Anti-Racism Guild

Hey there! This is the Anti-Racism Guild and we believe everyone is corresponded no matter what ethnicity you are! This is a new guild, but I usually have events we will do. Of course this isn't a tedious guild, we also have events! The newest event we may do is go to Virtual Hollywood. Not to gallivant around or squander, but to warn people of racism. Before we go or do events, I would like everyone to wear an outfit I will pick or choose. For more information, see the "Events" below.


1. August 13 ~ Guild Meeting to meet eachother Tell eachother about yourself and your story about racism, or something about a moment similar to the
2. August 27 ~ Theatre We will watch a presentation at the Video Lounge about Racism.
3. September 3 ~ Virtuual Hollywood Like I said, we aren't gallivanting around or being gruff, we are here to warn others.


1. You aren't here to be gruff, be benevolent to eachother, please.[/blue]
2. Please be at least four sentences in the join request.
3. Please be active. At least four days a week.
4. Be active in the Forums, too. Post atleast once in each Topics and Forum.
5. Remember, this guild is about preventing racism. Not about chatting about your weekend or talking pompously.
6. We may have roleplaying now and then, but it's only about racism. Do not make your own roleplay and make it differently.

Any other further questions, contact The Christian Church please and Thank You.