In this guild we will have fun and talk in posts and talk about different anime and manga or wateva yall wanna talk about. as long as it at least involves animals, anime, or manga plus games. biggrin

Example This is people from bleach biggrin (from google biggrin )

This means that chu can put pics of ur favorite anime charater as a animal on posts!!
Now i have some simple rules that I can think of
2)Don't start nothin' and it wont be nothin'
3)Be nice pleaze!! I dont care if ya emo of happy-go-lucky. Or whatever. And who cares what your sexual orientation is >D i think bisexual people are epic D but like I said, Who cares? 3
4)Ya gotta be a fan person of course!!( I would say fan girl but some boys would get creeped out xD)
5)HAVE FUN!!!!
plus we'll have random games!!!!!!!!