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Contacting Moderators

This thread is to explain when and how you should contact a Moderator as well as when you shouldn't contact a Moderator and what to do instead in those situations.


When to contact a Moderator

Are you not sure whether you need to contact a Moderator, file a report, file a Help Center ticket or do something else? This post is a general guide to when you should contact a Moderator, when you shouldn't and what you should do instead.

When to do something else

  • If you are experiencing a general bug/glitch on the site, including any of the games or interactive spaces such as Towns, Rally, or Virtual Hollywood - instead please make a post in the Bug Report & Technical Support forum

  • If you have feedback about Gaia Online - instead please make a thread in the Site Feedback forum.

  • If you are having a billing issue(any kind of a problem with a subscription or purchase made on Gaia Online or an issue with spending or purchasing GCash, etc.) - instead please file a Billing Ticket in Gaia's Help Center or use Live Chat.

  • If you have a general question about Gaia that other site users can help you with("What is this item?", "How do I do [x]?", etc.) - instead please make a thread in the Site Questions & Assistance forum.

  • If you want to appeal a ban - instead, please follow the instructions in this post

  • If someone else is breaking the rules of the site(flaming, trolling, posting content that is not permitted by Gaia Online's Terms of Service, etc.) on the forums and main site - instead please use the report button next to the post/PM that is breaking the rules.

  • If someone else is breaking the rules of the site(flaming, trolling, posting content that is not permitted by Gaia Online's Terms of Service, etc.) in one of Gaia Online's games or flash worlds - instead please click the avatar of the person who is breaking the rules and select the "report" option.

  • If another member of Gaia Online is harassing or being repeatedly abusive towards you, please report the posts, PMs, etc. where that is happening and then fill out an Abuse/Harassment report form.

  • If you have been scammed by another member of Gaia Online, please report the posts, PMs, etc. that contain any evidence of an agreement between you or that you feel are relevant to the situation and then fill out a Scamming Report form

  • If you believe your account has been hacked or receive a message telling you your account was locked or put on hold because it was compromised or is being protected due to suspicious or unusual behaviour when you try to log into your account, instead please file a General Inquiries Ticket in Gaia's Help Center or use Live Chat.

When to contact a Moderator

  • If you find content on Gaia Online that needs urgent Moderator attention(pornographic content, gore, content that is a danger to the safety of others, etc.), please make sure to report the content before contacting a Moderator.

  • If off-site advertisements or spam threads are present in numbers that truly disrupt the ability to find legitimate topics of discussion within a forum. If there are only a few of these ad or spam threads on the page, please instead file reports against the violating topics.

  • If you have a questions about Gaia's Terms of Service or Rules & Guidelines or any of the specific forum rules.

  • If you have found an exploit(a bug or glitch that can be used for personal gain or to harm Gaia Online) on Gaia Online.

  • If you have questions about a ban or warning you have received.

  • If you have questions about filing a report or ticket.

  • If you have questions about a report or ticket you have already filed.

  • If your account is currently being hacked, you can contact a single Moderator asking for your account to be temporarily locked down until you can recover it. You will still need to fill out a General Inquiries Ticket in Gaia's Help Center or use Live Chat to safely regain access to your account, and then a Hacking Report form once you are back in the account to get any lost items/gold returned to you.

This is a general guideline and not an exhaustive list, if you think you may need to contact a Moderator and your issue is not covered here, contact a Moderator and if they cannot help you, they'll direct you to wherever you do need to go for help.
How to contact a Moderator/Who are the Moderators?

If you do need to contact a Moderator, you can find one by checking the "[View Forum Moderators]" link at the top of each forum, or you can contact any of the Moderators listed below. While Moderators with different roles handle different duties, do not worry too much about contacting the "correct type" of Moderator for your problem, if the Moderator you contact cannot help you with your problem, they will put you in touch with someone who can. Sometimes our Moderators are given different roles to allow them to more efficiently fulfil their duties, in those cases, we have listed them here with the role they are actually working in instead of the one that shows next to their name in the forums.

Please do not contact multiple Moderators at once. If the Moderator that you reached out to initially has not read your PM and you would like to try contacting a different Moderator, please delete the original message from your outbox before contacting the second Moderator. Messaging multiple Moderators about an issue will not get your issue resolved faster and it means other people with issues have to wait longer for their messages to be read and handled.

This list will be kept as up to date as possible, but please check the Moderator's profile before contacting them as Moderators do occasionally take short breaks from moderating.

Please also understand that the roles specified in this topic may differ from the role displayed for the moderator in the forums or Private Messages. Some Omni Moderators appear as Administrators, some Global Moderators appear as Omni Moderators, and some Site Moderators may appear as Global or Omni Moderators in order to assist with special projects or extensions of their assignments.

Site Moderators

Global Moderators
    Responsible for Abuse and Harassment cases, as well as help oversee Terms of Service violations across the entire site. Global Moderators may have other special functions that are specific to a particular role.

    If you need to report an Abuse or Harassment case, please use the Report Abuse/Harassment form instead of PMing a Moderator.

  • Pulchram_Animae_xo - Profile: https://www.gaiaonline.com/profiles/pulchram_animae_xo/8219932/

Omni Moderators
    Responsible primarily for account issues, hacking and scamming cases, as well as special projects related to account security and site safety.

    If you need to report a Hacking or Scamming case, please use the Report a Hacking or Report a Scamming forms instead of PMing a Moderator.

    When contacting a Moderator, particularly about urgent issues, we recommend picking whichever Moderator is online at that time(regardless of their role) as this will usually result in a quicker response, even if that Moderator is not able to resolve the issue themselves.
What to do if you disagree with a warning or ban you have received

Please note: We cannot discuss warnings or bans or accept appeals for warnings or bans from anyone other than the person who received them. For example: if your friend has received a warning they feel was unfair, they will need to dispute it themselves from their own account, you cannot do it for them.

How to dispute a warning you have received

  • If you feel a warning you have received was unfair or sent in error, or are confused about why you have received it, the first thing you should do is reply to the Moderator who sent you that warning and politely ask them to explain the warning and the reasons it was given to you.

  • If after discussing your warning with the Moderator who issued it, you still want to appeal the warning and/or you want to make a complaint about a Moderator action of any kind(warnings, thread moves, locked threads, etc.) that you received, please contact Gaia's admin team by sending an email to usertalk@gaiaonline.com, explaining the issue in detail and linking to any relevant threads or posts.

How to appeal a ban you have received

  • The first step is to make sure you know exactly why you were banned. You can contact any Moderator to ask about the details of your ban and why it was placed. In some, extremely rare cases, the Moderator may not be able to discuss the ban with you and in those cases, they will ask you to file a ticket in Gaia's Help Center so a member of Gaia's customer service team can help you. In most cases a Moderator can help you learn more about your ban and they are the first place you should go for more information about a ban you have received.

  • While Moderators can help explain why you received a ban, they do not handle ban appeals, so once you know more about your ban and why you received it, you can file a Ban Appeal Ticket in Gaia's Help Center. Please give as much detail as you can to ensure that the member of the customer service team who assists you has as much information as possible.

  • If you decide that you don't want/need to file a Ban Appeal ticket, you may still want to ask a Moderator some questions about what led to your ban to avoid receiving more bans in future. You can contact any Moderator to ask those questions, but if you have already been talking to a particular Moderator about your ban, we suggest continuing to discuss it with that Moderator.

How to file a Ban Appeal ticket

We recommend making and logging into an account in Gaia's Help Center before filing a ticket as it will be easier to check on the progress of your ticket.

  • On the main Help Center page, click the "Submit Request" link at the top right of the page.

  • Choose "Account Is Banned" from the drop-down menu underneath the text that says "Please choose your issue below".

  • Choose "My Account Was Banned" from the drop-down menu underneath the text that says "Account Ban Topics".

  • Fill out the rest of the form, giving as much detail as you can and making sure to fill out all the required sections(ones with a * next to them).

  • Press the blue "Submit" button when you're finished(if the button is grey, you have missed filling out a required section of the form).
What to do if you want to be a Moderator for Gaia Online

Gaia Online Moderators are volunteers from the community and we are always looking for new additions to the team. If you are an active member of Gaia Online with a good understanding of the Terms of Service and Rules & Guidelines, have a few hours a week or more to spare and want to help keep Gaia Online a safe and fun place for everyone, you might enjoy helping as a volunteer Moderator.

To find out more about what's involved and the application process, head on over to the Moderator Application FAQ.

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