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1. please follow all the rules distributed by Gaia.
2. There is NO God-Modding allowed. I know that the characters in Inuyasha do have specific powers and abilities,
but keep it at the ones you know. No making new stuff up...unless it's part of the storyline.
3. We can swear on here! YES! but please, keep it to a minimum.
4. Romance between characters is obviously allowed, but there is NO boinking out here in the open. Sorry.
5. Actually, there is no boinking period. Gaia rules.
6. You can ask any of the founders about questions you may be having, but please send it to us in PMs.
7. There is no flaming on here. Don't come in here and start cussing out the RPers. you shall be reported...
8.NO BUMPING FOR GOLD!!!! If you aren't apart of the RP..THEN DON'T POST HERE!!!
9. All OOC(out of Character) comments should be put in Brackets --->((ie: ))
10. The RP area is for RP ONLY. We will have other places where everyone can chat about others things, but don't just post random crap here.
11. Have fun with this guys! And please, try to keep it fun for everyone else!


The Storyline

Our story starts in the Feudal Era [or Sengoku period] when a half demon [or hanyo] named Inuyasha tried to steal the Shikon Jewel [Shikon no Tama or Sacred Jewel] from a young and powerful priestess [or miko], named Kikyo. Formerly, the two of them were lovers, but because of the a hanyo called Naraku. Naraku set Kikyo and Inuyasha against each other, Inuyasha ended up trying to steal the Shikon no Tama and then Kikyo pinned him to a tree [known as Goshinboku] and died shortly after.

Fifty years later, in present day, a fifteen year old girl named Kagome Higurashi is about to go to school when she sees her younger brother, Sota trying to get her cat, Buyo, out of their family shrine. Shortly after she finds Buyo a centipede demon pops out of [what is called in the Feudal Area as The Bone Eaters] well and pulls her into the Well with it.

Shortly after the incident, Kagome wakes up at the bottom of the well. She calls for her grandpa and Sota and when they don’t come she climbs out by herself. She finds herself in a forest [later known to her as The Forest of Inuyasha] when she sees Inuyasha who is still pinned to the tree. The villagers of Kaede’s [Kikyo’s younger sister] village then capture her and take her Kaede herself. Kaede then realizes that Kagome is the reincarnation of her deceased sister Kikyo. She then explains the story of Inuyasha and Kikyo to Kagome.

When the demon attacks the village, Kagome is forced to release Inuyasha from Goshinboku. When he is released, he then is quick to defeat the centipede demon. Shortly after, Kaede puts prayer beads around Inuyasha’s neck to prevent him from stealing the jewel. She told Kagome to come up with a word and the first one that came to mind was ‘Sit’.
Later on a crow demon attacks the village again for the Sacred Jewel. In an attempt to stop and kill the demon, Kagome accidentally shatters the Jewel into a ton of little shards. In their mission to gain the shards Kagome came across Shippo , a fox demon, Miroku, a lecherous monk, Sango, a demon slayer, and Kirara, Sango’s pet/companion demon cat, all of which join their group to try to kill Naraku and hunt for the Jewel Shards.

They also come across Sesshomaru, Inuyasha’s half brother, his companions Rin, Jaken, and Ah-Un, Naraku and his reincarnation [the two who are most known are Kagura and Kanna], Koga, the wolf demon who claims to be in love with Kagome, and so many more villans and good guys.

We do not own any of these characters! All characters were
created by Rumiko Takahashi