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Jewish Gaians Guild JGG-mule Private 47,191 592
Truth Seekers - Truthers.

truth, toxins, chemtrails, illuminati, new world order, conspiracy theory, fluoride, world government, GMO, vaccines, microchipping, zionism

Tags: truth seeker, conspiracy theory, truther, aliens, 2012, DMT, microchip, illuminati, new world order, alex jones, infowars, vaccines, depopulation, antichrist, god, chemtrails, GMOs, fluoride, toxins, 9/11

TrutherMei Public 12,015 1,322
Life Is 3.14

3.14 Is Life. 3.14 has Friends. 3.14 Squad.

Tags: Squad, Life, Friends

Life ls Pie Private 4 23
The House Of Dog

Cult of dog. We worship dog. Only dog.

Himedere Chan Public 535 248
Humans Should Lay Eggs

Petition for humans to lay eggs

Tags: eggs, yolk, shell

robotic being Public 10 3
How about memes and screaming?

Lets scream and meme.

Tags: Memes, Screaming, Screaming Memes, John Cena, Mmm Whatcha Saayy

The Marching Madness Public 2 1
IVV Treehouse Club

fuck the popo, G(aiaonline.com)

Lumienetta Public 4 8
Courtesy of The Phantom Clan Zeedan Private 17 9
The Official Matt Slater Fan Club

F*ck dem Sl8r H8r's.

Tags: Matt, Slater, Fans, Club, Troll

Matt Slater Private 19 16
Give Money to The Poor

Let noob gaians feel welcome by giving them gold!

Tags: nice, caring, good deeds

Supreme Leonn Public 3 3
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