Anti-GUILD!! IRON FIST!!!!!111

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We, the people of the Anti-Guild, are not a group of
noob-haters/flamers/bashers, or anything else of the sort such as elitists.
This is just a hangout for people who were regulars in the Anti-Sticky
and their friends. Nothing more, nothing less.

So, a quick story behind why we are the Anti-Guild. Once upon a time, when Gaia was still in its first year of life (2003), there was a Gaian by the name of Bakunetsumaru no akuma. He made a thread in the AMC forum which went over proper etiquette in the AMC forum (before there was any sort of official sticky was made); this was called (after many name changes) the Anti-Sticky. Why? Well, because the original chatterbumpers of this thread (when chatterbumping was still a-ok in the world of Gaia) decided that the thread shouldn't be stickied because, well, no one reads the stickies in a forum. A sad day in May 2004, chatterbumping was finally against the rules of Gaia, and the thread was locked and became victim of the old system of thread-eating. It is now gone forever. The group of original chatterbumpers were left homeless. We soon decided to make our own thread in the Guild forum as a place for us to hang out. We had all become quite fond of one another, so something like this would not tear us apart. We just sadly relocated.

We, as a group, decided to call our new guild the Anti-Guild in honor of the Anti-Sticky. And here we are now.

I think that would be a good idea. We may not discuss world issues or anything all that important, but I've found the AG to be a great support network when things have been ******** with me.

And there's usually someone around to chat with... which is pretty cool.

Baku is gone. He doesn't post here anymore.

But... In our fingers, and in our spam... HE LIVES ON AS A PART OF US!

We'll make a thread so big it unsynchs the servers!

Even if the downtime spells our boredom... as long as there are Sushi errors, IT'S OUR VICTORY!


We are the AG! We are not Baku's spam monkeys!

We are us! THE ANTI-GUILD!

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September 11, 2006
Gaia released four new clothing lines. The Anti-Fashion line was among those. Operation Anti begins this day. twisted

September 15, 2006
We crashed Terra Online.

December 04, 2006 635 pm
The general chatter thread reached 9000 pages, making it official that the AG is OVER 9000!!!

February 10, 2007 725pm
Stream, with the help of many AGers, has achieved bunny slippers.

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