Your eyes open to an unknown room. What is this world? Why does it hold such horrid boundaries? I bet that's what comes to mind. This is one place that is not anywhere near normal...It's a living hell...literally...nobody is human...nobody is truly sane...we're all insane people yet people punish us all for no reason. There is no sunshine...there is no such thing as happy endings...This is where our stories begins...

Welcome to the Arcane Asylum! Created by the one and only, Ester Arcane. A man with various sick and twisted dreams. This building has been known for the death rates of many patients, nurses, and doctors. As always every mystery comes with a twist! Here you'll also meet one of the most greatest mass murders and even have the honor to be possibly killed by them. Welcome to the world of darkness that will ravage your mind with questions that will leave you in the...

Asylum of Blood

History of the Asylum
Long ago, demons, angels, humans, and other beings had roamed along each other. Though humans began to gain jealousy towards the others, angered by the fact they couldn't gain the abilities the others could. With that, they began to cause havoc amongst the people, even killing their own kind in Tarry Town, causing a huge commotion that the races couldn't live in common.

With that, the asylum was born. It was mainly a whole facility made to conduct experiments on humans and other breeds alike, hoping to share some abilities for their own selfish purposes. Power is what the basic mortals wanted to gain their hands on in order to live their life with minimal suffering. The outcome was rather disastrous of course. Killers rose into the world, now more powerful with their hatred fueling all intentions. The asylum had no longer become an experimentation facility, but rather a prison to hold the 'insane'. Now people live in fear, hoping the walls could hold those fears within them but let's be real..That's not possible.

Being tricked by false amends, Ester was able to trap a demon forever, giving the facility the amount of power it needed in order to survive. Her soul is bound to the facility and she is not allowed to die unless that seal is broken by Ester. One night, he had vanished, leaving the Asylum under the care of multiple corrupted officials. Such as the mayor of Tarry Town..the officials within New Harlem City as well. Frustrated by the outcome, the demon had no choice but to live out her days within the asylum as a nurse. Will you be able to spot her? Who knows.

Many poor unfortunate beings are trapped within this hellish world with no explanation what so ever..With that, the hatred grew, so did the body count.

Remember..there's no such thing as a savior here.

- If there are any problems, you will be given one warning! My patience is thin with people who won’t bother to cooperate. So please don’t get on my bad side.

- Respect everyone in this guild; I don’t want to have to remind you of kindergarten please.

-Any questions or suggestions can go in the main forum or just PM the crew.