Its the year 2020. The world economy was shattered away by all the corruption in the nations. All the larger cities became major slums. The biggest of the city slums occured in america. New York actually. After the crash of the stock market all the major businesses went to find better places for there markets. Soon New York fell into decay. It was only at the time when the Goverment disowned most of the eastern side of the country so they didnt have to deal with the problem, when 3 races would gather here. Vampires where the first to come feeding on all of the poor and weak that where still left. Lycans followed the Bats to N.Y as well they too needing the flesh of men. Next the people or Hunters as they call themselves now began to form up in ranks to protect themselves led by a billionaire one of the few left they where able to survive so far and co-exist in the war. Lastly the cold demons came from underground. They fed off the hate and terror for so long that the power was so great they where able to free themselves from the underworld. Now 4 races remained embroiled in an endless war of survival. Even though the war has been raging for many years now. The majority of the people still living in N.Y. havnt a clue, and we keep it that way. Many buisnesses and clubs are still open in N.Y. just make sure you have some friends with you who knows what might happen.


Do not GodMod

Keep it PG-17

No cybering... if it get's too heated, you know what to do.

Get permission to kill off someone else's character.

No quoting! ... Unless you are replying to someone who had posted on a different page.

No flaming.

No advertising.

This is a long term guild.

Be at least semi-literate.

Use correct punctuation and spelling.

Use third person speak.

Use " " when speaking.

No using * or - or anything to show actions.

Use (( [[ ]] )) for OOC

Swearing is perfectly fine.

Romance is encouraged!

I am God!

If you would like to Join the guild just send in a request. Make sure it says "Beings of the Night" so I know you read the rules.