~ Contests ~
Adventure Time Disscusion ~ win 10k (10,000 gold.)

You can be any characters from the show as long as another person hasn't taken them. If you want, you can make up your own character. You don't have to cosplay your character if you want. ^^

~ Characters ~
Fionna ~ Xx Fionna xX
Finn ~ phillip11112
Princess Bubblegum ~ Princess Bubblegum Pb
Lumpy Space Princess ~ luscious lumps
Finnberly ~ Pixxel Ghost
Flame Princess ~ Flam3_Princess
Prince Gumball ~ 0I Miyuki I0
Gunter ~ xxbunny97
Darkness Prince ~ robowhite ninga
Ghost Princess ~ Eccentric Hipster
Marceline ~ o0 effervescence 0o
Princess Umi ~ HoneyDipxD
Grey (Alibaster Grey) ~ Penitent Patience
Cake ~ Chitty chitty bang bang45
Marshall Lee ~ iSkrillex98
Ice King ~ iIce King
Bmo ~ zoralis12
Jake the dog ~ The Jake Queen

~ Rules ~
Follow Gaia's To's
Don't cuss
Don't copy another person's character
Please stay active or you will be kicked out
No AT haters!

Pm me or any crew members on the character you want to be.

~ Joining the Guild ~
When joining the guild you need to fill out a form.
Character/OC's Name:
Character/OC's Home:
Character's backstory: (This is optional)
Reason why your joining:

Thanks for taking your time to fill out the form and I always accept new members. I just need the information so I can add where your character lives and add your character to the list. xD

~ Guild Fourm ~
You can post anything you like in the guild forums as long as it's on fourm's topic.