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A Hetalia Next Generation Roleplay

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xxxxxx xxIt's A New Generation!

Our favorite characters from Axis Powers Hetalia have eventually given up their positions as countries to their offspring, whether they liked it or not. Who knew what could happen, and what kind of relationships they can have? Remember, every action is up to you!

xxxxxx xxOther News

This is a guild base for the roleplay thread from the Barton community. Feel free to join us, just please make sure you follow the rules!

The Barton Town Thread, and what roleplay this guild is for.

xxxxxx xxWant To Become A Part Of The "Our World" Role Play?

It is very easy!There are many free spots due to reserved characters being not used,not even once or maybe only a few times so If you want to join this roleplay look at the character profile thread in this guild and if the nations spot you want to take is free fill the profile skeleton and pm it to me.Read the rules before of course!

NB: Pm Blaire Venifica for character availability. Many countries are written to be taken but are actually not so if you are interested just send her a PM!

xxxxxx xxRules, Baby!

Please read the information in the thread before joining...!

» 1 » Don't be shy! Everyone that's not Jaws is welcome! We don't bite~ [hur hur]
» 2 » Follow the events!
» 3 » When writing, try to check over your spelling! But don't worry! You won’t be killed if something is misspelled wrong.
» 4 » This is a semi literate to literate roleplay. That means no chit-chat speak and no actions in "*" and PLEASE try to write in 3rd person. If talking OOC then use (),[], or{}
» 5 » Keep it nice and clean kiddies~ PG-13
» 6 » If you are gonna start fighting warn your opponent first!
» 7 » Follow the TOS.
» 8 » No godmoding!
» 9 » Warn people if you are gonna abandon the RP,don’t just disapear without saying into thin air! It can cause quite a commotion!
» 10 » Try to make your post pretty! Atleast try for Lovino's sake!
» 11 » When sending Montmerency the characters profile title it Boku Hetalia that way I’ll know you read the rules!
» 12 » When writing the personality of you nation you must keep at least one personality trait of the father/mother of the nation. This rule doesn't apply to your nation if the nation is a non-Hetalia nation.
» 13 » If writing something in the nations language write the translation under the text or in () or [].
» 14 » Romance is highly encouraged~
» 15 » This is more like a side note, but whatever! You can make alliances with who you want~! Yay!
» 16 » You can reference to real events that have happened and you can also figure out something if you want.
» 17 » Last but not least! Any sexuality is ok~! [Yaoi,yuri or het].
[ N E W ]» 18 » If you are inactive for a long time, another person is allowed to take your place. It's only fair!!

xxxxxx xxSorry, I'm Taken~

Russia, Scotland, France
England, S.Italy, Germany, something like Prussia,
Hungary, N.Italy, Austria, Switzerland

[Western World]

N.Taiwan, S.Taiwan, China, N.Korea

Iceland, Sweden, Denmark


xxxxxx xxProfile Skeleton

I’m owned by: (username)
I am: (nation here!non hetalia nations are also allowed)
My name is: (character name here)
I am: (insert age here)
People think of me as: (personality here)
I weight : (weight here)
I am this tall: (Write height here)
I like:
I Hate:
I look like this: (anime pics only please)
My uniform: (this field is rather optional,if you don’t want to change the original uniform then leave this blank)
My voice would be similar to his/her: (also optional..Write voice actor here...)
Ah I almost forgot: (other things you would like to mention)

xxxxxx xxWant To Join?

Fill this skeleton, beforehand read the rules and send it to Montmerency with the title mentioned in the rules!

xxxxxx xxIn Partnership With...