There are people in this world who, though others don't know it, have a passion for writing stories; like myself! In this guild, I want you to show me your passion! Whether it's happy, cheerful, romantic, horrific, I love all kinds of genres so I won't accept only certain people. I do require this whole guild to be semi-lit and up. This is a roleplay guild. It is also a guild for those who enjoy writing stories. You may have anime AND real life pictures.

There are, of course the major rules you will have to follow!
1. Have fun!
2. Have more fun!
3. Don't say the words... "Jelly beans"! I hate them!
4. Please keep to the basic ToS rules~

There is no entry fee! yes this guild is freeeeeeeeeeeeee! but it would help to donate XD.

And remember this! The world has yet to see what wonderful stories you create with every push of a key. Embrace your talent. One day you will be a great writer! Enjoy!