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Chapter One

“Luke.” I called out to my best friend on the playground at school in first grade. I smiled as he walked up to me. He was in the second grade, but he still talked to me. I looked at him and he looked back at me with his golden eyes.
“Hey Amy,” He said as he ruffled my hair. He frowned. “We need to talk.” He said looking down. He then took my hand and walked with me behind the playhouse.
“What is it?” I blushed and looked at him holding my hand.
“I need to tell you something.” He smiled as he looked at me looking at our hands and blushing but it soon disappeared and a serious face I had never seen was on his face.
“Please tell me.” I said and looked at him worried. Is he ok? My inner self asked me.
“I’m moving away. Far away. I might not come back.” He looked away and let go of my hand.
I fell to sit against the brick wall, and then I hugged my knees and began to cry. “Why?”
He sat next to me and wrapped his arm around my shoulder and pulled me close to himself. “My mom’s job.” He kissed my head. “Please don’t cry.”
I looked up at him and sniffled.
He wiped my tears away with the sleeve of his blazer school jacket. He then held my chin with his warm hand. “Stay you.” He whispered as he leaned in close to me and kissed me lightly on the lips.
I blushed and kissed him back. I rested my head on his chest and took in his scent. He smelled like roses and felt like a warm blanket wrapping itself around me tightly.
“You know ever since I met you I’ve been in love. Yeah…I might be too young to know what love is, but you make me the happiest I ever am. I really don’t want to leave you here alone so all the other boys can take you away.” He said as he took my hand after wrapping his arms around me. He took off his favorite bracelet he never took off and put it on my wrist.
I turned to look at him and smiled. He kissed the tip of me nose. “I’ve felt the same way.” I blushed.
“I’ll be back soon as possible ok.” Luke whispered in my ear.
“Promise?” I asked as I looked back at him and blushed.
“I promise with all my heart.” He said then kissed my cheek.
“Come on everyone get inside before the storm starts.” The teachers called out as they blew their whistles. That day as Luke got on his plane to move, the small storm turned into a hurricane. The plane he was on got caught in the middle and he crashed along with the other 55 passengers into the ocean— at that time he died from water collection in his lungs also know as drowning. That day was October 31. The next day is when my parents found out. My parents told me that day. I cried for the next 2 weeks. I lost the love my life and my best friend.
That is how I remember losing my one and only true love 11 years ago. Everyday I look at his bracelet and almost break down crying but never will I take it off.
“Stay you.” I mumbled to myself as I crossed my arms and laid my head down on my desk and fidgeted with the bracelet. “Those are the same words he used.” I said to myself as I sat in homeroom that day—the anniversary of his death.
“What are you talking about, Amy?” Rae, my best friend, asked me as she shook my shoulder.
“Nothing, I wish to talk about.” I replied.
Rae sat down in the normal chair next to me, because the desk held 3 people. “Come on tell me. You always act like this on the 31st of October.”
“11 years ago I lost someone very special to me on this day.” I mumbled as I looked out the window at all the Halloween decorations.
“Oh…” Rae whispered as the teacher walked in. I rested my head back down on my arms and closed my eyes. I felt different.
“Everyone take your seats. We have a new student.” The teacher stood at her podium as a dark brown headed boy walked in. He stood in front of the class. I looked up.
“Hello. I’m Luke Forez. Please welcome me.” The new boy said as he stared at me with the same golden eyes my child hood friend had. It was him.
I let my head drop to the desk with a loud BAM! Everyone turned to look at me. I sat up and a streak of crimson blood was rolling down my face.
“Miss Kite, are you ok?” The teacher asked me as she walked closer to my desk.
“Miss Kite if you don’t answer me I’ll give 2 weeks of detention.” She ordered.
My head shoot up when she mentioned detention. “Yes.” I said then got cross eyed as a line of blood dripped from a sore on her head.
“Luke can you escort her to the nurse please.” The teacher asked. I stood up and walked to the door with Luke behind me. We walked outside and he turned to me as we were out of sight. He took a hold of my hand and smiled at me.
“Long time no see.” He said wrapping his arms around my waist.
“Yeah it has been a long time.” I replied with pink cheeks. I then smiled and pulled away.
“Lets get that taken care of then we can catch up.” Luke suggested as he held my hand and led me to the nurse’s office.
“Ok.” I replied and followed him looking down blushing.
We both walked into the nurse’s off and got my head fixed up. We then got a pass for this whole period to go to the roof and get some fresh air. Luke took me up to the roof and we sat against the concrete wall and smile at each other.
“How have you been?” He asked.
“Bored.” I replied in an embarrassed tone of voice.
“Did you miss me?”
“What do you think?”
“That you never took off that stupid bracelet.” He pointed to my wrist with the bracelet still there.
“I never took it off because I love you and it reminds me of you.” I replied looking up. “So why did you come back?”
“My mother died and I wanted to see you.” He looked down then back up at the end. “I was asked where I could live. I thought of you and how your house has always had a free room.” He smirked. “So I told the orphanage that and they asked your mother if I could stay with ya’ll.”
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Tis good, yes. But a little flat. Try adding newer ways to say things...Metaphors and Similes are your friends! 3nodding

rate mine?
Thanks. I'll get my friends to edit it for me later. they can help...one is a evil cheesy poof neenja moonkey
YES! please continue this but please, explain how they met when they were younger and why luke didn't die.

PS: Jeffy is correct! metaphors and similes are you bestest friends!
Luke did die....And I don't explain it anymore because something better happens....lol..want me to post the next chapter
Chapter 2

“What?!” I yelled looking at him wide eyed.
“Calm down.” He said getting closer to me. He then smiled.
“What did my mom decide?” I asked as he took my hand in his and entwined our fingers together.
“I can stay at your house for 2 or years if you comply with her decision.” He said looking into my eyes and smiling.
“I’d like that a lot.” I said then leaned closer to him.
He took the chance and kissed me softly. “”I’ve missed you over these years. Never could forget that day.” He mumbled after kissing me.
“The day you left me 11 years ago.” I responded blushing.
“I didn’t want to go. I loved you back then too.” He said his hand moved to my waist.
I blushed and looked at his hand. “I didn’t want you to go either.” I kissed him. “Is this even real?” I asked. I blinked and he went hazy.
“Ms. Kite if you don’t wake up right now I swear I’ll suspend you.” A voice yelled. A book then slammed into my desk and I sat up quickly and yelped.
“What happened?!” I asked.
“You seem to have found my class boring.” The teacher said as she tapped her ruler against my head.
“My apologies Mrs. Odem.” I replied.
“Accepted now go to the bathroom and clean your face and wake up.” She said handing me a bathroom pass.
“Yes Ma’am.” I replied as I stood up and took the pass. I walked out of the noisy room as I heard whispers about my classmates. As I was sure I was alone I bent in the hall and stretched.
“Guess I was dreaming.” I mumbled as I fixed my short black skirt and made sure it wasn’t stiff. I reached u and popped my shoulders and then fixed my long white sleeved dress shirt.
I looked along the walls as I walked to the girl’s bathroom. I walked in as cleaned off the drool. I fixed my long brown hair with blond highlights and pulled it into a tight pony tail in the back.
I sighed as I walked back to m classroom through the large halls. When I turned to go back to my classroom I saw a dark brown almost black headed boy opening the door to my classroom. He didn’t open the door but turned to look at me. He looked at me with his pure blue eyes and they had an innocent look in his eyes and got bigger as he walked closer to me.
I looked down and blushed. “Are you new?” I asked as my bangs dropped in front of my face to cover my eyes.
“Yes. Are you in this class?” He asked in a soft voice that could only be described as sounding like a bird song.
I blushed once again. “Yes. I’m Amy Kite.” I looked down as he stepped closer once again.
“My name is Damien Lussa.” He said smiling.
“Well we need to get into class.” I mumbled as I made my way around him and opened the door.
“I hope we can be friends.” Damien smirked as he walked in the classroom and over to the teacher. I took my seat next to the window once again.
“Class this is Damien. Please welcome him warmly.” The teacher announced as she pointed to the chair next to me. “Damien please take a seat next to Amy. Amy, raise your hand.”
I raised my hand and Damien sat next to me.
“Hello once again.” Damien whispered.
“Hey.” I whispered back.
“You are pretty cute you know.”
“Thanks.” I blushed and looked down. I fidgeted with my skirt a little.
“No problem, since its true. Well would you mind showing me around to all my classes? It seems no one was free to in the office.” He asked.
“I guess. What’s your schedule?” I asked.
He handed me his schedule and I saw we had all the same classes. I sighed.
“Smart I see well same as me so yeah I’ll show you around.” I whispered.
“Well now that’s mighty good. I can see a beautiful girl all day.” He smirked and looked at me.
I blushed and looked down. “Yeah I guess.” I quickly grabbed my bag as the bell rang for 2nd period which for both of us was Geometry. After showing him to the room the teacher assigned him a seat next to me. What the hell is going on? I asked myself in my head.
It seems within the next week or so we became great friends. We always sat together.
One day at lunch we were sitting together talking, when Rae sits next to me and looks at Damien.
“Rae do you have anything to do this afternoon?” I asked as I looked at my other friend, Hillary, sitting at the same table. She was a quiet girl as usual and looked down all the time.
“Nope. I’m free. Why?” Rae asked.
“Wanna come with me to the pet store after school?” I asked as I looked at Damien reaching for my hand under the table. I pulled away blushing slightly.
“Yeah I’ll come. Damien, are you going?” Rae asked. As I wolfed down my lunch and drank my chocolate milk.
“If Amy invites me?” Damien said in a teasing tone.
“Ok. I’d like that.” I mumbled before gulping down the last of my milk.
“Thanks. I’d love to play with the animals. Do you plan on getting a pet?” Damien asked as he finally got a hold on my hand. He smiled in my general direction and made me blush and look down.
“Yeah. I’ve had my eyes on a black kitten with a crescent moon on its head.” I mumbled as I tried to stop blushing, because I could feel my cheeks burning.
“She looks so cute with him, too.” Rae whispered to Hillary.
“Yeah I bet they start dating today.” Hillary whispered back.
I didn’t hear them, but I knew just by them whispering it was about herself.
“Well let’s meet here after school and we can take my car.” Damien suggested as his thumb rubbed the back of my hand and continued to make me blush.

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