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Today I was in a crew full of lvl 10,2. Seriously, there was just one 11+ and he was a tank.

Well, my own lvl is just 10, my TC is 7 000 maybe. Because of people like you, I couldn't find a crew even though I have meat and all buffs on lvl 10 and I play with my girlfriend's account and she is lvl 12. So I actually know how to play.

So I became a leader and I took all low levels like me and one tank. One of us didn't have all buffs and there was just only one possible way how to take her with us, she carried iron instead of a tank (who got a coy).

And do you know what? We were great, like, yeah, it wasn't THAT fast because of damage, but it was okay. No one died, we killed 2 NFs and some bigdogs, we did maybe 10 rooms, then we disbanded because some people had to go.

As you can see, impatient people like you are only one handicap to level up and playing game for people like me.

The tank is not required to take iron so idek why you mentioned that; although, I do know that if you allow a CL10 to take iron over someone higher iron will fail even more than it normally does. Not enough to get you killed(unless youre kneeling) but enough to cause a hassle when there clearly doesnt NEED to be one.

There is a difference between being a newb in general and a newb to DMS.

I just want to put that out there. DMS is a new area, being new to DMS isn't a bad thing, it's only a bad thing when you're clearly not ready to DMS which is obvious when a person is missing so many rings. And I don't mean having the wrong ring set, I mean having nothing but s**t attacks and like, hardly any buffs. That person isn't a newb to DMS, they're just a newb in general to zOMG and shouldnt even be DMSing. Obviously youre misinterpreting about who I'm complaining about.

Great, you have the buffs and a reasonable set? Fine, who cares if youre Cl10? Not me. You're not a hassle since you have enough rings that people wont have to make exceptions and you dont have any aoes/diagnose you can't use (and idec that you can work around those because the attacks are s**t and the hits are worse than solar) so.

What I know you were the one who complain about how we should kick people with missing buffs. Well, she didn't have all buffs, even tank had to change his iron and we need iron on high lvl, you know (That's why I mentioned that).

But we didn't kick her and she was totally okay.

So sorry, no I don't know what are you complaining about because you change your mind every 2 posts as I can see in this topic.
This topic is rude. You talk as if you have never been a newbie. I am level 10 currently and have no idea what u are talking about and when one has no way to get answers one tends to dabble and try out things. If those crew leader are kind enough to show the newbies the ropes, you should not complain because then u just don't have to do that. Just because you got past those difficulties does not mean the others find it as easy.

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