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Alloria was originally an uninhabited region where Pokemon thrived...these Pokemon were strong, peaceful and above all wild. The One came to them and granted them a choice, either submit to mankind's coexistence or receive a gift that no other Pokemon had. Naturally the Pokemon wished to keep the region theirs so they opted for the gift. Arceus turned all of them into Gifted Pokemon Humanoids, granting them the rationality of mankind.

The Pokemon set to work in order to keep the region intact for their descendants. While some Pokemon were set in their peaceful ways, others found their newfound forms even more useful for causing trouble.

As time wore on, the Pokemon lived, fought and died set in their ways and lives. Until the troublemakers decided that they were through with minor mischief and are now going straight for the big guns.

Within this region, there are the Elite Masters, mysterious figures who guard all others with terrifying force when necessary and the 17 Dojo Masters, one Master for each type of Pokemon that exist.