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ARKHAM ☾SCHOOL ƒσя Շroubled ϓouth
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Welcome to Arkham School for Troubled Youth. This is an alternate Gotham City, where Batman and his cohorts are all still young, but with the similiar pasts. They have all done some kind of offense where they should be in prison, but because the kindness of a judge or the insistence of a parent, they were sent to a reform school instead. This is when Batman's wings are clipped and where all the different oddities from the DC world have been sent.

What will become of them now? What did they do to end up here? Will you keep their original story to a "T" or will you tweak it some? Will they straighten up and make it out? Or will they be sent next door to Arkham Asylum?

To apply, please look over the forums and look at all that we do. After doing that, please follow these instructions:
  • send a past roleplay sample, again a PAST roleplay sample not a sample you typed on up on the spot to Principal Arkham, this step can only be skipped if you received an invitation, but we still would like you to do the rest to make sure you're listening

  • with your sample to Principal Arkham

  • in the message containing the sample, you should say three things:
    • 1. who you wish to be
    • 2. how you came across our guild
    • 3. how you will improve our guild.

  • if any of these rules are ignored, you will be automatically rejected

  • Thank you for your interest, and we would really like to have you!

      Also, we are not currently accepting original characters, all applications with such characters will be ignored.

Inspired by boredom
writing expectations lazy adv-lit [minimum two paragraphs || max six paragraphs]
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