Konichiwa, Gaia-san, this is, as the summary states, a GIANT RPG set in Feudal Japan. Back in the days when warriors would happily fight to the death for thei Leige Lord!! When everyone, samurai or not, live by Bushido, "Death before Dishonor!!"

Each subforum is headed with the color-sceme and the username of the daimyo who runs that particualr subforum.

There are ranks in the guild you can be at any time. to be a rank, simply PM ther daimyo you want to serve under and we will make it so. there will be a sheet of the Daimyos and those serving under them in the main forumHere are the ranks you may chhose from and changinto in the guild at anytime(until all the daimyo spots are taken up then nobody can be a daimyo anymore :p)

Top-daimyo; there will be six (hopefully) each with a different color-sceme of their own choosing (no more than 3 plz) to be associated with
Then-samurai; each will wear (in the rp youre in or on your avi, idc) the color of their daimyo
Then ninja-here they will be treated as sort of a black-ops unit, only to wear the crest of their daimyos
Then-ronin; samurai who serve no daimyo, but in turn have no honor an recieve no respect, but are usually the best fighters, having lost their masters through war
Finally, you have "eta" these are the guys with the masks snd the throwing needles that handle dead bodies and all that what not ^^

All we ask is that first, you -obviosly- rp by the gaia ToS, and by the code of Bushido. There are, apart from those previously stated, only 2 rules in this Guild.

1). NO GODMODS!!! You are not God outside of gaia, so dont act like it when you're on gaia

2). See rule "1"

Domo, Gaia-san,