Howdy Heckin Thanksgiving To You All!!

Don't forget to get over to the main page and be sure to enter the Thanks-GETTING event! It's more fun than a boat full of gravy and all the mix-ins!

Guild news: Due to a current boost to my interest in the site I've decided to kick start the rebirth of the guild! I've been too lazy and gaia has changed, but together we can revive towns 1, and this guild!
Our Thanks-GETTING guild event is ongoing (as mentioned above!)

Due to a certain YouTube Video bringing back the site in ways I could only dream of doing, we're going to celebrate HARD this upcoming winter with at least 3-5 more events!!!!! Keep an eye out so you don't miss anything awesome!

Community Shoutouts: RussianSpaceLesbians for going above and beyond in recruiting another new member so soon after joining, we love that community spirit, keep it up!
Thank you EVERYONE who has recently joined, I cannot tell you how appreciative I am to see this community grow! Seriously, you guys rock my socks off!

Coming Soon: The banner making contest has been put off for now, instead we're asking for general submissions, suggestions or artist references, all participants will be compensated with Platinum or Items of equal value, thanks in advance for any participation!

Zetsu's Current Music Pick:

Thanks to you guys, you truly make it worth it to invest my time in the community here again!
-Admiral Z