Welcome to the Homepage~!
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Well, I know that this isn't the most... interesting home page, but it's the inside that counts, and that's what you need to get to. So I'm making this part short and painless. Sounds great, right?

Ahem. So the guild "An Alternate Lifestyle" is a guild for literate role players. I consider someone to be literate if they can write eight or more sentences on a bad day AND they can use proper grammar (with the exception of minor typos. That is what I require. That's a lot more lenient than some people.

- Do I require pretty posts? Nah.
- Do I want you to follow every rule you see? Obviously.
- Do I require a sample of your role playing in the request? You bet your sweet booty I do. If I don't think you make the cut, I might not accept... don't be hurt, though okay? I just.. can't stand... certain grammar levels... *is a grammar Nazi*
- Do I want to see cybering in my guild? NO. If you MUST take it that far, take it to a place where I'm not responsible, please.
- Respect the Vice Captain and I. We work hard to make the guild what it is. Please just do as we ask/say so life is easier for all of us.
- Once again, follow every rule you see. Yeah.. these are rules.
- Be sure what you post is in the right subforum~ Okay, this isn't really a rule, but it makes things better. Maybe I'm OCD about that kind of thing. If it's not, I'll politely alert you and move it for you.
- Be nice. PLEASE. Don't argue in my guild. Debating in the chatterbox is fine. But no heated arguments and insults. It ruins the fun, and I love fun. If you must be mean, take it to the PMs. just be sure not to become a cyber-bully. That isn't cool.

Yeah. Those are the rules. It may seem like a lot, but I promise it isn't~!
If you scroll down, there are more things to see~

Contests Goin' On~~

**None yet. When we get more members, I'll be glad to make one!


If you have a guild that you want to go here, let me know~!

What do I want to see in YOUR request?

How did you find the guild?
How experienced are you in role playing?
Are you active?
Will you invite friends?
A sample of your role-playing please?
[This can just be a typed up sample, or something from an actual post in a role play; which ever you prefer.]