If you love animals and are passionate
about fighting for their rights,
please join me!

Please let me know a little
about why you love animals and
what kind of animal you have.

You do not have to have an animal
to join, come on and share your opinions!

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This Guild Also Comes With A Small Set Of Rules ~

No, I won't type alot

1. Have fun (that doesn't involve hurting or insulting others)
2. If any rules are broken from (1-23-09) now on, you will be punished
3. Everyone loves everyone here, especially animals heart
4. If someone says something, listen
5. Moderators have first and last word, but captains opinion ( based on everyone's) goes
6. Don't argue for extended periods of posts
7. No un-wanted bumps/posts or advertisment (sp?)
8. Speak so you can be understood!!!!
9. Love your animals and care for them

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