Yes i understand it IS another RP Guild..But mine ish better
pretty much there is no rules..only like 5..
and if u disobey them..your out for good..
Well i mean you get 3 warnings...THEN UR OUT!! XD i am pretty easy ya..enjoy
~RULES~ (i will tell you on here and in the forums)
1. Don't use Bad Language..Unless in RP or you ASK MY PERMISSION!! Or unless your Pagan..then he Can
2. Pagan is The Vice Captian DON'T MAKE HIM MAD!!!
3. Um..if ur not Posting at least 3 times a week,your out..
4. When a contest appears..make sure you post ur opinion
5.Never..EVER tell ME OFF!!!!
6.No God mode
Other than that Thanks and enjoy your self.
There Might be some Pic and Art if i get some..^_^
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