Welcome to the anime typhoon. In this guild we are dedicated to bring you the best anime, movie, video game and just general roleplays that we can. If you have any specific genres or titles you want to base your rps off of go right ahead, but keep in mind that this guild has rules to keep us up and running. As long as you follow them then we will not complain, but if you break any of the rules expect us to notify you with a pm that has the subject strike_ where it is how many times we have notified you of an infraction of the rules and it will not exceed three strikes. once you get that third strike you are out. No more chances; and once you are out you can't get back in. This guild will black list you for the entire time it is active. otherwise, have fun and keep it pg-13 at the highest.

I)no god modding
II)keep it pg-13 at the most. anything higher will need to go to p.m.'s or i.m.'s your choice.
III)have fun
IV)what the captain and vice-captains says goes. don't argue it.
V) i will or my vice captains will add, alter or remove any rule or rules we feel need to be added, removed or changed.
VI) keep the rp's in their respective sub-forums.
VII) i am using on "the three strike" rule. break the rules three times and you're out. just like baseball and i will warn you twice before i kick you out.