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A paragraph of your skills in writing (At least 5 sentences)

The year is 2020. There was a long-standing fight between the countries over oil, food, and money. The world finally let out into a nuclear war. We can only guess who the first to launch the bomb was. Most people claim it was China; others, America. A few even bet that it was the UK. Whoever it was, the point is that it was launched and the world fell.

Major cities were demolished in less than a week due to the panic. Hundreds died. Thousands went into hiding. Governments fell and nearly all forms of technology failed.

However, due to the Nuclear War, there were a few new surprises in store. Animals, instead of dying, mutated. Humans that were caught in the blast were either killed... or ended up turning into Zombies.

That is right, Zombies. It is the closest idea we have got, for these monsters came out from our nightmares. They look like zombie, act like zombies, and even kill like zombies. People are sure that there is a scientific reason behind this 'zombiefication' but without the means to find out... it is practically worthless.

People who went into hiding created communities with the fighters and semi-trained medical assistants that were Lifeguards, Nurses, and the like. Most of the full-fledged doctors were taken by hostile groups called Nomads, who seek only to further their own lives or killed in the blast… or worse… they're zombies.

We are all stuck within this three-way-war. Us vs. Nomads vs. Zombies. Who will come out on top?

1. Semi-Literate Guild.

2. Five Sentences minimum per post.

3. PG-13 Violence.

4. PG-13 Romance.

5. PG-13 Language allowed.


7. No text speech. (Examples gtg, brb, ttyl)

8. No God-Modding.

9. Warning System You are given a max of Four Warnings 1=just a regular warning, 2=being watched by Crew and Vices, 3=Suspended from the Guild for a week, 4=Kicked out. No if, ands, or buts.

10. Read all announcements.

11. Don't leave other people out of your RP. (Not cool bros.)

12. Don't kill off characters without my permission and the character owners permisson.