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This Guild is Active as of October 1st 2021

You like anime, right? You go to conventions, right? Maybe you go to at least one a year, right? You like to talk about the conventions with people, right?


We are the only global convention Guild as well as the largest convention and/or cosplay Guild on Gaia, and our numbers continue to grow!

This guild is dedicated to bringing together all of us con-goers, old and new! Instead of having to join several guilds in order to talk about each con you go to, why not join one guild where you can talk about any and all conventions?

You don't have to have gone to Otakon to talk about it! You don't have to live on the West Coast to talk about SakuraCon! Heck, you don't even have to live in the United States to talk about American conventions!

Talk about past/present conventions, cosplay ideas/help, show off pictures, plan photoshoots, discuss music/industry guests, do what you want!

Already so many people have connected with one another-- People that go to the same conventions but have never met each other until now! Meet up with the Gaians you meet on here-- Trust me, at least one of us goes to the same convention that you do ;]

If you want to join this guild, all you have to do is fill this in your request:

Number of Conventions Attended:
Why do you want to be a part of the Guild?:
(short answer will suffice)
Did Someone Recommend our Guild to You?: (If yes, please tell us their username)

Feel free to poke around in the forums, sub forums, and threads and we hope you decide to join us! o( ^.^)o o(^.^ )o
*I want to thank the many people who have become a part of our convention family and who have told us about their many "Otaku" experiences. I hope we keep growing in numbers, and don't forget to tell your friends to join our Guild too!*

**Please don't donate directly to the Guild - Send donations directly to myself your Captain Smithers456, your donations will be used in future contests and competitions**

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Photo Credits: Starz-N-Madness (BL), KayaLing (C), Smithers456 (TL), Violet Waltz (TR), Blood_Red_Moon_Wolf (BR)

The Newbie Supporting and Training Guild (NSTG)
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Anime Help Guild
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