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when we're told zOMG isn't gonna have a holiday event.
It's been this way for a long time now, and everytime we're told we're not getting anything, everyone SPAZZES OUT.

we're not gonna get another event for a long time
possibly never.
stop overreacting about it. Gaia could care less about zOMG, you should realize that by now.

let the hate commence.

zOMG related:
User Image
My favorite ring.
Your favorite ring?
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Prolly just disappointment
Like people get sad and throw a tantrum,

Yeah I haven't done a real zomg event ever side the recycled Easter event
Aside from the big old Dev meat in Barton on Halloween nothing else.

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Too lazy to even get the badges for the events.

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With great optimism comes great disappointment.
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You'll never know when they're gonna pull something unexpected! emotion_dealwithit
A recycled event (last last halloween event), a new powerup (cure), a new ring?
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You'll never know when they're gonna pull something unexpected! emotion_dealwithit

LOLOL at your sig
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Personally I've been wondering what the phrase "contract out some time" from their own employees to work on zOMG, means.

Is Gaia Interactive an entirely different entity from Gaia Online?
Well, admins always pull random spawns...
Ya never know wink
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idk they just get bored of zomg itself easily
not sure if i can say what ring is my favorite
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It is a big disappointment, but I find it a waste of time to complain about it.

Favorite ring? HMMMM. Not sure. Lol. Fitness I guess.
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I don't get surprised/ disapointed- I don't even think about any new Zomg events. Or recycled ones. I just consider it lucky we still have Zomg at all.

*If* we ever did get one, then I'd be surprised. emotion_awesome

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Because the loves for zOMG! is so great? Or because it's obvious that gaia doesn't care that much about zOMG! anymore, hasn't for a while..? Depressing.. Feh.

My favorite ring is.. integrity. Or wish. But definitely integ.
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prolly some are just bored doing the same s**t over and over again...

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Favorite ring - Turtle. emotion_dowant Followed by Hornets nest emotion_awesome
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I think people will do as people will, regardless of how much we try to change how they feel, or show them that it's worthless to feel that way.

My favorite ring? Sweetheart... followed closely by Taunt. Dem animations. emotion_dowant

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