Hi Welcome to Anime central were we provide most animes such as 'mars' 'ranma 1/2' "lucky star' naruto and bleach A playplace for anime lover to .chill chat and find out anime you didnt know about we do hold contest such as cosplay videos art or even fanfictions we well start paying to join .So join and helpus make this the best guild you been in
1. No cursing swearing or put-downs
2. rescept other even if u hate a cetrtin pairing
3.have fun 4.No dirty chat or eles ur out
5.Respect peoples opinon about things
6.if u want to expand this guild with great ideas tell the captain
7.when contet are starting we well tell you in advance prizes well be random

Who are we A group of anime lovers such as inuyasha

Why u should joinTo get the updates about whats coming up such as vampire knight , rosaria vampire skip beat and many others .

Our goal To have fun and maybe get some gold or items in ur pocket ,
p.s. thanks for joining