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Shop Request Status: [C L O S E D]

.:Table of Contents:.

Rules + FAQ + Graylist
Child Spotlight
Current Children
Limited + Rare + Seasonal Children
Custom Children
Tahnee Minis
Adoption Form
Waiting + Parent List
Staff Corner

Diadem - Tahnee Guardian (aka, the shop account)
Reyn - Owner/creator/artist
Lani - Colorist/RP coordinator
Skada - Events manager/colorist
Rylerion - Colorist

lildevilchick - writer/colorist/graylist maintainer
Mirokun - Colorist

-For all your Tahnee RPing needs-

The Tahnee Orphanage RP Guild
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2 rares raffled for Reyn's 4th anniversary on Gaia.

Info for the Christmas minis have been posted. Please check post 9. They go on sale tomorrow at 5pm CST.

Tahnee Halloween Bash for rare auction/raffle and custom auction.

After such a long unofficial break, we're ready to go for Halloween. Minis will go on sale starting Oct 22nd @ noon CST. There will also be 2 rare auctions, 2 rare raffles and 1 halloween-themed custom auction. More details relating to them will be posted on the 24th.

Also, Tahnees from now on will be shaded to new way so that it's easier for the other colorists and to help finish orders sooner. So you may notice a slight change in the shading.

And I would like to welcome two new staff members. Skada who will be out events manager and Rylerion who will be a new colorist.

I hope everyone enjoyed the Easter event! But we've got more news for you. Today is our 2 year anniversary! But because Reyn is still so busy finishing the hatchings from the Easter event, the celebration party is delayed until Saturday. Here's what we've got planned:

It'll be a 4 day event with a custom auction, 2 rares auction, 2 rares raffle and games for a chance to win children from the previous regular sets and first mini set.

The Easter event is now over. I hope all of you had fun! If you missed the chance to claim a custom, just go ahead and send the details to Diadem. Hopefully the eggs will start hatching soon X3

Due to time constraints, the event is extended until 3 6pm CST on the 17th.

The Easter event is now on!

Make sure to keep an eye out for when a staff member is in the thread. That might mean a egg will be randomly posted. The last post of the first page has been temporarily turned into an egg pick-up. Need the link for your egg, you can find it there as well as the remaining egg count.

All minis will be revealed after the event is over so please save naming until then (unless you get a custom that is). As for the customs, when you get the custom egg your form should be PMed directly to Diadem (this will be the only time you can do this). Once your mini is finished, the egg will be added to the pick-up list.

Also, it looks like we may have a few extra eggs. So towards the end when everyone has claimed their 2, a few people may have a chance to claim a 3rd o.o!

Our Easter event is now here!

The event will start on Thursday, April 13th and will end at 12am on the 17th. During those 3 days, Easter eggs will be randomly posted in the thread by the staff. Inside each one is a pre-colored mini with unique pattern/coloring that you would not be able to get thru regular ordering.

But, that?s not all. Reyn?s decided to match the number to pre-mades with custom colored! From time to time a gray egg with a question mark on it will be posted. That means the person to claim it get to customize the colors.

To claim any egg you must be the first person to post ?I claim that egg.? At this point, there will only be 150 eggs total, 75 pre-colored and 75 custom colored. One person can only win 2 eggs, 1 regular and 1 custom. Because of the limited number, only 75 people will be allowed to participate in this event. There is a participation fee of 500g for this event.

For St. Patrick?s Day, we will be releasing a leprechaun seasonal set. For 7 days, March 11th to the 17th, we shall be taking 20 requests a day. The first opening will be held at 1pm CST on the 11th. Please check back here as the times for the other days are announced.

See post 7 for more info and the color guide then post 10 for the order form.

I hope you all had a happy Valentines Day. I'm so terribly sorry that there have been some delays with filling a few of the v-day mini requests. Hopefully, we can get them filled and send as soon as we can.

Eitherway, for those who are interested in requesting a child from the dog set. On Tuesday, 2/28 @ 4pm CST Reyn will be opening the shop for 10 slots for the dog set.

Valentines day is here again and we have some lovely little minis for you all. From February 1st to the 14th, the orphanage will be taking 15 requests a day for the Valentine minis. Minis are 1k each and you can only request 4 at a time, 2 for yourself and 2 for someone else.

The first opening will be at 10am CST (8am PST, 9am MST, 11am EST) on the 1st.
The shop will also be open for Valentine's Day orders at 4pm CST (2pm PST, 3pm MST, 5pm EST) on Thursday and Friday, Feb. 2nd and 3rd.
The next opening will be Saturday, Feb 4th at 3PM EST.
The shop will open for more V-Day orders Sunday, Feb 5th at 11PM EST.
Monday, Feb 6th at 11am CST
Tuesday, Feb 7th at 9am CST
Wednesday, Feb 8th at 1pm CST
Thursday, Feb 9th at 3pm CST
Monday, Feb 13th at 1pm CST (pushed back to 5pm CST)
Tuesday and final day, Feb 14th at 11am CST

Check post 9 for the form and color guide.

We hope everyone had a happy holiday! We will be opening slots for dog orders on Wednesday and Thursday. 6 slots will be open each day, and coloring is done by Nio and Miro. (No, you don't get to choose who. XD) Wednesday's sale will be at 10pm and Thursday's sale will be at 8pm Eastern. That's 9pm and 7pm Central, 8pm and 6pm Pacific.

I really do hope that everyone enjoyed the halloween event and their minis. With that, I must make this sad annoncement...

As of now, there probably wont be any new children or events until next year as Reyn's got to start helping pack up her whole house for her move to the boonies of Texas. For the next few weeks, she'll will probably be around while procrastinating with the packing but she's got to leave the house at the end of November. (It was supposed to be in early January but the people buying her house wanted to close the deal before interest rates drastically change even though they want to stay at their house for one more Christmas >_> wink . ;o; After that, she won't be around so much because there currently is no internet access at her new house and the only internet connection she can use is dial-up at her uncle's house. >.<

So that means this shop will be on semi-hiatus for a while since she wont be able to work on anything new. Openings for the dog set may still happen but will be left up to the discretion of the other staff members.

For those who still have not posted the forms for their minis, please do so soon. They will be handled by Lani or Miro.

The Halloween event has finally be announced. The event will be held on October 31st at 5pm PST, please check out post 9 for further details. The sign-up date for this event will be on October 26 at 3pm PST and there is a participation fee of 500g for this event.

The remaining Saiyuki rares are finally ready. Starting Wednesday, October 12th, two of the rares will go up for auction for 2 days at a time. The schedule goes as followed:
  • Gojyo and Goku auction starts October 12th @ 6pm PST and ends October 14th @ 5pm PST.
  • Hakkai and Yaone auction starts October 14th @ 6pm PST and end October 16th at 5pm PST.
  • Kougaiji and Lirin auction starts October 16th @ 6pm PST and ends October 18th @ 5pm PST.
  • Homura auction starts October 18th @ 6pm PST and ends October 20th @ 5pm PST.

I. General Updates
For those who are not regulars of the thread, there are several small updates.
  • The whole front page has been revamped as well as all the certs.
  • Some rules have been updated/changed. Please make sure to read posts 4 and 10.
  • Lani (Nio Love) is now a staff member. With new help, Reyn wont have to spend most of her time on requests. So now there is more potential for new and different children.
  • For those who may be interested in RPing with your Tahnee, but don?t want to lose that RP in the thread, a guild has been set up for that sole purpose. Click Here to visit the guild.
II. Children Related
  • The Day rare has finally been drawn. With that, his auction is set for June 27th at 4pm PST and will end on the 29th @ 5pm PST. A link to the auction will be posted in the thread an hour before the auction. See post 7 for image. The winner shall be able to customize his colors. They?ll have free reign over the hair, skin and eye color, but the outfit must remain in a warm color scheme.
  • The long awaited Dog set is finished and ready for release. Their release date is set for July 1st @ 1pm PST. The information related to the dog set and it?s color guide are in post 6. (The accessories and plushies for this set have not been put up yet, but I can guarantee that they will be before the release date.)
  • On July 8th @ 4pm PST, there will be a raffle for a custom Tahnee. There will 200 spots with tickets at 500g each. Only 10 tickets per person and you?ll be able to pick your own spots. If you already have a custom though or are on the graylist, you may not participate in the raffle.
III. New Features
    We are now introducing Tahnee Certificates. There are two types, gold and silver.
  • Gold
    For when you want to get a Tahnee as a gift for a friend but don't know what exactly what they would like. Gold certificates can be used with regular and seasonal children. The cost is the same as if you were buying an actual child (2.5k for regular and 1.5k for seasonal, per child. With a limit of 3 for regular and 8 for seasonal). Gold certificates can only be purchased when the shop is open.
  • Silver
    Silver certificates will be given out to the first poster of every 50 pages. Usually, you will be granted one free child from the current set. Silver certificates can only be redeemed when the shop is open.

OMG, we're back in action! o_o The thread is now being updated and going through reconstruction.

In other news...
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Reyn sat, contentedly sketching in the shade of a large oak tree to escape from the merciless sun. It was rather hot out and small beads of sweat glistened on her forehead, which she wiped down with a small cloth. Finally, she set her sketchpad aside and let out a large sigh. She blinked sleepily, taking in the serene landscape that surrounded her. Directly in front of her was a small stream that flowed quietly to the south and eventually joined with a series of shallow rivers; to her right and left were large oak trees that stood between 9 and 10 feet tall; and located a behind her was open meadow. Located a hundred yards beyond that, was a large grove.

She rose to her feet and stretched her tightened muscles. She was about to sit back down to finish her drawing, when an ear splitting scream filled the air. Startled, she looked around, trying to figure out where the sound had come from. She looked behind her, out into the open meadow, when whatever had screamed, did so again. Reyn realized that the sound was coming from somewhere around the grove of trees out in the distance. Fearing that someone might be hurt and in need of help, she hurriedly gathered up her sketching materials and raced towards the grove.

Upon arriving at her destination, Reyn was shocked to find the grove filled with the most bizarre thing she had ever seen. Cat creatures! Standing right in front of her very eyes were varied ages (as far as she could tell) of cat children. The youngest looked no older than 12 and the oldest looked no older than 17. And weirdest of all, sitting in the farthest left-hand corner of the grove, were 5 odd looking eggs, if one could even call them that.

For the third time, an ear-splitting shriek penetrated the calm and Reyn was able to pinpoint the source. A cat girl with long, shimmering blue hair and gorgeous blue eyes was clutching her tail close to her chest.

"You jerk! You did that purposely!" She shouted angrily to a cat boy with short gray-black hair and green eyes.

"What? No I didn't!" He looked rather indifferent to the girl's accusations.

"You mean to tell me that you stepped on my tail not once, not twice, but THREE times and that it wasn't done on purpose?!"

He shrugged. "Sure." The cat girl glared at him.

Reyn looked on at the arguing pair in shock. Cat children was odd enough, but talking cat children took the cake.

Deciding that the heat had finally gotten to her and she was only imagining the cat children, Reyn turned away and promptly screamed.

Standing directly behind her was another female cat creature, but this one wasn't a child. She appeared to be at least 21 and was the most beautiful creature Reyn had ever seen. Her silver hair reached down to her ankles and she wore an outfit that seemed to defy all the laws of gravity. Though her outfit barely covered her flesh, it was incredibly detailed, composed of flowing silk, beads, and ornamental jewelry. Her eyes were a deep, penetrating icy blue, and her skin was a light mocha color with white stripes placed here and there on her flesh. A few tribal tattoos were located on her body; one was on her left cheek, another on her left shoulder, and a third spiraling down her right leg. She looked almost Amazonian.

Struggling to calm her racing heart, Reyn could only stare at the creature before her. She also became painfully aware that her scream had grabbed the attention of all the children in the grove. Without so much as a word, the Amazonian cat woman gently grabbed Reyn's arm and steered her over to an area just out of the others' hearing range.

"I need to speak with you about a matter of utmost importance." Her voice was hypnotic and soothing. 'These children you see here, just recently have they become parentless and homeless. Normally we are creatures of an unseen realm, but strange things are happening. For some reason the youngest have crossed over into this realm while the adults, save myself, have remained behind in our own dimension. I fear that one by one, the youngest of the different species of our realm will cross over into this world, with no way to get back home. I know of no way to stop these events from happening and since you have stumbled upon us, I have a favor to ask of you. Please find these children worthy adoptive parents who can care for them while they are here in this world. If you do this, we will all be forever in your debt."

A pained look filled the eyes of the cat woman, but disappeared as quickly as it had shown up. "Oh, yes, there is one more thing I think you should know. Do you see those gems over there?" She gestured towards what Reyn had initially thought were eggs. "They are what will one day be known as The Selected in our world. They are the ones who are pre-chosen to govern our society and make sure everything is kept balanced. We all exist in sub-categories, or different species. We are all a part of a group known as Tahnee's and each of the Tahnee species is gifted with a total of five gems, which will one day grow into those who will govern our society, as I told you before. Of course, the species that are born from the gems can be of any species, for reasons we have never been able to understand.

"While the normal Tahnees' grow at a relatively fast rate, The Selected will grow much slower, going through a total of 4 stages before they become adults. It is even possible that the older Tahnees' who are stuck here, might even 'create' the gems of The Selected. The appearance of The Selected only happens every so often, however. I'd hate to think that there would be a 'demand' for these children, but I do not think it is to be unexpected. So I must ask that these children be given away only to the worthiest of the prospective parents."

Reyn remained silent for a moment as she thought through what the cat woman had said. Feeling compelled to help these distressed creatures, she finally made her decision and offered to help them.

And thus the Tahnee Orphanage was formed.
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I am a stickler for rules, so please make sure you read and understand them before trying to adopt a child.

[->] General Rules
- Don't PM any of the staff under any circumstance, unless asked otherwise. All questions should be posted in the thread instead.
- Requests will only be accepted when the shop is open. Requests should not be PMed nor posted when the shop is closed.
- You may request a child for another, but that child will be sent to you unless stated otherwise.
- When requesting, even if there is something not specified under the rules doesn't make it alright. Never assume something is alright without asking beforehand.
- Do not whine if you've missed an opening. We're terribly sorry that you've missed it, but there is nothing we can or will do about it.
- Do not directly link to the children because when the new batch comes around, the old ones will be deleted off the host.
- Don't beg for any children.
- Be patient. Some times we can not get to working right away.
- Don't steal Reyn's work and claim it as your own.
- No advertising or 'bump for a bump' in this thread.

[->] Current Children Info
- 2500g each. Accessories are extra
- Keep the number of children to 3 per request.
- There is no limit to how many times you can request.
- There is no limit to how many children you can adopt from a set.
- Gold certificates may be bought and used with this child type.

[->] Seasonal Children Info
- 1500g each.
- Keep the number of children to 5 if per request.
- There is no limit to how many times you can request.
- There is no limit to how many children you can have from a set.
- Gold certificates may be bought and used with this child type.

[->] Limited Children Info
- 4000g each. Only 25 available for each gender.
- Limited to one child of each gender per person.
- No buying for another person.
- No asking to reserve a spot. Forms much be ready.
- Certificates may not be used with this child type.

[->] Rare Children Info
- Gained through auction only.
- Co-owning allowed.

[->] Ordering Rules
- Only one request allowed to be made per opening.
- Adoption form must be filled out. Your order will be ignored if the form is not complete.
- When adopting more than one child, please fill out a separate form for each child, but keep it in the same post.
- Please make sure that your request follows the color rules found in post 10 before posting.
- Make sure to add the hex code for your colors. You order will not be accepted without them!
- Do not put 'same as sample' for any color other than for the skin.
- Make sure your color/name choices are to your liking before posting your request. Name or color changes will not be allowed once your request is finished.
- Send the trade for the correct amount to Diadem after you post your request. No need to wait before you start the trade. We will start ignoring requests if this is not done.
- When ordering, please don't quote the images in your post. It's not necessary and only wastes Reyn's bandwidth.

User Image

- Are these children breedable/changeable? -
No, they are not. But if you must know, Reyn is working on a breedable project

- Will there be completely custom children? -
Yes, there are customs, but Reyn rather not spend all her time on customs, so they are rare accepted.

- Are all the children furries? -
Most of them are, but not all.

- How much do these things cost? -
Regular children are 2500g, limited children are 4000g, custom children are 6000g and rare child will be auctioned off.

- Are spots filled by the number of children requested -
No, spots are filled by a person's request, not by how many children requested.

- Is there a limit to how many we can request? -
Yes, up to 3 for the regular children. Up to 5 for the seasonal children. Only 1 for limiteds.

- I'm already on the waiting list, can I add another child to my request? -
Yes, as long as you have not reached the allowed limit and the edit is made within 30 minutes of the request being placed. Make sure to edit your original request and post a reply saying you've added another child, then edit the trade for the proper amount. In the case of not having enough gold to get another child at the time of requesting, then no, you would have to wait to place a new request for the other child.

- My request isn't finished yet, can I still make changes to my request? -
Yes, edit your original request and post a reply saying what changes you've made. This applies only to changing colors, hairstyles, etc.

- I have a certificate. When will I be able to redeem it? -
Gold and silver certificates may be redeemed whenever the shop is open. You do not have to wait to get a spot. Just make sure to say that you are using your certificate. Those requests will be handled by Reyn.

- When new children become available, will the old ones be 'retired'? -
Yes, but they might be brought back at a later time.

- When it says 'misc items' in the form, does that mean I can add items I want? -
No, that's only for the color for the miscellaneous items already existing on the outfits. Though that option may be available later.

- Can two children be placed on one cert? -
Yes they can, but you must say so when placing your request.

- How will I know when my child is ready? -
They will be PMed to you.

- I've changed my username or am unhappy with the name I gave my child, can I have it changed? -
No. Though it can be done, I would have to redo the child.

- I am unhappy with the colors I picked for my child, can I have them changed? -
No. Again, I would have to redo the child.

- If I request a child for a friend, can they decide on the name after it's finished
Yes, but I prefer the have the name when the child is requested.

- Why do you insist that we send the trade right after we post -
That way we won't have to PM you saying that your child is ready and that you need to send the trade. If you just go ahead and send the trade, when Reyn has finished the child, she can send them right to you.

- I sent the trade, why haven't you confirmed it? -
We will not accept a trade until Reyn have your request finished and ready to send to you.

- Why are you such a stickler for following rules? -
Because Reyn is a control freak and she get aggravated when the rules aren't followed XP

- Is RPing with them mandatory? -
No, RPing is not mandatory.

- Do you take donation letters/items as payment -
Yes, I do. Sealed letters are accepted at 4k. All over donation letter/items are taken at mid price based on the Pure EVIL price guide. Please do not use any other price guides in this shop.

- Do you do pet trades? -
In fact, I do. If you are interested, please IM me @ ReynCelandine on AIM. Don't PM me because my inbox is full enough as it is.

User Image

The following people will be gray listed: whiners, people who ask for a pet when there are no spots available, people who PM with requests, flamers, those who bother others in the thread, anyone who directly links to the images, requests a child but never pays, those who post their orders before the shop is reopened and anyone who does something against what is stated on the first page. Those who are placed on the gray list will be banned from ordering the next time the shop is opened (if it's the last time the shop will be open, then too bad). If you are placed on the gray list 3 times, consider yourself banned from the Orphanage, permanently; You may not order children, nor may anyone order children for you.
~ lildevilchick

1. PandaLily - Annoying Reyn, spamming the thread and requesting a child after being told 4 times they were not available. Graylisted until 3/29 (3/15/06)
2nd offense - Lied about the reasoning behind her graylisting in another thread and gave us a bad name. Considering a permanent ban. (4/10/06)

Permanently Banned
1. Kimm - Art thievery and bandwidth leeching is a HUGE no-no

How to read the gray list.

The gray list has been updated and been made easier to understand. If you are on the gray list, your name will be listed under the sub-title and written next to it in parentheses will be your offense and the consequences of your actions. Also included is the date on which you received your punishment.
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With each set, every so often there is a child that stands out among all the others. The color combinations are great together and the overall look of the child is fantastic. When a set is retired, each of the staff will pick two children for the spotlight by that they like the most. The owners of those children will receive a free child from the next set.

Reyn's picks
Kumoru and Hakumei
User ImageUser Image

LDC's picks
kaze1981 and Imbri
User ImageUser Image

Lani's picks

Congrats to the winners of the first ever spotlight. Once the dog set is released, you will receive a child of your liking for free.

User Image

Every couple of months or so, there will be two new children available for adoption. With these new children, there will be three different hair styles and outfit to choose from. Out of the three outfits, you will be able to pick which top/bottoms/shoes that you would like.

These children are 2500g each to adopt. Accessories are extra.

User Image
User Image

Click Here
For the color guide to this set.
For when you need help to determine what is considered what on the adoption form.

All accessories are 150g and can be worn by both male and female. Please do not request items that are not part of the current accessories. Custom items will not be done.

User ImageUser Image

User ImageUser Image

Forehead Gem
User ImageUser Image

Stud Earrings (up to 3 can be added)
User ImageUser Image

Cuff Earrings (up to 3 can be added)
User ImageUser Image

Hoop Earrings (up to 3 can be added)
User ImageUser Image

Collar w/cross
User ImageUser Image

Studded Collar
User ImageUser Image

Spiked Collar
User ImageUser Image

User ImageUser Image

User ImageUser Image

Book Bag
User ImageUser Image


Adopt 2 or more children at one time and you'll receive a free plushie~ This applies to the current set only.

User Image

Color of the plushie will be based off the colors of one of the adopted children or off your current avatar.
User Image
Only 25 of each gender of these children will be available for adoption. They are 4000g each. Colors can be customized.

No limiteds at this time

User Image
Every once and a while there will be a rare, one of a kind child available for adoption that will be auctioned. Rare children will usually be based off anime/video game characters, popular gaians or certain themes.

Reyn's 4th anniversary rare raffle in 15th post

User Image
Seasonal children are those that are dressed up for the holidays. They're availablity is limited to an amount of time.

No seasonals at this time

Available: -- || cost: --
User Image

1. -raffle-
2. -not available-
3. -not available-
4. -not available-
5. -auction-

This is where your custom Tahnee are made. Unlike most creatures, when a new Tahnee created, they are in the form of a spirit. These spirits are very delicate and must be placed in special gems til they are ready to be born. The special gems are very hard to come by and I only have 5.

So only 5 spots for customs will be available at a time. The first spot will be won from a raffle, the next 3 can be bought for 6000g and the last will be auctioned.

Customs will start off as a gem, then be released into a full grown Tahnee. Once the Tahnee is released, you must save them to your own server.

What your custom Tahnee can be based from
1. Your avatar or someone else's
2. Almost any character you desire. (Wether it be from an anime, video game, manga, movie, book, or an original) Keep in mind though, there are a few characters I will not draw. (will be discussed if you get a spot)
3. 2 existing Tahnee children that have been adopted.

Custom Rules
- Don't ask for a custom when there are no spots available.
- If there is already a rare or custom child of a certain character, then you can not have a custom of the same character.
- When with the Tahnee children, they can not be siblings.
- I have a right to refuse to draw any character if I find them too difficult.

User Image

Tickets will be 500g a piece and there are 200 spots (I will allow you to pick the spot you want). You may only purchase up to 10 tickets. If you already have a custom or are on the gray list, you may not partake in this raffle. When all the spots are filled, I will use randomizer.org to figure out the winners below:.

1st: Custom Tahnee - 117 - Prolixity
2nd: 2 free Tahnees from the current set - 56 - Zymbu
3rd: One free Tahnee from the current set - 132 - Aree

Now, if you would like a ticket(s), send a trade for the correct amount to Diadem with the spot numbers in the subject. If you fail to do this, then your request till be ignored. If the bank is not currently working, then you can reserve the spots you want by posting them and send the trade later.

Raffle is now over. Congrats to the winners. All that participated shall receive a free plushie from the current set.

Names in blue are reserved. Please send the trade when you can.
Names in red must confirm their trades

User Image

User Image
You really didn't think that the minis ended with the anniversary, did you? o.o Of course not. Minis will be available during special events for the orphanage.


User Image

That's right, just in time for Christmas the Tahnee Christmas minis are rolling out just for you. When slots are opened by the colorists you can enter post up to three completed forms (see this post for forms and color guides) and these little friends can find their way into stockings and under Christmas trees.

The catch is ... Christmas minis are slippery little devils. And these are not hex-code customs, because they're not shaded like other minis. So on the forms you're not putting hex codes, you're writing actual color names. Like "blue" or "red" or "green" but you can be a little specific like "light blue" or "dark red" or "lime green" but we can't guarentee an exact shade. Which means NO COMPLAINING. You've been warned!
((Amendement: Apparently our new "general colors" thing is still confusing people. Skada has a hopefully more helpful rant on page 5400 for you to read if you are still confused))

Just a tiny reminder, the adoption fee for each little cutie is 1k, and trades are to be sent to Diadem. Trades will not be confirmed until minis are colored and in a PM to their new home, however, we wono't begin coloring until the trade has been sent our way in the first place.

Christmas Minis Form
Child's name:
Parent's name:
Anonymous: (Yes or No)

Type: (Peppermint elf, holly elf, male reindeer, female reindeer, santa)

Major outfit color:
Minor outfit color:

And to help you out, our much loved Reyn made you a handy color guide:

User Image

Skada keeps her avaible slots updated throughout the thread in her most recent posts, please check that to see if you can order from her ^___^

Past Mini Events
[*] Christmas 2006 - 721 adopted
[*] Halloween 2006 - 450 adopted
[*] Easter 2006 - 175 adopted
[*] Valentines 2006 - 504 adopted
[*] Halloween 2005 - 229 adopted
[*] First year Tahnee Anniversary - ?? adopted
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These forms does not apply for custom children.
Please make sure to fill out the form properly and completely. Make sure to give the name AND color code number for each color!

Current Children Form
Child's name:
Parent's name:

Gender: (male or female)
Hairstyle: (a, b or c)
Top: (a, b or c)
Bottoms: (a, b or c)
Shoes: (a, b or c)

Trim/Misc items:

Limited Children Form

Seasonal Children Form
Child's name:
Parent's name:

Gender: (male or female)
Hairstyle: (A or B)

Major outfit color:
Minor outfit color:

[Simplified Color List] || [Complex Color list] - Helpful lists for deciding colors.

Color rules/info:
Regarding skin color, you can only use colors given from the list (or you supply the hex code for colors not on the list). Light, pale, normal, Caucasian white, Asian or any other ethnicity in general for that matter, are no longer acceptable! I'm not kidding. I am very a**l about this and I will start ignoring requests if this is not followed.

Many people have not been giving a color for the trim. You must fill out a color for the trim. Trim is not for the added accessories. The trim/misc items are like zippers, buttons, ties, belts, hairbands, any item that already exists on the outfit but does not fall under the other sections

Streaks are not permitted; they just don't turn out well. Also, I will not incorporate designs into the coloring of your Tahnee, since it's too much of a pain. And weird things, like one color fading to another on the clothing will not be done.

Since there has been much confusion as far as what can be done with the hair (such as streaks and whatnot) I've made a little guide. So hopefully this will help some.

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If you're going to request different bang/tips/sectional hair coloring, there is a certain format I'd like to be done in. First is your base color, followed by the secondary color and type. Like so:
Cinnamon #7B3F00 with Burlywood #DEB887 bangs

Most requests I've filled use this format but I have run across few that word it so that it could apply to two different types. So to avoid delays with filling the request, I ask that it be done that way.
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Finished, waiting for payment

Finished and sending out soon

Waiting List
1. Chibi_Dragonfly

Teal = Reyn's list || Purple = Lani's list || Blue = Miro's list || Red = Ry's list

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[*] Set One: Cats - 118 adopted
lildevilchick, Marie Christmas, Dark Mage, Rico Riot, Merili, AAllyDevil, Whigh, Sinclaire, Siren_Fae, Silkworm, Ramza_Beoulve, Yalind, Demented Kid, Shiaree, Apathetic Nonchalance, Yuhi Shiro, Kiara Lime, Alexina, Robyn-Gallowsraven, Yuumei Tenshi, Jhereg Assasin, Nightmare16, Teennine, Steal, Wolf Tail, SillyAngelKitty, melime, Krista, DarkAngel, Soterios, Ignition, Elengwen, Sir_Magnas, Nenia_Vomyr, Krysil, Rae~Mizu~Megami, Sakura Avolon, halo_master, Priya, kaze1981, Lady Miyuka, Nerocinu, meelu91, Asanuma, Azn Chix0r, Ravenfyre, Nefidean, whiplash3245, Nekota-kun, Starshine, cougarpawzsis2, Billy Chante, The True Jack Sparrow, Chibbit-chan, Jess-chan, Mistymoon, Alania, Hyuzan, Ariona Tallon, Shin no Kimiko, A Faery Named Aikanaro, Ballentine, Anaris, Makoto Akanishi, Zairyo, Mau, Riana, Nova Zone, Kyoh-chan, jazzkitteh, Callidora, Pi-sama, Nokomis Midnight, Midori_Keiko, Pyro-sami, O-Tsuyu Hotaru, Arion-Tenshi, xMerokOx, Kamiki
Cat Raffle - 14 won
Britain, Loki-Sama, Melomar, elleth celebren, Draconayzia, Youkochylde , Vega_the_Fallen, LittleButterfly, Rhiannon Everwind, Sukkubus

[*] Set Two: Foxes - 159 adopted
Sinclaire, Rico Riot, Mau, Elengwe, Darkend Light, Chika_Girl, Nova Zone, BabyBunny, Whigh, whiplash3245, Lady Miyuka, Merili, Apathetic Nonchalance, Shin no Kimiko, Shiro-neko, Zairyo, lildevilchick, .Paper Dragon., Asanuma, Callidora, Shiaree, Sencha, Lu Xun, Nokomis Midnight, Chibbit-chan, Jess-chan, Lady Sierra, Shiro Tora, Starshine, Ballentine, Gabriel X, Billy Chante, Maid In Korea, raving, karma_k, melime, Sir_Magnas, Hyuzan, Pi-sama, Nenia_Vomyr, Nanvel, Naira, Kyoh-chan, Hyoumimi, jackie-fishy, Peep, Alania, Sukeile, azriel17, meelu91, Nightmareater, flyingratsarse, Gorath_Tsu, Youkochylde, Tsuki Sohma, Kazumi-Chan, Ariona Tallon, Perri Indiya, Silkworm, OniAja, Dark Mage, Pangolin, Semira_Fallen, Hakumei, Shadow - Dragon, Midori_Keiko, kaze1981, Miliardo Kason, Danipuff, Dandelion, halo_master, Shuichi_Shindou9, Chobits X, Tachik, Little Isis, Chiaku, Seeno, love_girl, lil'missmaya, Sarabi, Fleeccee, Kitsune_rei, Crypticshadow, Rampant Rainbow, Trowa Winner, Shui, Mistymoon, Demented Kid, Jaxton Dragoon, Kamiki, Midori_Hime, DolphinPrincess, SexyAnimeSpirit, Black Goddess_22, Kihoru, DivineSaturn, DarkishStar, La Karasu~, Merewen, windandwater, Wolf Tail, Sosiqui, Arrikanez, Kimie Kitty, Noyama, [Puck], Tsu-chan, WolfBoyGabo, Nefidean, Roddy McMay
Fox Raffle - 14 won
Ithiltari, Bane_Kamisama, Kamileun, Neko Girl, Cleo_MoonBlade, Asahi Kumoru, Rhiannon Everwind , Artemis003, Kaseme

[*] Set Three: Elves - 161 adopted
lildevilchick, Yeu, Nokomis Midnight, alisa makora, Kyoh-chan, Tachik, Ladayna, Syrani, Balinese, Kayko, Yuki-Sahoma, watermelon, the true jack sparrow, Roddy McMay, Miya Kalvorn, Wenyuan, ~Inshou Phantom~, kaze1981, DarkishStar, Kaori_Sama, Ballentine, Whigh, Muraki Kazutaka, Peep, Sarabi, Apathetic Nonchalance, kamtrouble, Shiro-neko, Silkworm, artemis003, Mau, Pi-sama, Darkend Light, Midori_Keiko, Fumei, Azn Chix0r, Nefidean, Exrated, whiplash3245, Shui, Chibi_Dragonfly, Akina Tokuwa, Kamiki, Imbri, Fuhen, Paravane, Maegrambaiel, kaze1981, Chibbit-chan, Jess-chan, love_girl, Chika_Girl, were girl, Elven Kairi, Umiyuko, ChibiRin5, Shiaree, Digit_45, Chiaku, Daisuke-kun, Neko Girl, massrevenge, Asahi Kumoru, Korth, Yuny2000_Aya, Hakumei, Lady Sierra, purrasha, Eirnae Natenhar, CrypticShadow, catchjubjub, Caneton, dimp1ez, Sister Nil, Britain, Orasteele, Zymbu, Wolf Tail, demonic sayako, Melanie_Himura, Nanvel, Jaxton Dragoon, Anvion, Trowa Winner, Lithian Naurwen, Higashi, _Inuyasha_Miroku_, Suki_Daiyo4, MaxX-Warpup, Tomodachi Kiko, Nyao-chan, Dark Mage, Neithan, NekoNoOujisama, Priya
Elf Raffle - 14 won
Trio Maxwell-Chang, elleth celebren, Orasteele, Pi-sama, Asahi Kumoru, [Sayaka], , ClampAddict, DrdScully, Loki-Sama

[*] Set Four: Mice - 190 adopted
lildevilchick, Ginko Kitsune, Lochoko, Whigh, purrasha, Shin no Kimiko, Mau, Balinese, Yeu, _Inuyasha_Miroku_, Hakumei, Vashtya, Neko Girl, Vega_the_Fallen, Nokomis Midnight, Tachik, [ mayu ], Kit - fallen, Archwind, Tsuki Sohma, samdaspaz, Alania, CrypticShadow, kaze1981, Apathetic Nonchalance, Fumei, Embyr Arrikanez, Saino, Trowa Winner, Wolf Tail, Shiaree, Shiromaru, Yuumei Tenshi, pangolin, Chika_Girl, Nanjiing, Wingly_Kiko, Tasah, Nefidean, Ballentine, Zymbu, Annalise Mnizipper, Pi-sama, Ithiltari, spazzdragon82, choucho, Yeu, Draconayzia, Caelrona, Kayko, dragon_master~, Slicey, Britain, Orasteele, Kurenst, Jinxeh, Friday_Dora, cyrwrynn, Zymbu, Poufy Werewolf, Enyaron, Stormy Hound, Kazumi-Chan, Trio Maxwell-Chang, Yuny2000_Aya, Melomar, Huni Pi, Jiora, lili_drakal, [viv], Midori_Keiko, Shiro-neko, Silkworm, Moorgahaine, Imbri, Jack Takahashi, Roddy McMay, Krista DarkAngel, Asahi Kumoru, DeathOfSoul, windandwater, ~Inshou Phantom~, O-Tsuyu Hotaru, Ryeanna, Chibi_Dragonfly, RikProwley, Vashtya, Chavi, Neko Girl, lili_drakal, invader_teri, A Touch of Irish Chaos, Valora Voldemort, Tomodachi Kiko, Myasia, Tyus, Ninamori Ninamo, Demonic Curse, elleth celebren, Kaseme, Tsilk, MidnightKonfusion, Rae~Mizu~Megami, Tahja Estes, DeathsVampire, DolphinPrincess

[*] Set Five: Dogs - 211 adopted
Alania, Prolixity, Arrikanez, Rhiannon Everwind, Moriko Omori, Poufy Werewolf, Orestae, Neko Girl, Nezumi, Enoh Love, Farferalloie, DeathofSoul, Adghal Popion, Ioyla, Eight, Jack Takahashi, Chibi_Dragonfly, male_preview, Midori Keiko, Candey Reinfield, Cirisse, Sukkubus, Huni Pi, Ocearen, Artemis003, roddy mcmay, lildevilchick, Izzy, Ramen Chan, Scatflipza, Mirokun, pLexio Gatz, Artemis003, Aree, Zymbu, spazzdragon82, Nenia Vomyr, Mau, purrasha, Pinka, cardi, Erina_Nobara, Syrie, anemosagkelos, Xiao Ling, Silencer Wolf, Ocearen, Rubai Sora, JSU_Angelfox, Asahi Kumoru, Britain, SilverDragon285, Pandara, Andie_Chan, Little Isis, Usagi Jess, Cordero, sailornorthstar, Foalen, ChikoSohma_Alchemist, Fae-Chan, Ametra, Cirisse, Shin no Kimiko, Nephrenia, ladyumbra, Loki-Sama, Sith Kitten, S.O.N, Imbri, Nanjiing, Alatariel Rakamash, Annalise Mnizipper, Kaseme, Enikil, XiangMiyu, Eynjehl, Ajamoh, Tahoi, Rearmost Tree Slug, Silver Angel, Trio Maxwell-Chang, Yume Matsoru, Tasah, Tatsudoshi, Plush Velvet, KuroRaban, Melomar, Mistoftime, Skada, Tezza, Firkasa, Kai-Luin, ChiemiChan, DarknessEverlasting, Iceis Inscent Sama, Lorako, SephirosImmortal, Solstis, TormentedAngie, [[Yuki]], Zenith


[*] Halloween Special Edition '04 - 202 adopted
Lildevilchick, Reyn, Yeu, Valora Voldemort, Anderoid_Chan, Zero Dream, Draconayzia, Pi-sama, Balinese, spazzdragon82, DeathOfSoul, Wingly_Kiko, CrypticShadow, Mau, purrasha, Tachik, Neko Girl, dark_angel_007, Caneton, Amon Larethian, Caelrona, Loki-Sama, Rhiannon Everwind, Huroggmeten, Akina Tokuwa, Nefidean, dragon_master~, Tara_Nepion, Wolf Tail, Kaseme, Apathetic Nonchalance, Artemis003, Aerlinn, Fumei, Fuhen, Antu, saino, Slicey, meelu91, Ryeanna, pangolin, Archwind, Erithan, _Inuyasha_Miroku_, ForensicGirl, Huni Pi, Britain, Ballentine, kalanis, Keiko Mitsu, Laisewiel, Kurenst, Ithiltari, kaze1981, Friday_Dora, Annalise Mnizipper, Shiromaru, Digit_45, Genso Kirigama, Jinxeh, Maori Silver-Dragon, ~Inshou Phantom~, SexyAnimeSpirit, RikProwley, Yaruka, Dark Mage, Midori_Keiko, karma_k, Vashtya, Conscience, Eirnae Slytherin-Natenhar, Menelie, Nanjiing Sohma, Zymbu, Hakumei, Wolfblood, Anvion, Yuny2000_Aya, cyrwrynn, Sister Nil, Kiara Lime, Keppit, Lenore Slytherin-Natenhar, halo_master, Valeria, Kaze Taco, Annir, Poufy Werewolf, Melwyn, Tomodachi Kiko, Little Isis Trio Maxwell-Chang, Blue_thief, Kazumi-Chan, Rynn, Melomar, OniAja, Rampant Rainbow, WereJace, Amaidel, Tsuki Sohma, Fantasy_Rocks13 , Wolf_of_chaos, Gothic_yaoi_lover, Sirene Naiads, Asahi Kumoru, Tasah, choucho, Alania, Gorath Tsu, Chiisuchine Rao, Digit_45, Sariia, Chibi Sorka, Chaeval, Nokomis Midnight

[*] Christmas Special Edition '04 - 200 adopted
DeathOfSoul, Chibi-Baka-chan, pangolin, Perri Indiya, Nefidean, Tachik, meelu91, saino, Vashtya, Kipestshin, Asahi Kumoru, SiriusGabrielBlack, Ichigo-chii, Miro, Chibi_Dragonfly, samdaspaz, Artemis003, Yuny2000_Aya, kaze1981, Katt_Sham, Little Isis, Balinese, purrasha, Akivara, Monique-chan, Imbri, NekoRikku, Valeria, Tomodachi Kiko, Kuro Raban, MoogerMint, Krista DarkAngel, Midori_Keiko, Tai Yang, chaeval, Zymbu, Elder_Kera, OniAja, Karma K., Kasidori, Silencer Wolf, Xiao Ling, Poufy Werewolf, Melwyn, WereJace, KrazyVixen, Britain, Orasteele, Loki-sama, Ithiltari, Akina Tokuwa, Fumei, Fuhen, CrypticShadow, Tasah, hellzmessiah, Vega_the_Fallen, Shiro-neko, Neko Girl, Anya!, Pata lover, Trio Maxwell-Chang, Rhiannon Everwind, Pavement, windandwater, Caitlyn HellCloud, Lockesly L`Crit, Cajmera, Ursah Bunny, Roddy McMay, RikProwley, Pi-sama, Sarcat, Jinxeh, .End.Of.Hysteria., Diamond_Gaze Shad-chan, Tsuki Sohma, mythicalia, [Sayaka], Broken Silence, Mau, Sirene Naiads, Deceased Sianna, invader_teri, Demonic Curse, elleth celebren, spazzdragon82, Aylee, Priya, Bubble Chai Java Mocha, Ryeanna, Black Duvet, Kazumi-Chan, Fae-Chan, Menelie, Sukkubu, lildevilchick

[*] Valentines Special Edition '05 - 461 adopted
Trio Maxwell-Chang, ChibiSchuldig, Youkochylde, pony, Demonic Curse, Shadow Vandale, Vashtya, Daisuke-kun, evikted Rei, Ogre, Balinese, Loki-Sama, Fae-chan, Dark Mage, Sinclaire, evangelin, Chibi_Dragonfly, Wiploc, Nyxa, caroline_cupcake, Farferalloie, Yuny2000_Aya, Jinxeh, Kaho-kun, Jarenthofthefae, Black Duvet, Midori_Keiko, spazzdragon82, Kaseme, Tachik, Artemis003, samdaspaz, tsukisohma, Rylerion, ..IvyCurse.., Zymbu, Sukkubus, Moriko Omori, Rhiannon Everwind, Menelie, DeathOfSoul, CrypticShadow, purrasha, Asahi Kumoru, Tomodachi Kiko, Higashi, Alania, Annalise Mnizipper, Dazza, Dragon_Starfire, Tachik, Fleeccee, RikProwley, .End.Of.Hysteria., Evander, Foalen, lili_drakal, mkw_monkey0612, _Inuyasha_Miroku_, Tasah, Pavement, Hitori-Chan, WereJace, Souls_Aurora, elleth celebren, endejester, Ryugen, Kouseki, JadeEye, Thalion, MegaRose, [Dead.Rest], Illustrator, Lazy girl, zephyree, honey bubble, Deuxia Devonair, Chayse, Ithiltari, Nimaina Sekan, Mau, Kennchan, Lady_of_Laputa, kanin, Nyome, Takkun_Naota, XxKenshin-HimuraxX, Britain, Orasteele, Everdark, invader_teri, Tahoi, Rieluni, ClampAddict, DarkishStar, Ryeanna, TKid, Lucifer Force, Sosiqui, Caneton, GryphonWolf, Conscience, Starwhirl, Kokuei Chaos, Mizuyousei, cyrwrynn, Kitty-Ravenclaw, Sirius Black, MidnightKonfusion, Kalandra, Nenia Vomyr, Aree, Caitlyn HellCloud, Mialee79, NessyBaby, saino, maskedquerade, Tsilk, Little Isis, Pi-sama, Melvyn, jayoku, Katt_Sham, Innocent_Alander, wju2004, Drax Orin, cari-angel, Samee, Pacchiri, Shiro-neko, Vickster, FantasyAngel, LongBow, DocLight, Ninamori Ninamo, Fallenangel315, + Within +, Buffynick, Ebony Dragon, meelu91, Chibi Sorka, Silencer Wolf, Roddy McMay, Quala, Jack Takahashi, Cnady Reinfield, pangolin, Lord Braska, Punkie Bloo, Cleo_MoonBlade, Zax.B, Skye Starrfyre, Val-Rei, eternalsunshyne, DeathsVampire, Gullien, Bane_Kamisama, Ajina, DArk BLoss0m, Jestari, Pata Lover, Blazing_Inferno, Chocolate-chan, Pika-Bunny, Prolixity, Arrikanez, Saiyura Tsukiyo, Oceanren, MoonVixen, Clay West, Shaille Akuryou, Lauren, Mari Thaison, Eight, Fumei, Fuhen, TormentedAngie, Presca, Kaze, RayniaSky, Rae~Mizu~Megami, Iris_Virus, Moorgahaine, Mau, anemosagkelos, Shay, Tekkoa, Rage Beat, Ravija, Kyoh-chan, Neith-Kia, Taka, Antu, Carda, Emi, Korin-Chan, Jemima-chan, Blue_Thief, NekoRikku, Valeria, Ciorrawolfmage, Eynjehl, Silkworm, Hakumei, Mankvill, Stryke, Okugi, Whigh, Neithan, Airez, Orphne, Shiaree, WoefulInfinity, R A M Z A, The Poison Arrow, Sabin Duvert, Kuraya, Aki Ana, Yu-Tan, Mellyse Sumiraka, DolphinPrincess, Sariia, Feikku, Krysil, dozingkitty, Star Sorceress, Kurenst, Imbri, GreenEyesWinK, Meoga999, Trowa Winner, Arlequin, Dark Kurai, Chan Angel Mikata, Nanjiing Sohma, lilgirlfromthestars, Whigh, Jiller, Ayosha, Feonixfyre, Kiiato, Inle-Roo, F a t e, DivineSaturn, Tiagra, Ballentine, BeckieV, Lonely Existence, MoonlightPassion, sailornorthstar, UrsahBunny, Lyssandra, Hakari-chan, DarkishStar, Enikil, Steal, Kithen, Rabid Jigglypuff, Kitaa Kata, Marushii, l)ark Cell, Kyosuke_S, Farnath, Song of the Rain, Aylinn, Getsurei, VKM, Busty, Slicey, sadnereid, Pink Lemonade, StrawberriLori, Junyi, windandwater, Mauritius, JK, Mon Mon~Chan, Mallniel, Nokomis Midnight

[*] St. Patrick's Day Special Edition '06 - 242 adopted
Trio Maxwell-Chang, Lorako, anemosagkelos, Sinbari, MysticKeyblade, Rhiannon Everwind, Foalen, Ametra, E.T.D.O., mistoftime, Marinity, Tsuki Sohma, Rage Beat, Farferalloie, Asahi Kumoru, Imbri, Nenia Vomyr, SaphireSienna, Miss Meami, Balinese, Yiesha, Ajamoh, Ocearen, [[Yuki]], Midori_Keiko, spazzdragon82, M, Kikariki, humanbox, Britain, Orasteele, Ogre, Ice Queen, Naien Haigara, cardi, Emi, Nefidean, LightDragonJolteon, Osanpo, x.Skada.x, FeowynMouse, Sephiros Immortal, Teh Bunny Ninja, XiangMiyu, Dove Alights, Shin-obe, Alatariel Rakamash, Krista DarkAngel Silme, Rae~Mizu~Megami, Solstis, Laylaley, RogeRgal, Lady Star, D3nis3, Petite Kitsune, Conscience, Zero End, Artemis, Mau, Ithiltari, Melomar, MoogerMint, Fantasy_Rocks13, [ The Fool ], Ursah Bunny, Seer For Sale, Amiliane, Yume Matsuri, Artemis003, LinnyTheLeprechaun, Waarufu, MangaGirl, Syrie, Aylee, Pi-sama, Kuro Raban, RayniaSky, Rearmost Tree Slug, Darkness Everlasting, [zoe], Chibi_Dragonfly, [ Sandy ], Imbri, Enoh Love, Lord Braska, Angelic_Rose15, kaze1981, Tellah Amna, Angelic Mik0, Foxphoenix, Sinbari, [Hyde], Aree, Eirnae Slytherin-Natenhar, Befu, princesspwrm, Souls_Aurora, dark77778, Sukkubus, Kurai Hiashi, Silver Angel, Laylaley, Seiei, JK

[*] Kohana & Kiyoshi || kaze1981
[*] Sanzo || ~Inshou Phantom~
[*] GinCat || Ginko Kitsune
[*] Adghal || Alania
[*] Jada || Alania
[*] Shadow 666 || Rylerion
[*] Reynee || Eight
[*] Tengu Jamapi || Jack Takahashi
[*] Althaia || Kaze1981
[*] Dusk || Mirokun
[*] Dawn || Chibi_dragonfly
[*] Exile || Yume Matsuri
[*] Claíomh Solais || Whigh
[*] Sha Gojyo || Chibi_dragonfly
[*] Son Goku || Aylee
[*] Cho Hakkai || Spazzdragon82 & purrasha
[*] Yaone || Farferalloie & Tatsudoshi
[*] Kougaiji || Zymbu & Vashyta
[*] Lirin || [Sandy] & Tatsudoshi
[*] Homura || Mirokun & Prolixity
[*] LDC || Rita Zyon & Rhiannon Everwind
[*] Dia || Eriond & Lady Beldaran Lygress
[*] Miru || Melomar & Sukkubus
[*] Nyo || Chibi_Dragonfly & Neko Girl
[*] Akuma von Sangue || Ocearen
[*] Victoria || Rita Zyon
[*] Toryn || Rage Beat
[*] Alora || Artemis003
[*] Asuka Langley Soryu || x.Skada.x
[*] Chloe || x.Skada.x
[*] Chasity & Accalia || Jaded Sunset

[*] Israfil || Ballentine
[*] Cloud || lildevilchick
[*] Acacya ||Kamiki
[*] Kakashi || Takkyu
[*] Ikovu || Kuraya
[*] Yuber || Nyao-chan
[*] Niranjana || Draconayzia
[*] Iva || Nio & Enoh Love
[*] Raenef || Prolixity
[*] Halifax || Britain
[*] ??? || Orasteele
[*] Nari || Mau
[*] Link || Poufy Werewolf
[*] Breynin || Reyn
[*] ??? || Britain

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The first post of every 100 pages wins a free Tahnee of whatever regular set is currently available (unless stated otherwise). However, you can not win two times in a row and the winning post must not be spam or emoticon only. To claim your free Tahnee, just post the form when slots are open saying that you are using your freebie.

For dog set:*
2600 - Cirisse
2700 - Sukkubus
2750 - Jaydine
2800 - Jack Takahashi
2900 - Kanilea
2950 - Tatsudoshi
3000 - Ithiltari
3050 - Foalen
3150 - BeckieV
3200 - kaze1981
3250 - Tahoi
3300 - Firkasa

For upcoming set:
2300 - Moriko Omori
3100 - Ajamoh
3400 - Hyuzan
3500 - Chiemichan
3600 - Sephiros Immortal
3700 - [Sandy]
3800 - spazzdragon82
3900 - Lorako
4000 - ~Angelic Moon~
4100 - spazzdragon82
4200 - Midori_Keiko
4300 - Lorako
4400 - RayniaSky
4500 - spazzdragon82
4600 - dragon_master~
4700 - [Sandy]
4800 - Ocearen
4900 - mistoftime
5000 - Kazu-koma

* = For those on the dog freebie list, if you want you wait til the new set is released to claim your freebie please let me know so that you can be moved to the other list.
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Teaser preview for half for our first ever limited set. :3
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.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show..User Image.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show..User Image.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show..User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show..

Link Me?

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FREE Reyn Anniversary Rare Raffle

February 23rd will be Reyn’s 4th anniversary on Gaia. To celebrate, sister rares based on two of her most favorite outfits will be raffled off. The raffle is free however if you already own a rare, you are not eligible to win. You can enter the name of someone who does not have a rare though.

User Image

To enter the raffle just post saying you’d like to enter. Spots will go based in order of posts and you're allowed only one spot. You can also add one other person's name as well as your own. There is no limit to the number of spots for the raffle and will be open until 2pm CST on the 23rd. After which the drawing will be held. There will be only one winner. Though if the winner wishes to co-own these two, that is allowed.

1. DrdScully
2. Angel Naomi
3. Jaded Sunset - Winner!
4. Sheltered_Dork
5. humanbox
6. Kailey Koreco
7. Nalacats
8. Dark_Queen_of_Death
9. Caneton
10. Britain
11. Syrie
12. Seeno Evil
13. Nessylove
14. Ogre
15. Sinbari
16. Asahi Kumoru
17. Orasteele
18. Phansma Organa
19. ` r h a p s o d y
20. Silver Angel
21. Artemis Enzeru
22. Guardian Kyo
23. Rockin904
24. Cerena
25. Lady Aria Starstone
26. SunFireDemon
27. [zoe]
28. Ice_Dragon_Demon
29. Noyama
30. Ajamoh
31. Angelic_Rose15
32. mistoftime
33. autumns_tears
34. Graceangel
35. Ithiltari
36. PassionateLunarElf
37. Mizu_Taji
38. BeckieV
39. DivineSaturn
40. Rae~Mizu~Megami
41. anemosagkelos
42. Enoh Love
43. ReynaUsagi
44. Lady Star
45. Drache-Lehre
46. Indigo_Eyez
47. Sailor Aerith
48. I-minh
49. Huni Pi
50. sailornorthstar
51. Kira of Flames
52. AnimeChickie
53. Shiromaru
54. lonniedi
55. Sosiqui
56. Arctic Vixen
57. Poetical Rain
58. Befu
59. [.Tora.]
60. Eglandur
61. VashuKun
62. Fantasy_rocks13
63. bluezjessi
64. Krista_Darkangel_Silme
65. kokotay
66. Souls_Aurora
67. TormentedAngie
68. Dark Fire Angel
69. Menelie
70. Hinoicarri
71. TrishieChan
72. Astro Zombies`
73. Darkness Everlasting
74. x_bluefire_x
75. Anakiro
76. Alyosha
77. Moriko Omori
78. M o k o n a
79. Adimus_Prime
80. baby_gwing
81. Silencer Wolf
82. Xiao Ling
83. Birvan
84. [ Hot Chocolate. ]
85. Rainbow Lime
86. RayniaSky
87. dragon_master~
88. Collared Kitten [KL]
89. Allaraina

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