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When most people think of the words 'Sailor Moon' they think of an anime series. If you're lucky enough, they'll think of a manga too. We aren't those type of fans here. This guild is meant for those Gaians who are serious Sailor Moon fans with an in depth knowledge about the mega-series. We've done more than just watching a few dubbed anime episodes.

We've watched it all. PGSM, Sera Myu, fan animes, fan live-action movies, tribute videos, specials and so on.

We've read it all. Blogs, fanfics, essays, reports, wikis, subtitles, tropes, theories and etc.

We've seen it all. The symbolism, the themes, the patterns, the reasons, the motivations, cosplays, merchandise and even more.

And we're still thirsty, we want to discover more. We're beyond casual fans here. We're Otaku, we're proud and we want to find others who are just like us.

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