On the small island of Arimaniia at the age of fourteen a child is given an egg for his or her birthday. For two years the child must care for this egg until it hatches on their sixteenth birthday. Each egg is different and you cannot tell whats inside by just looking at it or even what creature layed the egg. The eggs are magical and whatever hatches shows the child's potential in society and chooses their path in the world; whatever hatches becomes the persons life partner and helps them when needed and each one means a different thing. Kings and Queens are chosen by eggs, not birth, if you get the correct egg/hatchling you are the next heir. Same with mages, if you have the magic and potential of a mage royal or common then your egg will set you down the path starting with your hatchling. Before the age of fourteen the children do not show any signs of what their places are they are simply children but after receiving their egg changes begin to occur as hints as to what they are to be. And they must fulfill there duty.

The winds around the island cause the weather to be random, so one day it could be scorching hot, and the next snowing.


Animals and What They Stand For:

Good Animals

These creatures have the body of a lion, wings of a giant eagle, and the face of a human. They are noble creatures and mostly prey on creatures that are bad. Lammasu's are strong and can easily take down anything with their long sharp lion claws.

Are dragon/serpent like creatures. They like to spend most of the time floating in the ocean or any kind of water with their riders. If your egg happens to hatch into a bahamut, that means your job is to be a water mage.

Dragon: Lizard-like creature that is wise and is a mixture of cat and dog (an odd combo i know). Loyal like a dog but craves attention like a cat, they even purr! These creatures are small able to fit on a shoulder or arm easily for travel. The largest on record went to knee hight. A dragon hatchling symbolizes royalty. The child receiving this partner is dubbed the next heir/king/queen. Dragons are extremely rare only 2 or 3 every generation

Kudarang: Small winged horses that come in many different colors. These are also very small, the largest the size of a mini pony and can not be ridden, but are great for carrying messages back and forth quickly. They are playful, regularly being found in droves, but can be very mean if angered. These symbolize a messenger, common or royal depends on the person it hatched to.

Phoenix: A large fire bird only touchable by its partner or those of resembling traits/partners. They have quick tempers and once angered are very hard to calm down. These usualy symbolize a black smith or some profession dealing with alot of fire.

Salamander: A small being of fire, it embodies the lesser flames of the home. Usually symbolizes cooks and bakers.

Unicorn: Large pale horse with a single horn on its forehead. They are pure and innocent rarely seen by those around them. They are shy creatures and rarely stray far from they partners. They usually symbolize ladies maid or a priest.

Kelpie: Water horse that is cunning and quick. Likes to play riddle games and confuse those around them. Usually symbolizes a lawyer or adviser

Darking: Small blob like creatures that can change shape, split into multiple darkings and communicate through them. They have small holes for mouths and are always looking for something "fun" to do but fun to them is just something new. Usually symbolizes common mages.

Griffin: Half-bird, half-cat. One of the largest creatures, ridable and able to share magic with partner. They are wise and solitary. Symbolizes royal mage.

Chimera: This is a creature is a mix other creatures, it can be anything but most are lion, goat and snake. They usually symbolize an alchemist or chemist.

Pegasus: Large winged horses that are noble and reliable. They symbolize a noble or a knight

Winged Wolves: Large winged wolves similar to the demon wolf but signifies a good noble however if a noble goes bad their wolf changes to a demon wolf but most start off as a winged wolf. These types are noble and true, they are odd in that they are bigger then a normal wolf so you can ride them when there old enough.

Kirin: Kirin's are like asian unicorns, but more magical and mysterious. While some people interpret Kirins as more dragon that deer and thus more evil I like to think of them as gentle, delicate (though temperate) creatures, that are skittish, but will defend themselves if challenged. They are dainty, rare, and magical. A person who gets a Kirin might be best suited to be like a ranger of sorts: one with nature, present, but not seen, here to protect, but not to fight, peaceful. They are the symbol of a Ranger. Ranger's are a caste of warriors below knights. They usually guard the land overall, protect travelers and protect the wildlife. Generally against evil. One step above commoner, yet one step below noble.

Water Sprite: Small humanoid winded beings they are very social. They usually symbolize sailors and fishermen

Wood Nymph: These shy being are very gentle and will overcome that shyness to help the injured. They usually symbolize Story Tellers. Wiser people who are in love with telling storys about things long gone and myths and scarying little kids out of there pants with the story.

Soul Wolf:
These magnificent creatures usually have a full white pelt, with hints of black in it. The soul wolf stays close to it's master in times of need, and always likes to play. This creature will risk it's like for the safety of it's master. Soul wolfs come in size's much larger then any normal wolf, there was extremely muscular, and have super good eye sight, hearing and smell. The soul wolf is a good creature, and usually resembles an explorer. Someone who is interested in exploring the world.

Healing Rabbit
The medical rabbit is a rare species that is only hatched to someone who is willing to make a difference in the world. Whoever is lucky enough to get one of these creatures will become a healer. The healers job is to heal the wounded, and to help cure the sick. The medical rabbit are small, strong, but have super speed and are able to fly. They are bound to help there masters heal, and are fast and small to help collect medical herbs.


Neutral Animals

The Camelopard is the spotted offspring of the mother of a camel and father of a leopard. It is though now that this creature
the Camelopard is in fact the Giraffe. If your egg hatches into this, your an explorer.

A Girallon is a close relation to the gorilla they are large creatures that are highly aggressive and territorial. The main difference between a Girallon and a gorilla is that the Girallon has four arms, to the gorillas two. Girallons are white or pale gray in colour, about 8ft in height. If your egg hatches into a girallon, your job is to be a knight.

The peryton is a large flying bird that has an antlered head. They sometimes have the legs of a deer but normly have the wings and body of a bird. These birds are very silent when they want or loud when they want. If your egg hatches into a peryton, that means your an inventor.

Golem: Large rock type creatures they have great defenses and are one with earth, some are made from crystals. They can be evil or good according to partners who usually end up as guards/ guardians

Demon Fox: Stealthy, loyal, and trustworthy, they can be as quite as shadows, or as loud as storms, they can kill without mercy, or kill with sadness. The demon fox stands for assassins. Owners who have this beast hatch from their eggs will either be an assassin or a hitman bent on protecting those they love, or killing those they have been sent to kill. They have two sizes: one the size of a little kitten and the other the size of a griffin. They are able to fly and hold up to two large people or three small ones. They also have flames on there feet when they are in a bigger form and use the fire to change from big to little. (Is both a good and bad creature that has mood swings constantly. They also Can ONLY have TWO forms no more, maby three depending on the mood of the mod is when you ask one)

Harpy: This carrion eater, while quiet selfish, tend to work well together. They usually symbolize thieves and spys

Air Cat:Getting into anything and everything and going anywhere is to be expected for this little feline. They usually symbolize merchant

Soul tiger: The soul tigers are nice animals. They are rather large and can be seen by anyone they want to see them; If they do not wish to be seen they are not there. They can some times be hidden depending on the kind you have. There are many types of soul tiger. They normally are as large as a winged wolf some times larger. They symbolize Necromancers and can be portrayed as good or evil depending on the owner of the animal.

Cerberus: Don't let their bad rep. fool you these three head dog is only mean to people who commit crimes. They usually symbolize policepersons.

Snow leopard:
Creatures that seem of the gentle nature, their beautiful white coats shine like silver. Even if this leopard seems gentle, do not let this fool you. These big cats have razer sharp claws, piercing fangs and a super bad attitude. These cats can even sometimes be gentle, caring and just plain nice. They usually symbolize hunters, for their stealthiness.


Evil Animals

Demon Wolf: Large wolf like creatures with wings. Evil to the their core they symbolizes a dark lords guard or head of dark armies. These wolfs are odd in that they are bigger then a normal wolf so you can ride them when they are old enough.

Basilisk: Large snake capable of turning things into stone by looking them in the eyes and wishing it while holding eye contact. They are totally evil creatures that symbolizes dark lords. Note: Rare only 1-2 a generation

Dark Unicorns: Large dark horse with a single horn on its forehead. They are evil and destructive and rarely seen by those around them. They are shy creatures and don't stray far from partners. They usually symbolize evil ladies maid or a evil priest.

Dark Pegasus: Large winged horses that are evil but reliable. They symbolize a a evil noble or a knight to the evil army

Evil Griffin: Half-bird half-cat. One of the largest creatures they can be ridden and are able to share magic with their partner. They are wise and solitary. Symbolizes an evil royal mage.

Skull Beetles: Beetles that can grow to the size of a human palm or as large as a cat. They vary in color and it is rumored that a person could crack their skull on a Skull Beetle's exoskeleton. Like any insect a Skull Beetle can lift many times its own weight, the bigger the beetle the stronger it is. Signify assassins.

Hellhound: Born from the pits of hell it goes in search of evil. They are so evil that at the sight of them most of the nice animals shake in there fur/skin. They are the vilest of all the evil dogs and will not listen to any one but there master. They want nothing but revenge on some one who has killed there former master. When they hatch they look like cute little pups but soon develop a mean spot and will destroy any thing they want to unless there master tells them not to. They represent mercenaries.

Slime Demon: Cute, yes. Nice, no. These little things will destroy anything they want with their corrosive bodies. They represent Arsonist.

Cockatrice:The Cockatrice is a snake like creature, that has a pair of great wings that are seen to come from that of a great eagle or that are leathery wings like a dragons. Characteristics of a Cockatrice is that it has glowing red eyes with black pupils. Cockatrice has a magical gaze that it can petrify an attacker to stone. Symbolizes a mad alchemist.

Is a creature that's half human and half monkey. They usually have a hand on the end of it's tail. These creatures are very evil. They are usually used for capturing other creatures/humans and they specialize in doing so. How? ell, since it has a hand on the end of it's tail, it hides under water and grabs with it. That hands grip is almost fatal and extremely hard to break away from. If your egg hatches into this, your a bounty hunter.

Howlers are four legged sort of dog like creatures. They are furless but have tough skin. They are equipped with long claws, and are covered in hard spikes along their backs. They live in dark places and are often associated with evil. They are intelligent. If your egg hatches into this, your a evil knight.

The Manticore is a vicious creature. The Manticore is a lion like creature that's head has some human likeness; it has a tail which is sometimes depicted as a tail of a scorpion or a tail that fires poisonous darts. The Manticore sometimes is depicted having leathery wings. If your egg hatches into this your a weapon maker.

More will come later


1) If you have a evil animal you are EVIL
2) Follow Gaia TOS
3) If you have an idea for a new creature then post it in the thread we made for that reason. Moonfalls_Within and I will consider it. Tell me the creature you'd like to add, what kind of person it would hatch for, its description and a pic because I will NOT go looking for one
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10) I will make up more as I go along

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