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Welcome One and All!

Hi there! I'm The Master Time Lord captain of All Along the Watchtower and I would just like to take a little time to say, hey there. I hope that your finding us means that you are interested in joining our little family; if you want to know more about the guild just keep reading or message me with any questions. Please note that this version of the DC continuity is unique to this guild and to join the guild you must include the secret password: "Parallax".

Our Story Begins...

The heroes of Earth have vanished. No one knows how or why but after the Flashpoint event created by Barry Allen in order to save his Mother and the rectifying of said event, something happened, the time stream changed and one by one the heroes of Earth and their wards, their allies began to disappear. Desperate, Batman activated his last hope before his own disappearance: The Legacy Protocol.

Using the Zeta-Beam technologies of Adam Strange, Batman was not only able to preserve the memory of the Justice League's existence but also create a strange space/time phenomena called "The Legacies": Individuals chosen by fate to take up the mantles of the previous Justice League members and become the new guiding Light for "Void Earth".

If they can stop trying to kill one and other first...

Joining Our Happy Family

To join simply fill out the below form. Let's get you in the RP!

[::] Are you a fan of DC Comics?

[::] Who is your favourite Justice League member and why?

[::] Could you please provide a 200 word RP Sample?

[::] What was the secret password hidden on the Guild Front Page?

[::] Did you come to us from one of our affiliates? If so, which one?

[::] Were you invited to this guild by one of our members? If so, whom?

Allies and Affiliates
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