((Attention to all or anyone still active and possibly still lurking around here. Major changes have undergone as i and help from a friend have gone ahead and trying to resurrect this place. If any of you are still interested in being a part of this guild. PM ME IMMEDIATELY. otherwise i will issue bans and start a clean slate. I will also notify by email as well. That is all))

You only see this mist surrounding the sorrounding area and suddenly it clears up. Appearing in front of you is a large door with two Cherry Blossoms on opposite sides. Suddenly the Door opens and you see a figure dressed in ninja gear standing there as you come closer to the door. Then he speaks "Welcome to Akai Enmu Dojo. I am the master here. My name is Zero. This place is for other ninja who excel in their arts of ninjutsu or who wish to learn the ways of the ninja. If you wish you can join this guild to meet other ninja to spar and share information with one another and live here peacefully for as long as you wish.

The Dojo its self is 4 Stories high. The first floor is the main room. The medical area is in the back and right here is the resting area after you have your battles. The second floor is the Eating area. There you can grab a bite any time day or night. And the 3rd and 4th floor is the housing areas where you can stay. All rooms are furnished with beds, closets, drawers and a desk (Note: All new rooms have been build bigger). Also you can put some of your belongings to make your room more personalized if you wish. In the back of the dojo is the hot spring area where you can go after a long day or training or sparring. Also the bathrooms are located next to them. Past the hot springs is the mountain area where you can go train or spar. There are several arenas made is separate locations. One is near the mountains waterfall; another is in the thick forest, the other right in front of the dojo, and the last one on top of a small rock face. We'll ill see you at the dojo ((By the way if any of you have any questions dont be afraid to ask. ill be happy to answer them)). Sayounara