guild