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" Could you be the one for me? "

"Ah. it seems that the love of your heart has come for you and brought you here. I bid you welcome as you start reading this now. To have found this place, you all must be the romantics at heart, if I am correct to say. I, myself am a romantic at heart and I created this guild just for the purpose for those people to gather and find a common interest in RP. There is no set topic for this guild, and it is only fueled by the activity of its members and the wonderful RP topics that they made ( which they can do after approval by me). There is also no set range in who can join this guild. From early-borne to the old-time RPers, everyone is welcome here to start. As you venture into this deep world of romance, I warn you to follow the rules and the Gaia ToS or expect grave things ahead of you. Please keep the romance to PG13 and if you want for the intimate scenes please time-skip as well. Please be nice and respectful to your fellow kind. I want everyone that joins this guild to find the true love and to feel the excitement in which this genre provides us. Thank you for taking your time in reading this and so . . .

In your application, include
- Level of RP Skill
- How Involved are you in this Genre [ Romance ] of RP?
- RP Example
- Gaia Schedule [ When you log on ]
- Are you Committed? :