User Image Welcome to our social Guild for adults. There is no entry fee but donations (to me) are welcome. Please do not donate to the Guild, there is no way to take it off and it can only be used for purchasing forums. If you would like to donate for the Guild please trade with jaded_and_tainted. All of your donations will be used for Guild purposes only. For a read only copy of the donations Spreadsheet please refer to the link in the Rules/Crew Info/Guild Map

We have one request and some basic guidelines and rules that we ask you to follow:

-No Cybering or posts that contain any sexual context. If you are caught you will be banned.
-No spamming
-No loitering (haha just playing...)
-Please be honest about your age, that is the entire purpose for this Guild
-No offensive, racial, religious, political or crude comments
-Members are only allowed to create topics in the Chatterbox forum unless they are approved through the Captain.
-Members must follow the T.O.S. and Gaia Guidelines

(1st violation will result in p.m. warning, 2nd violation will result in ban from the Guild) If you are in extreme violation of T.O.S. or Gaia Guidelines you may also be reported.

Now here is what we REQUIRE of you:
When you first join this guild please post a comment in the "18 to enter 21 to drink...." forum under the "Age and birth year only" topic that lists your age and your birth year only.... I.E. "I'm 31, 1979"... No really I'm 31.... Here is a link to it for your convenience:
Age and Birth Year Only Topic

If you have any ideas or topics you would like to see polled or discussed please post a comment in the Supporting the Guild topic or message jaded_and_tainted.

Our pride in this Guild is keeping it orderly. We are always open to suggestions and creating topics you would like to see.