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A Booty Grabbers Heaven

Its mission is simple to give people a place to Booty Grab and Talk but have it in a separate area so that it is easy to find a persons Glowing tank.

Our Secondary mission is to give all tanks a place to go weather it have 1 Gold Fish or 17 Air Sharks all tanks are welcome and no tank will be turned away.

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"My idea behind this guild is to offer a place for everyone to post they're guild no matter how big or small it is but also to contain a separate area where anyone can just have a conversation as I have noticed that the Aquarium Forum of Gaia tends to mix them together and give some people the false idea of a glowing tank and this guild is to do away with that small little problem."

"And as I also said I wanted a place for the people who have tanks that are just starting out or who just have not got the money to buy the higher fish can put they're tanks and join in the Booty Grab experience".

~Crews Meeting Room~
~Developed Tanks~
~Beginner Tanks~
~Booty Grab Heaven~
~Aquarium MarketPlace~

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Friends of the Guild.

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