The guild where your possibilities are our expectations.

Hey Everybody!! Wanna join the awesomest random guild in the world?! Then..Click teh button that looks like this --->User Image

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Hey Err'body!! This is a 'Small' guild that has HUUUUGE dreams of getting up there on the top 10 guilds list. ]

But we need your help to do it! Join now and you can post ANYTHING!!!!!
And we mean it. ^^ A seriously random guild. Though we may be random, we have very organized events. Like for instance...

Our TekTek Contest is now up and running! Want more info? Take a little peak at our forums and you'll know exactly what to do. ;]

Plus! Our Bump Contest is still going on! 8D
Other than that, there aren't any new events going on, but the masterminds of the guild are working hard on making life in AL more exciting.
[ But if you have any ideas on ANYTHING special you want to happen, then feel free to discuss with any of our moderators about it, and you just might get what you want. ]

Other events will be coming very soon. But keep an eye out for them! You can check them out at our news thread or just check it out here on our home page!

Hope you get to likin' this guild! Because so far, a lot of other people absolutely LOVE it here! ]


Donors, PLEASE stop HERE!

Due to the fact that our Guild account now has more Gold for Sub Forums than it needs, we ask that you please send any and all donations to our Guild Mascot. The dear Apple Legacy himself. All donations made to Apple Legacy will be used as prizes/rewards for any contests or events we may hold. 3nodding Thank you, and have a good day.