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                      Are you a good writer, that can give a two paragraph post with ease? Do you find yourself craving an original role play that has good, literate writers, a solid plot with lots of room to expand? Do you ever wish that just once, one of the role plays you choose to join, would stay around for more than a month at a time? And that, even after the story has been running for a while, there were still important characters that could be added? Do you want a story where there isn't a main character, but where every character in the tapestry matters?

                      Do you like medieval role plays, where the world and rules are very different than our own?

                      Do you ever want to have more than just the plain Jane role play experience? Where the place you write gives back to you? Do you want to be a part of a community of writers?

                      Have you ever found yourself wishing things were just a bit more organized? And do you have an open mind?

                      If you answered yes to any of these, we invite you to scroll down. Take a look. Because we'd love to have you.

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                      In a land quite dissimilar to our own, on another plane of existence entirely, there are ten kingdoms of Vices and Virtue, and like most kingdoms that are placed too close together with different views and cultures, are at war with each other. The Sins naturally against Virtues. Lust against Prudence, Avarice against Humility, Patience against Envy, Wrath vs. Fortitude, and Hubris vs. Justice, Gluttony vs. Honesty, Sloth vs. Temperance. With the chaotic times, each heir to the kingdoms has been trained to take over the reigns of both their country and the war. While most hope that one day their soils might find peace with their adversaries, none are optimisitc that it will happen within their lifetime. One day, it's an evanescent hope, but one day, the kingdoms will find serenity and understanding from each other.

                      But politics is but a cruel game, manipulative, conniving and ever nefarious. When one war is on the brink of closing, and there is a whisper of the ending to the bloodshed, someone pulls and plucks at the delicate strings of those involved, pressing them back into the fervid ire that had fed the unadulterated loathing and contempt of war.

                      And one group took it too far, and attempted to kill the first born from every kingdom, and some even tried to steal the lives of the younger siblings away. In an attempt to save the hopes of the people, a representative from a different plane approaches each king and queen to offer their children a safe haven from the affronts. Each of the heirs and their siblings will be whisked away, far from the cries of battle - a castle situated where their cannonfire cannot dream to reach.

                      The ruler of the castle, the man now charged with keeping the heirs safe from their heinous wars, is a god by the name of Veritas. He is ancient, eons old but still a powerful being. The god is understanding, honest but sometimes a bit biting in his old age, and quite unhappy that he was chosen to "babysit" the brats. But, if he's going to be forced to play the host, he's going to get amusement out of the ordeal by placing all of his guests in unlikely scenarios so that he might sit back and enjoy his meddling.

                      After all, what was he - almost considered handicapped from the hindrances that came with age- supposed to do to protect them, especially since all of the enemies would be housed under one roof? Was he supposed to bring them to understanding and resolve the wars? Was he supposed to make sure that they stayed true to their countries' beliefs and systems?

                      Could there even be comprehension betwixt those who were so different? Time might tell.

xxxxxxxx M o r e S t o r y xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


                      Justice, a rich kingdom is one that suffers and struggles from the dichotomy of its loyalty to the King and that of its church... which are currently in discord with one another. The kingdom itself relies heavily on the imports from territories explored, and is constantly frayed politically with Humility, Fortitude, and Patience... though neither have declared war on the other in many centuries. Of the sinful kingdoms, Justice considers it's greatest enemies to lie in Hubris, and subsequently Avarice.

                      Humility, as would be expected is a humble country – the mere pittance of its people, streets often flooded with beggar women, hoping for alms for their three, four and sometimes even six children. Typically one to side with Fortitude in its qualms with the almighty, and somewhat skewed balance that Justice often leads the Virtuous kingdoms with.. most of Humility's problems are internal. The source of Humility's war with Avarice is none other than their retreat from a treaty protecting them from Justian invasion. As much as the people of Humility might resent Avarice for backing out of the deal, the real enemy for many a commoner leaves the bitter taste of scorn when Justice is mentioned.

                      Prudence, while Justice is the obvious choice for leadership, Prudence has the strongest military forces. The culture is rigid enough that they find those who fall to Lust to be savage, flamboyant and altogether unwholesome. Long seen as a land in need of dire cleansing, Prudencians are often attempting to purge the land of Lust from its sin. Of the virtuous kingdoms, they often find themselves aligned more with Temperance, as they share a common ground of restraint.

                      Fortitude, steadfast a it is courageous, Fortitude is known for adventures overseas, and is often, like Humility, in discord with Justice. Not to be confused and to say that they are for the same reasons, Fortitude's leaders feel that they may lead the virtuous realm with better efficiency. Rich as its allied adversary, they are in constant competition with one another for the greatest discoveries, triumphs, and military. Fortitude is at war with Wrath, as they are in disagreement with borders to smaller territories that have not been blessed or corrupted with a virtue or sin.

                      Patience, often the most tolerant of the virtues, is, like Prudence aligned well with Temperance, considering the kingdom, along with Honesty to be its greatest ally. That said, Patience is a kingdom of solitude, prideful and independent a great deal of the time. With their land built for defense, Justice, despite the kingdom's smaller land mass, has not been able to annex the Patiente people. Patience finds itself at war with Envy, a dispute about trade routes being the primary cause.

                      Temperance, the most restrained of the kingdoms, taking only what it needs to support the people who live there. It is built on an empire, rather than the traditional monarchy, but due to its displacement from Justice, views them as an ally rather than an annoyance. They often work with Prudence, and serve to all the virtuous kingdoms as a place of exchange. It is currently at war with Sloth, who continuously tries to invade the kingdom, after letting their own kingdom fall in disrepair. They are also often butting heads and stepping on toes of those in Gluttony, as they are polar opposites in virtue to sin – not to mention that they both compete for trade.

                      Honesty, perhaps the least well off of all the virtuous kingdoms, finding themselves often at the mercy of their arch enemy, Gluttony. It is because of Sloth that they find themselves with but one useable water supply (that their neighbors, the gluttons, keep using for themselves), many temples in shambles as they decimated the people half a century ago. Their autocracy is slowly being transferred to that of Prudence, who's king is more of a tzar with the Bascov's help. This aid has given the people hope, and they have, with pride taken on fighting Gluttony with a more fierce resolve.


                      Hubris, the most pretentious of the sinful kingdoms, is obviously a country of pride. Seven centuries ago, they gained their independence from Avarice, and have since formed a strong allegiance with them – mostly to keep them at bay, so that the Avaracians will not get any ideas of attempting to annex them once again. They have long since depended on their aid in their wars against Justice, who borders them, which is the root cause of their ongoing war. Hubricians are one of several kingdoms that take from Honesty for their slaves.

                      Wrath, often the kingdom who houses the shortest temper, calls Envy it's most influential ally, though with the wars that the Envious find themselves in with the Patiente people, the kingdom has found itself to be losing the war against Fortitude. Wrath's court life is often found to flood to Lust, like many other kingdoms for the joyous festivities there. Sloth is considered an ally as they are a destructive race that those of Wrath find useful.

                      Envy, like Prudence has for the virtuous kingdom, calls the strongest military in the sinful realm their own. They are centered on efforts of winning their wars, and are often sought by other sinful nations to help aid in their battles. Because of this, it has but one enemy in the sinful kingdoms – that of the Gluttons, if only because of their deeply rooted jealousy for anyone who is better off. Envy is at war with Patience, a worth adversary as their lands are built for defense, and has provided quite a challenge. Once the trade routes are securely their own, Envy will fall back to training its troops, never a kingdom to let their military prowess rest.

                      Avarice, a long time kingdom known for its conquests, calls Lust its most loyal ally. Both are known for their love of the arts. Humility finds itself to be at war, as Avarice backed out of a treaty with them, replacing the idea with one in Justice. A frail alliance but one that the king felt better served the kingdom – himself. The kingdom does not particularly care for those of Sloth, finding their lack of ambition to be distasteful, but finds use in the Gluttons' slave trade.

                      Lust, a Kingdom of physical sins, is based on mountainous lands forming into a peninsula. The Kingdom is ruled by King Richard Gavini and is currently at war with the Kingdom of Prudence. Prudence wants to purge the land of its sin, and thus mistakenly attacks Lust in their 'valiant' effort to do so. It's greatest allies are that of Wrath and Avarice. And an alliance is between Envy and Lust is in the works, however, Envy is hesitant to take the treaty.

                      Gluttony, a land of over indulging, is an empire whose buildings stand so tall and proud, that one can see the capital city from miles away. Often a kingdom that bites off more than it can chew, it is at constant competition with its opposite, Temperance. They've have multiple skirmishes, but due to the kingdoms being so far apart, neither has felt the need to start another war between themselves. (The last war lasted a score of years, but was abandoned when the kings who started it perished.) They maintain slave trade, pulling people from those they are at war with and selling them off to the other kingdoms.

                      Sloth, for a time, was a nomadic people, rather than a land. Once herders of sheep, cattle and swine, the Acedians evolved the idea to take what was necessary to make themselves the greatest of the sinful kingdoms. But with a lack of ambition to restore their own kingdom (which still suffers in architecture, economically and academically), they often find themselves trying to take over Temperance, having decimated Honesty. One top of their alliance with Gluttony, the Acedians find themselves able to rely on the help from Wrath.

xxxxxxxxK i n g d o m s I n N e e d xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

                      There are four new kingdoms open to new players exclusively - Sloth (Heir seat reserved), Gluttony (heir seat reserved), Honesty and Temperance. We need people of all classes, shapes and sizes in those kingdoms.

                      We can also use Royals, lower/other classes in Prudence.
                      Lower nobles (dukes, barons, etc) and other classes in Humility and Patience.

                      Other classes in Wrath. Royals in Avarice. Royals or other classes in Hubris.

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                      Send either The God Veritas, The Bunit, Aeon-of-Eclipse, or )(Over.Dose.On.Cyanide)( your skeleton and a writing sample. It doesn't have to be much, two paragraphs is the minimum. Write until your heart's content though.

                      Also, Request to join the Guild and include the following.

                      Character Name:
                      Mod you sent your skele to:

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                      The following icons are where you can find information needed to join. Skeleton, Rules, Roster...

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