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Ancient Echoes is one of the oldest pagan guilds on Gaia. It has gone through many forms and tried many things. However the core of the guild has never changed.

Ancient echoes is a place for Pagans of all sorts to come and discuss their paths. It is also a place to learn about various aspects of pagan paths. There is a forum for you to talk about your specific path, divination and books as well as mythology and arts/poems and general chatter.

The goal of AE is to be a guild where pagans of all types and even those who just want to learn more are welcome. Forums to share and forums to discuss. It has something for every one.

AE encourages the stance that Wicca is an oathbound orthapraxic religion where all members are clergy and initiation is required. All other paths are valid just not Wicca.

AE encourages light debate and discussion. Claims must be supported sourced. People are encouraged to question faiths and people, so long as it is respectful. Those who are seeking are encouraged to ask, and those who are more advanced are encouraged to ask questions to every one.

We have the following forums:

Worship: Rituals, Holidays, and More

Mythology: Deities and the Myths

Spells and magic

Recipies (food, and drinks)

Way of the: A place to write up your personal path

Seeker central: FAQ, Mentoring, and Guides

Media corner: Books, Websites, TV shows/movies, Blogs, Mags, and Podcasts

Psychic central-divination threads and readings given to others

Muses: Art done in honor of your religion
Weekly discussions (one topic and questions per week)

Games and Prizes: Games and events

The cave: Old events and discussions go here

AEBLOG-A personal blog for each of us AEBLOG-A personal blog for each of us

Chatterbox-random things and off topic discussion

Staff lounge: Staff only

Guild announcements: Announcements sent to all get reposted here

The Craft of the Wise=The forum for all religious witchcraft

If you request to join fill this out:
What to call you:
Time on Path:

That will also be your intro post and first post in the guild

WE need active members so please post often!