Age: 20+
Bio: As princess ARK had been instructed in all things a princess would be expected to know since she was old enough to walk, talk, and understand what she was being told to do. This included but was not limited to Archery, dancing, and singing. She oddly enough enjoyed all of them, and tended to sneak off from her other lessons to enjoy those. But lately, it has been harder to sneak away and she has become slightly depressed.
Kingdom: Altair
Others: Alora loved to bake, and cook, but wasn't allowed to because of her status as princess so often times she could be found in the kitchen.

[align-=center]an extraordinary beauty in the North...
The most beautiful being of the world
From her first glance the city bows before her
From her second glance the empire falls into ruins
But there aren't such an empire or a city
what we can laud more than this beauty