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Have you ever seen a movie/TV series, played a game or read a book and thought "I loved the story but the ending just didn't seem right." That is my feeling about The Little Mermaid (Non-Disney versions that ended with a Tragic Raw Deal).

Take for example "Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid" (1975). I think it's a nice story but the mermaid should have deserved a better ending than what she received...the ending wasn't right or fitting. I did some research via Internet and YouTube and got to work on my Roleplay Project.

An "UNLESS" thought came to me, of the Dr. Seuss variety. I'd been wondering how I could change the mermaids' fate and future without taking their voices away. Removing the Sea Witch elements and the chance to make them humans free of charge was a start. But maybe there are those fans who could join me in this project, helping to make things different for the mermaids years later, in today's modern setting. It's because "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better... It's Not."


Throughout history, sailors have told stories of mermaids living in the sea. They come to the surface rarely, and can only be glimpsed for an instant. We know the tragic story of The Little Mermaid. But haven't you wondered what it would be like if the mermaids became humans? Perhaps a loving couple could take them in and show them the "lay of the land", so to speak.

Well, with the combination of The Little Mermaid in Disney, TV, Storybooks, Movies, Anime, Manga, Gaming, Fan Art and other friendly sources, anything's possible. I often think of alternative scenarios; not just to change the ending from sad to happy, but with a more modern day setting. Finding and naming mermaid characters would be fun, as well as adding a few of my own hints and tricks.

Despite finding much information on Disney mermaids, I realized there are plenty of alternate source materials to work with. So I began to expand this horizon by editing versions of "family friendly" & all-ages roleplay (RP). I guess at this point the RP can be in done in the form of a script, with basic stage direction included. It's a form that fits this RP's needs.

The story will be built via calendar & episodes which run daily, from morning to nightfall, RPST (Roleplay Standard Time). If you actually read the script out loud, it comes across somewhat as stage directions!

"A Happy Little Mermaid" has no ongoing plot and typically focuses on the daily lives of the characters, which include developing relationships, Concepts of co-existent life between Merpeople and Humans enacted, as they put their differences aside. I have also seen fit to introduce new characters, along with their kingdoms; giving names to several that were nameless in the Disney adaptation. I used some Internet sites for ideas along these lines.

My Storyline is pretty much based on more positive retellings of The Little Mermaid stories with some material taken from aforementioned sources. If you have not seen or read these stories, some aspects of the RP experience may not make complete sense at first.

The tragic story of The Little Mermaid is a part of folklore here, If no one can help me then not only will this project likely be silenced forever, but all of the mermaids may fade forever into the sea foam. But if all goes well, this project will expand into seasons and become a huge success.

Some of you may already know, but for those who don't, mermaids who become humans may or may not be able keep their undersea garments... just thought I'd let you know.

Thank you for your consideration, and I hope you enjoy this unique RP experience.