Welcome to a home for the hurt. This is a haven for boys who have been in horrrible situations. Just like ones I had gone through in my childhood. You didn't think I wore this eyepatch for no reason did you? Well that doesn't matter. If you're here that must mean you've been hurt or you're one of my servants.

We are a very free facility. But as always there are rules which must be followed. As long as you follow them you will live the rest of your life in luxary. If not well you'll see what happens if you do. Not that many people do. Ah you've heard of Nikolai haven't you? His story is quite odd. If you see him around you can ask him. He's finally back to being a cute little angel again.
Well there's nothing else I can think of to say. I hope you enjoy the rest of your life here happily.

Avalon VanClark Owner of a home for the hurt

So if this seems like a rp you would like to join please do. It's free to join and I'm open for having both abused people and servants. I would like to keep this mostly yaoi but I'm ok with straight. (Sorry no yuri no offense I just don't like it.)