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Effective 10/10/04~Due to my bandwidth having been exceeded, I will now try to regularly move my images in my photobucket account at least once every month. If you don't save it in time, you may pm me or post in the thread specifying what you didn't get to save, and I will send it to you.

::After posting order, always START TRADE IMMEDIATELY!::
Hello and welcome to Durr... Pets! Tired of your intelligent kitty out-smarting you all the time? Sick of your brainy bunny somehow managing to lock you out of the house? Or maybe you just want a cute cuddly pet? Well, look no further! ^_^ Here at Durr... Pets!, we sell adorable animals without the thinking! Look around and maybe you'll find a clueless little pet to call your own!

TakiNeko's Status
::Offline but accepting orders! Thank you for your patience! heart

1.)TakiNeko~The creator of this shop and the art and pets in it, unless otherwise specified. ^^
2.)Laruku05~Lead Unlimited seller when TakiNeko is offline.
3.)Mayumi-chan~Other artist for this shop. Will color and draw other pets.

<center>*Notices* </center>

Things going on in my life now:
(UPDATED 9/18/04 in red):
exclaim College life
exclaim Part time job at ITS site licensing
exclaim Lineage II mmorpg (gotta keep up with leveling)
exclaim Still drawing those commission zodiac animals... ;_;
Things going on for Gaia:
exclaim Tales of Symphonia chibi limiteds (drawing... these may not come out for a very long while.. sad )

These are the new things going on in my life right now, so expect delays. ^^;; Sorry! I'll keep you informed.

5/15/04~Shop being set up....... Shop is open for business! w00t! First 5 customers get a free unlimited with any purchase! ^_^
5/16/04~Adding donators and bumpers and a warning list area. Also adding affiliates. Will also try to begin creating the special gifts for donators and bumpers and hopefully send them out. sweatdrop
5/18/04~Whew, stayed up all night and made the special gifts for donators and bumpers! They're in the 7th post in sample.
5/20/04~I have discovered through customer observations and my own a few problems with my shop. Trying to fix them. One is that I hadn't uploaded the solid orange kitty and the solid green kitty. Thus, I am going to look back through the pages to see who ordered these kittys and pm them about this. Thank you Talia for bringing this to my attention.
5/21/04~Added a section on image hosting and a link for how to put images in sig (got too many questions on both topics), which can be found in post 4, under the How to Order section.
5/23/04~Made the first limiteds: Graduation Durr... Pets! I am not yet selling them though! Don't order them yet! I need time to discuss prices and ordering with my staff. I will announce when they are in in capital letter in the title when I am selling them.
5/28/04~Round Plushies are available for ordering under the "Extras/Add-Ons" Section of post 5. ^_^
6/9/04~I got my NITEMARE SCARF last night (early this morning)!! eek heart I decided to just go and buy it for 55k before the price raises again (in which case I'd be kicking myself for being stingy). Now it's on to the angelic scarf! A big thank you to my staff (friends) and all the customers, donators and bumpers for this shop! ^_^ Funds are low again, but I hope I can get that angelic scarf!
6/10/04~Graduation limiteds released! Almost sold out in one day too! eek
6/22/04~Thinking about doing customs... still deciding though. sweatdrop And I changed the heading pic for my quest to a pic I drew. 3nodding
6/25/04~Moved all posts down by two starting with the links in preparation for Monday.
6/28/04~Chibi Chi limited released! Customs section created!.... I got my ANGELIC SCARF late tonight for 56k! Hurrah! I will now be questing for something new! Go check out my quest post! I updated a bunch of other posts as well, so go look around!
7/5/04~Sorry, but the July 4th and Canada day limiteds may be released either Wednesday, or even later. ^^;; Not sure yet, so stay tuned!
7/7/04~July 4th and Canada Day limiteds released!
7/20/04~Cut down the amount of July 4th and Canada Day limiteds from 25 to 20! Hopefully I can sell them faster this way. sweatdrop
7/21/04~Started a Durr... Pets! coloring and art contest! I hope people participate!
I started an art contest!! YOU CAN NO LONGER ENTER! You can vote for your favorite later on, as I'll be receiving all entrees on AUGUST 11th!!Go vote at my two contest threads!
Art Contest Voting
Coloring Contest Voting
9/8/04~The voting is done! Check the resultshere! ^^
9/18/04~The Contest Limiteds are available to buy! Read on how to purchase, and use the order form! Make sure to start the trade!
9/25/04~Most of Pixel Sage's and Alatariel's are sold out. Tekkoa's ones are all still up for grabs! Remember, once gone, they'll never come back! Take this oppurtunity to get them while you can!!!
10/13/04~Halloween limiteds available! My only advice, READ CAREFULLY! wink
11/5/04~Bandwidth exceeded! crying No orders for a bit. I think it should be back on the 10th. ^_^;;
11/10/04~Photobucket working again! Accepting orders. Effective today, I will be moving my images around every month to clear out direct linkers.

11/13/04~Free gift for 400 pages! Chocolate shake Bunny! Colored by Pixel Sage, line art by me. whee

arrow 1st Post: Intro, TakiNeko's online status, Staff, Notices, Updates, Index
arrow 2nd Post: Laruku05's online status, Happy Customers, HER bought pets (not for sale)
arrow 3rd Post: Mayumi-chan's online status
arrow 4th Post: Rules, How to Order, Imagehosting/Sig Info.
arrow 5th Post: Unlimiteds, Extras/Add-ons
arrow 6th Post: Limiteds (Durr... Pets! and Anime)
arrow 7th Post: Customs, Past Customs, Customs FAQ
arrow 8th Post: Links/Affiliates
arrow 9th Post: Donators, Bumpers, Black List, Grey List
arrow 10th Post: Quest, my owned pets and avatar art
When TakiNeko is Offline I will be filling out orders, please send all trades to me! If I an also Offline...send trades to TakiNeko!

heart HAPPY Past Customers!!! heart
1. Perri Indiya
2. Shiro-neko
3. Ayane O.
4. Shadow Puppet
5. Mai-chii
6. Wafflechan
7. LilTamaAngel
8. [Cheshire Cat]
9. NightFoxx
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12. Pinque Von Fluffendorken
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18. Shaolin Pearl
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25. Twitchami
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30. Jezzibel
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32. Maylinder
33. Daffy D~
34. ChaosRockett
35. Kaimiki
36. Shad-chan
37. TigerBitten
38. Chibi_Lothlen
39. clockworklunacy
40. PaperDragon.
41. linlinchan
42. Xscarlet_tearsX
43. Talia
44. ArikuSnowDrop
45. Trtysec2mars
46. Chibi Puddin
47. Akai_Sora
48. Cryptique
49. Yoshiko64
50. Daniel 198
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52. Three Tailed Fox
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55. meelu91
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57. The Grim Mipyr
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62. Kurushimeru
63. Alena Simone
64. Doctor Dave
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71. Uzu
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74. ~Arwen~
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76. SnowFliz
77. The Fairy of Death
78. Blue-Kitty
79. Huang Tian Ming
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85. Azn Chix0r
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96. Lou-chan
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113. Nikolas D Wolfwood
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120. Ar-Feriniel
121. Richelleu Trinity
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129. Christian Vash Kiminoke
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131. Alatariel Anwaruaya
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278. Ro'hesia
279. Hisari

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Pending Customers

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sad - waiting for TakiNeko
eek / xp - needs to start trade

MY toy box...NO Stealing

I am NOTselling this things!!!
Process of making a toybox image
Hello~! I shall also be taking orders when Takineko-chan and Laruku-chan are not available, as well as assisting Takineko-chan with the creation of new pets and graphics. よろしくね~!
mayumi-chan's status
<center>User Image</center>
Read all rules and directions on how to order before posting here!
1.) No pms. If you wish to order, post here, and make sure to read the "How to Order" section below the "Rules". This goes also for sending your trade with the order in the title and not posting at all. It makes it difficult for me, and you will be grey listed if you do this.

2.) No spamming. I despise those posts abundant with bumps (ie. "bumpbumpbumpbump... times 1,000,000).

3.) No flaming. If you have a problem with me or with a guest in my shop, then that's fine, but don't flame. Be courteous and polite to those here.

4.) Be patient. Understand that I and my staff members have other things to do in life besides watch this shop. We will try to get to all orders as soon as we can. So don't whine. Also, understand that we are human too and make mistakes. I may be lenient on some cases if you explain nicely to me why you didn't follow my rules...

5.) No advertising. Unless I am affiliates with you. wink

6.) Absolutely no stealing art/pets!!! If you see someone that is claiming to have drawn my art, then please let me know!! Thank you!

7.) No direct linking. Please save images to your own server after you receive them. I won't host your images, so don't let me catch you doing it!(Check out post 4)

8.) No altering or redistributing these pets! Making them animated will be okay as long as it's not obscene. If you do make an animation with my art and I gave the okay, pm me the animation. If you're unsure about this, pm me and I will discuss it with you. I will add words/names to your pet as a custom, but only if I'm in a customs mood. Also, DO NOT erase my name "TakiNeko" from my art.

If this is your first time offense on a rule that I happen to be very strict on, then you will go on the grey list first. If on the grey list, it only serves as a warning to you and you will still receive your order. However, one more offense, and you will be black listed for life! scream In general, don't be a jerk. Read before posting anything stupid. xp Thank you!

<center>User Image

Follow these simple steps to getting your very own Durr... Pet! I'm pretty lenient with the unlimiteds order form, but I'd prefer if you used it so that I know what you want. You can order unlimiteds at any time, but if none of us are online, then you'll have to wait for your order. </center>

Post your order in this thread, following this easy format (Just ctrl-c). Remember, NO PM-ED ORDERS:
Step 1:
Order form

Animal type:
How many of this type?:
Total Price:

If you want more pets but in different breeds and colors, just use the form again. If you want to give a pet to your friend as a gift, state the sn of the friend you're giving it to. Also, no sharing pet images. If you want to use a pet and your friend wants the same one, you'll have to buy two of the same pet.

Step 2. If one of us (TakiNeko, Laruku05, Mayumi-chan) is online and accepting trades, start trade with that person for the unlimited pet after you fill out the form in step 1. If none of us are online, thenbegin trade with me immediately, TakiNeko and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Again, NO PM-ED ORDERS!

Step 3. Just wait for the staff member that you traded with to confirm the trade. Then, once the trade is accepted, we will send you your pet through pm! A big reminder! After you receive your pet, confirm the trade so that the gold is sent! I will pm you after awhile if you do not confirm the last part of the trade! Also, make sure to save your pet to your own server after you receive it!! Remember to check our status to see who is online atm!

Image hosting and how to put images in sigs!
Alright people, I have gotten enough pms asking how to find a place that will host images and how to put images in sigs, and decided to put this info up here.
Information on how to do sigs (Not to mention a bunch of other helpful things) can be found by following this path: "Gaia Online Forum Index">"Gaia Online">"Questions & Feedback">"Sticky: Info!".

Click here for a direct link to this sticky!
There's also a link at the very bottom of my links list. I will post it here too:
<center>User Image</center>

For image hosting, I use www.photobucket.com, and because of the terms of service for this site (Photobucket.com reserves the right to disable direct linking on user accounts that are using excessive bandwidth or otherwise abusing the system.) I don't want any direct linking going on!
There are other sites on the internet that do image hosting, and all you have to do is search for them.
Now please, no more questions on these subjects as I will only direct you to read this post. ^_^;; Thank you.
<center>User Image</center>

Unlimited pets! Kittys, Foxys and Bunnys are available currently. Check updates for new pets in the future! If you steal any of these pets, I will hunt you down! Better believe it! scream stressed

<center>Durr... Kittys!
User Image
Colors Available (in order of appearance):
Top Row: Black, Blue, Orange, Purple.
Bottom Row: Red, White, Green, Yellow.
Price: 70g/each, 500g/set

Durr... Foxys!
User Image
Colors Available (in order of appearance):
Top Row: Black, Blue, Orange, Purple.
Bottom Row: Red, White, Green, Yellow.
Price: 70g/each, 500g/set

Durr... Bunnys!
User Image
Colors Available (in order of appearance):
Top Row: Black, Blue, Orange, Purple.
Bottom Row: Red, White, Green, Yellow.
Price: 70g/each, 500g/set

Durr... Extra Breeds!
The following are breeds that I happened to make.
User Image
Top row of kittys: Black tuxedo, Orange tuxedo, Siamese, Orange tabby, Yellow tabby.
Bottom row of 2 bunnys: White and black-tipped, Black with white patch.
Bottom row of 2 foxys: Black pawed Orange, Black pawed Red.
Price: 75g/each, 600g/set
Extra Breeds cat set(5): 350g
Extra Breeds bunny set(2): 125g
Extra Breeds foxy set(2): 125g

Repeating: if you steal any of these, I will find out!! domokun

User Image
Round Plushies~A little plush toy for your Durr... Pet! Or maybe, for you too! They have no feet, and instead just sit there like little beanbags.

Durr... Kittys! Round Plush!
User Image
Colors Available (in order of appearance):
Top Row: Black, Blue, Orange, Purple.
Bottom Row: Red, White, Green, Yellow.
Price: 50g/each, 350g/set

Durr... Foxys! Round Plush!
User Image
Colors Available (in order of appearance):
Top Row: Black, Blue, Orange, Purple.
Bottom Row: Red, White, Green, Yellow.
Price: 50g/each, 350g/set

Durr... Bunnys! Round Plush!
User Image
Colors Available (in order of appearance):
Top Row: Black, Blue, Orange, Purple.
Bottom Row: Red, White, Green, Yellow.
Price: 50g/each, 350g/set

Durr... ExtraBreeds! Round Plush!
User Image
Top row of kittys: Black tuxedo, Orange tuxedo, Siamese, Orange tabby, Yellow tabby.
Bottom row of 2 bunnys: White and black-tipped, Black with white patch.
Bottom row of 2 foxys: Black pawed Orange, Black pawed Red.
Price: 55g/each, 450g/set
Extra Breeds cat set(5): 250g
Extra Breeds bunny set(2): 85g
Extra Breeds foxy set(2): 85g

Repeating: if you steal any of these, I will find out!! domokun
<center>User Image</center>
Ah, the limiteds get their own little area! Hurrah! There are two types of limiteds: Durr... Pets! related limiteds, and Anime limiteds. I will always announce an upcoming limited at least a few days before I release them in the "notices" in the first post, and in the title of the shop. Please don't start trades for limiteds that are no longer available. Thank you.


<center> 400 page free gift! </center>
Line art by me, coloring by Pixel Sage. He had given me this chocolate shake bunny as a gift to use as a pleased, may it be keeping for myself, or for selling. So I asked him if I could share it with all of you as the 400 page free gift! I never had a gift for any of the other pages sadly, but here is the 400 page gift, lol! I only ask that you save it to your own server! I will move this free gift around my account to stop the direct linking, so I'm warning you now. ninja No selling of this image will be allowed. This piccy is for you. You can give it to friends that aren't online at the time, but you MUST tell them not to sell it as well. They must abide by the rules as you do if you save this image. smile
<center>User Image</center>
Also, I'll be taking down this image eventually, so get the free gift while you can. smile I'm thinking I'll leave it up for maybe 2 weeks or so.


Since the Halloween limited event is over, I can reveal the little secret (for those of you who missed it).

In tiny print after the instructions on how to go about ordering a Halloween Durr... Pets! limited, I wrote: "Say trick or treat in order for some special Halloween freebies!" For those of you who said trick or treat, then you got 3 pumpkin Durr... Pets! round Plushies as a gift for reading carefully. ^_^

I put tiny asterisks next to the names of those who said it on the list on the front page. There were two that said it that didn't order Halloween limiteds but did order normal Durr... Pets! I never said that you needed to order the Halloween limiteds in order to get the freebies. I only required that you order something. Hence: "in order".

This was just a fun little thing I had thought up, and I hope to do little things like this in the future. smile

I'll try to remember to post the special pets later with sample over it. ^^


<center>Durr... Pets! Limiteds

Coloring/Art Contest Limiteds~ ONLY TEKKOA'S IS LEFT! Wow! Look at that art! My first contest held, and possibly my last because I ended up becoming so busy with other things that this contest took a long time to finish. ^^;; Finally, I'm presenting the winning entrees! </center>

There are 3 animals (kitty, bunny, foxy), and I will sell them all individually. I will specifically sell 30 total, 10 of each animal (10 kitty, 10 bunny, 10 foxy. In Alatariel and Tekkoa's case, it's 8 of each.). This time around, customers cannot buy for friends. Sorry. ^^;;

You can only buy one animal per contestant's entree (ie. The most you could get for these limiteds is All three of Pixel Sage's entrees, all three of Alatariel Anwarunya's entrees and all three of Tekkoa's entrees). Each one will come with it's own number (since it got confusing without them last time). 75% of the profits from a contestant's entree will go to the contestant, and 25% will go to me. Since that's easy enough to calculate, I will be giving the gold to the contestants ahead of time so that they don't have to wait for all of the art to sell.

Here is the winning entree for the coloring contest, colored by Pixel Sage!
The winner of the art contest was Talisa Ahn, and I will be auctioning her entree at some point yet to be decided.

<center>Durr... Pixel Sage! SOLD OUT!
User Image
Minty Kitty, Fire Foxy, Yin Yang Bunny
Price: 100g/each

Also, I'm selling my two favorite entrees, one from the coloring contest (Alatariel Anwarunya) and one from the art contest (Tekkoa). smile EDIT: Oh whoops! I was supposed to only sell 8 each for my favorites! I have fixed this! Now you must get them as fast as you can.. um.. even more so!

Durr... Alatariel Anwarunya! SOLD OUT!
User Image
Baby Angel Kitty, Baby Angel Foxy, Baby Angel Bunny
Price: 100g/each

Durr... Tekkoa!
User Image
Pixel Heart Foxy, Pixel Heart Kitty, Pixel Heart Bunny
Price: 100g/each</center>

Just copy and paste the appropriate order form (adding the information as required), and post it. Then start the trade for the correct amount. Please save it once you receive it. I will be deleting them from my photobucket account once they are all sold. IF YOU DO NOT FOLLOW THIS ORDER FORM, I MAY IGNORE YOU UNTIL YOU DO, IN WHICH CASE, YOU MAY MISS OUT ON THE LIMITED!

[color=blue]Pixel Sage's Entree(s)[/color]
Kitty, Foxy, Bunny, All?:

[color=red]Alatariel's Entree(s)[/color]
Kitty, Foxy, Bunny, All?:

[color=green]Pixel Sage's Entree(s)[/color]
Kitty, Foxy, Bunny, All?:
Grand total:

Pixel Sage Kitty Slots (SOLD OUT!!):
2.nocturnal miyu
5.Star Sorceress
8.Fallen Angel Lucifer

Pixel Sage Foxy Slots (SOLD OUT!!):
3.nocturnal miyu
6.Star Sorceress
8.Fallen Angel Lucifer

Pixel Sage Bunny Slots (SOLD OUT!!) :
3.nocturnal miyu
7.Star Sorceress

Alatariel Anwarunya Kitty Slots (SOLD OUT!!):
1.nocturnal miyu
2.Star Sorceress

Alatariel Anwarunya Foxy Slots (SOLD OUT!!):
1.nocturnal miyu
2.Star Sorceress
6.Alexander Skye

Alatariel Anwarunya Bunny Slots (SOLD OUT!!):
1.Alatariel Inglorion
2.nocturnal miyu
3.Star Sorceress

Tekkoa Kitty Slots:

Tekkoa Foxy Slots:

Tekkoa Bunny Slots:

<center>PAST Durr... Pets! Limiteds
Graduation Limiteds~ NO LONGER AVAILABLE! I didn't make their tassels in the graduated position! ^^;; And who knows how a Durr... Pet was able to graduate. ;P Oh well! Go graduates! </center>

Only 10 will be available for each animal (10 kittys, 10 foxys, 10 bunnys). You can only buy 1 grad limited per animal (1 foxy, 1 kitty and 1 bunny is the maximum that a customer can order for these limiteds). This restriction is to prevent one customer from having all the grad limiteds. Each grad limited will come with it's own number (1/10, etc). Your choice of animal color/breed and color of cap and gown.

<center>Durr... Grads!
User Image
Colors Available: Any breed that I already have available
Cap and Gown Colors: Any solid color you like for these guys! ^^
Price: 100g/each</center>

Grad Kitty Slots(SOLD OUT!!):
1.Chibi Puddin (Black: Red)
2.Friday_Dora (Siamese: Navy Blue)
3.riisken (White: Black)
4.sykora (White: Green)
5.watermelon (Yellow: Black)
6.Kouriko (Yellow tabby: Red)
7.Talisa_Ahn (Yellow: Red) Kouriko bought it for her.
8.Damien Alexandre (White: Green)
9.away (Black tux: Green)
10.timeerkat (White: Purple *like her hair^^*)

Grad Foxy Slots(SOLD OUT!!):
1.Ar-Feiniel (Orange: Dark blue)
2.Kaiki (Black: Red)
3.ZugWarrior (White: Black)
4.Chibi Puddin (Black: Red)
5.vladzaharia (Black: Blue)
6.riisken (Red: Dark blue)
7.Jesticals (Black: Dark green)
8.watermelon (Yellow: Black)
9.Drowe (White: Dark green)
10.aahmes (White: Black)

Grad Bunny Slots(SOLD OUT!!):
1.Friday_Dora (White black tip: Navy Blue)
2.Chibi Puddin (Black: Red)
3.riisken (Black: White)
4.watermelon (Yellow: Black)
5.Kouriko (Yellow: Red)
6.koaini (White: Black)
7.timeerkat (White black tip: purple *like her hair^^*)
8.~ A l a t a r i e l ~ (White: Blue)
9.PrincessErika (White:Black)
10.Fluffy sama (White:Green)

Durr... Pets! Limited Status
(Sorry they were released after the holidays! ^^;;

<center>4th of July Limiteds~NO LONGER AVAILABLE! Happy Independence Day! Durr... Pets! look up at the fireworks display with what expression? ... Why, a Durr... Pets! one of course! "Pretty lights!" *waves American flag*

Durr... 4th of July!
User Image
Price: 175g</center>

<center>Canada Day Limiteds~NO LONGER AVAILABLE! Happy Canada Day! "Canadian Durr... Pets?" Yes, ay! (I hope I didn't offend anyone! ^^; wink *waves Canadian Flag*

Durr... Canada Day!
User Image
Price: 175g</center>

I HAVE CHANGED THE AMOUNT OF LIMITEDS AVAILABLE FROM 25 TO 20 AS OF JULY 20TH!! *NOTE* Due to my own mistake, the July 4th slots have 21. Very sorry to have messed this up. I think from now on I had better always number my limiteds.

Only 20 will be available for each holiday limited. Only 1 holiday limited/person (ie. the most you can have is one 4th of July pic and one Canada Day pic), although you can still make an order for 1(one) other person (again, they can only have one of each pic as well).

4th of July Slots (SOLD OUT!!):
2.Alatariel Anwarunya
3.Antidia (Alatariel Anwarunya bought it for her)
4.Chibi Puddin
5.Shinku Yoake
7.Kiara Lime
9.Azn Chix0r
12.Alexander Skye
13.~ A l a t a r i e l ~
14.Player One
15.Night Phoenix
18.Shaolin Pearl
19.nocturnal miyu

Canada Day Slots (SOLD OUT!!):
1.Alatariel Anwarunya
2.Chibi Puddin
3.Shinku Yoake
4.Kiara Lime
9.Alexander Skye
10.Duncan Mirayama
11.Maeko-Hana bought for Sarpedon
12.nocturnal miyu
14.Elka Zitare
16.Leo Incendie
19.CareBear Of Hatred

Halloween Limiteds~NO LONGER AVAILABLE! Durr... Happy Halloween! *munches on candy*
There are 2 versions of each animal this time (I managed to get them done!), and this time, things are more lenient! The Halloween limiteds are available until the end of October, and not limited by amount. You can buy as many as you like, and you can buy for friends so long as you aren't breaking any of my normal rules (Go read them if you haven't). Use the form if possible. It's much easier to copy and paste and fill in the blanks in my opinion. Delete what you need to depending on your order. Say trick or treat in order for some special Halloween freebies!

<center>Durr... Halloween!
User Image
From left to right, top to bottom:
Foxy Demon, Foxy Mummy
Bunny Shadow, Bunny Witch
Kitty Cobweb, Kitty Vampire
Price: 150g/each

Halloween limiteds owners list:
a. keyofdarkness
b. KyonKyonSama

1. Alatariel Anwarunya (allx2, bought for Antidia) *
2. Antidia
3. Pi-Sama (Demon, Witch, Cobweb)
4. Slicey (all) *
5. Foalen (Mummy, Witch, Cobweb, Vampire)
6. Jinxeh (Demon, Mummy, Cobweb)
7. kalanis (Demon)
8. VampireKitten182 (Vampire)
9.black_kittie (Shadow)
10. Shadow Myst (all)
11. Secksy Panda (all) *
12. CrystalRose84 (Vampire, Demon)
13. jemynis (Mummy, Shadow, Cobweb, Vampire) *
14. Kitt Koneko (Demon, Shadow, Cobweb)
15. dark_angel_007 (Demon, Mummy, Shadow, Vampire)
16. Natsuki_chan (Demon)
17. GryphonWolf (Demon, Shadow, Vampire)
18. so_sureal (Vampire)
19. Lady Sierra (Demon, Mummy, Cobweb, Vampire) *
20. Amon Larethian (all)
21. mudturtledove (Demon, Witch, Cobweb)
22. Kaiyumi (Mummy, Cobweb, Vampire)
23. Chibbit-chan (Cobweb, Mummy for Jess-chan)
24. Thralwen (Cobweb)
25. Iris_Virus (Witch) *
26. Terry Waterflower (all)
27. Pixel Sage (Mummy, Witch, Vampire)
28. Reeshie Hack (Mummy, Witch, Vampire)
29. xx_Bullseye_xx (all)
30. DreamzEnd (Cobweb, Vampire)
31. Tasah (Demon, Witch, Vampire)
32. elleth celebren (Mummy, Cobweb, Vampire)
33. Kotarou-chan (Mummy, Demon)
34. Lutearina (Witch, Demon, Mummy)
35. IAmTheDarkChylde (all) *
36. Fighting Spirit (Demon, Witch)
37. Mizu-Neko (Vampire)
38. Amaidel (set) *
39. kittyandacat (set)
40. T-baa (Vampire) *
41. tigerT311 (Vampire) *
42. Alexander Skye (Demon, Mummy)
43. Broken Black Shackles (Demon, Cobweb, Vampire)
44. pepperann18027 (Shadow)
45. 041NIgHtMaRE (Cobweb) *
46. Griffyn Ryvius^ (Demon, Vampire)
47. Einrick (Mummy) *
48. Blue-Kitty (Cobweb, Vampire)
49. silver_mustang007 (set)
50. Batness (Cobweb for metalmaid)
51. Tellah Amna (Witch)
52. LadyDelaidra (Mummy, Witch, Cobweb)
53. Alatariel Inglorion (Witch)
54. Murderous (Mummy, Shadow, Cobweb) *
55. fluffycotton (Witch, Cobweb, Vampire) *
56. Akitsuki (set) (Sirius-sama paid for)
57. Karasunaki (Mummy, Vampire)
58. sarahoh105 (Shadow, Witch)
59. Cho182 (Demon, Mummy)
60. Pi-sama (set, bought all for Kurest, Marycury, and Antu) *
61. Kurest (the foxys)
62. Marycury (the bunnys)
63. Antu (the kittys)
64. pinkdog (Witch)
65. vio.child (Cobweb)
66. Naybe (Demon, Cobweb for Raveman1) *
67. Raveman1
68. Skorpeyon (set)
69. AuntFeylin (Vampire)
70. Elda_the_Light (Demon)
71. Huroggmeten (set) *
72. BladeMaidenAsuka (Mummy, Vampire)
73. dark-kyou (Demon)
74. Winter Gurl (set)
75. Ryeanna (Demon, Mummy, Shadow, Cobweb)
76. angelic elf (Vampire)
77. Friday_Dora (set)
78. Vampire_Queen (Cobweb, Vampire)
79. shienna89 (Mummy, Witch, Cobweb, Vampire)
80. starfire94 (Vampire)
81. marxtar (Mummy) *
82. Koehven (Witch, Mummy, Vampire, Cobweb)
83. Mia Sharra (set)
84. Shad-chan (Demon, Shadow, Witch) *
85. ChibiKyubi (Mummy)
86. Sao Kasai (Shadow)
87. J-CrUsheR (Cobweb, Vampire)
88. Sinseon (Mummy, Shadow, Vampire)
89. FaithKresha (Mummy)
90. SeldoonYbHtaed (Demon) *
91. orple (Mummy, Shadow, Vampire)
92. Takarai Hideto (Mummy, Vampire)
93. Kitysa (Cobweb)
94. Kat Flower (Witch)
95. Caelrona (set) *
96. -[~Itachi~]- (Demon, Mummy, Witch, Vampire)
97. DeathOfSoul (Demon, Shadow)
98. Vampiric Aeris (Demon, Vampire) *
99. Silvey (Cobweb, Vampire)
100. Leamony (Demon, Witch, Cobweb, Vampire) *
101. Dragon Girl (Demon, Mummy, Cobweb, Vampire)
102. [Mookie] (Mummy, Cobweb)
103. Saga (Mummy)
104. Lady Beldaran Lygress (set)
105. Lothrig (Mummy, Vampire)
106. miss_syaoran (Mummy)
107. Nanio Kitsune (Vampire)
108. Taito (Demon, Shadow) *
109. 666taintedskater (Demon)
110. Katt_Sham (Mummy, Cobweb)


<center>Anime Limiteds</center>
Anime Limited Status
No new Anime Limiteds Available! Sorry!

<center>PAST Anime Limiteds
Chibi Chi Limited~ NO LONGER AVAILABLE! Chi is here to celebrate the opening of the anime section, and the 200 pages reached for this shop! She has cute little angel wings, and a heart on the skirt of her dress. </center>

Only 25 will be available! Only 1 limited/person, although you can still make an order for 1(one) other person! This restriction is to prevent one customer from having all the limiteds. Each Chi limited will come with it's own number (1/25, etc), placed in the white blank next to her face. There will be no customizing Chi, so please don't ask. However, you can ask for the sig friendly version of Chi if you want it for an extra 10g! The smaller one will be exactly like the larger one with it's own number but smaller resolution.

<center>Chibi Chi!
User Image
Price: 200g/each
10g extra for Sig friendly version

Chibi Chi Slots(SOLD OUT!!):
1.Chibi Puddin (plus sig)
3.Hime Lichia (plus sig)
4.Sariia (plus sig)
5.Reyla (plus sig)
6.PlushieFox (plus sig)
7.Cho182 (plus sig)
8.lil_devil_youko (plus sig)
11.Sketchy_Chik (plus sig)
12.cute_violet bought for -f e l i c i a- (plus sig)
15.cute_violet (plus sig)
16.Kiara Lime (plus sig)
17.Kiara Lime bought for Alexina (plus sig)
18.Silversong_KSheyna bought for Rorichan-two (plus sig)
19.Alatariel Anwarunya
21.PrincessErika bought for PrincessMichelle
22.Azn Chix0r
23.PlushieFox bought for Bunny Faerii (plus sig)
<center>User Image</center>
Gah... this is just so.. gah... I'm getting all flustered trying to figure out how I'm handling customs, so bear with me. I’m doing customs but we‘ll be playing by my Rules. Read all of the rules and all of the information in this section before ordering! This time, I'm dead serious. scream

[size=18]When You Can Order A Custom!!

You may order a custom when:
1.) I feel like doing some custom orders (check my mood!)
2.) There are slots open for a custom (Check for available slots!)

[size=18]TakiNeko's Mood!
I don't want to draw right now. Too busy.

I will always put up my mood in this post, and if you’re lucky enough to catch me online AND in a drawing mood, you can post your order in the thread following the correct customs procedure. Don’t pm me the order unless I direct you to give me more details on what you want me to do.
If you do get a slot, then you must be patient with me! I am a perfectionist most of the time, and thus drawing takes awhile (I can keep redrawing a single line if I don't like it). Also, like always, real life does take up my Gaia time, hehe.

Here are the prices on what I'll do. If something isn't up there, post in this thread what you had wanted, and I'll pm you if I will be willing to do it or not. You can post your questions at any time. I will eventually get back to them. Now, to the prices:

[size=18]Custom Pricing (These are all estimates, and only for existing pet species. Also, prices and pricing system may be changed, but with advance warning)

Default pose=Unlimited pet pose
Slashes (/)=per (ex. 25g/pet, is read 25 gold per pet)
Dashes (-)=to (ex. 20g - 25g, is read 20 gold to 25 gold)
Plus (+)=plus, or more (ex. 50g+, is read 50g plus or 50g or more)

For any custom order:
exclaim Your name next to pet (font is "foxjump". I use it all over this shop): 25g/pet
exclaim Any Gaia clothing/accessories: 75g-200g per item
exclaim Non-gaia clothing/accessories (reference required): 75g-200g per item
exclaim Existing main color of pet's fur: 10g
exclaim Changing main color of pet's fur to another solid color: 20-25g
exclaim Designs or markings on pet's fur (reference pic is required): 50g+?
Poses (New pose group prices depend on difficulty of interaction)
exclaim Default pose (singles, 1 pet): (No charge)
exclaim Default pose (groups, 2 or more pets): Price of one pet plus 70g-75g/additional pet
exclaim New pose (singles, 1 pet): 150g+
exclaim New pose (groups, 2 or more pets): Price of one pet plus 150g+/additional pet
Size of image:
exclaim There isn't a cost for the size of the image, unless you want it to be large. Otherwise, the size will generally be around the size of the unlimited Durr... Pets! If you want certain dimensions, then let me know. Larger drawings will cost more though, and I'll let you know when you order.

If you have a question, you can post it in this shop, or if you want an estimate, I can give you one. Also, as more people request things, I'll have samples available. ^_^
*Note* If you make an offer that is much larger than what the estimate would most likely be, then I'll probably just accept that offer rather than giving you an estimate. However, I will try to add in little extra stuff if you do offer more, although not too much.

How to order a customs!
So, you checked everything: I'm online, in a drawing mood, and I have a slot open. Now what do you do? Read on!

There's no set format. Just be really specific and clear on what you want, or I may draw what I think you want, or I may not draw it at all (if it's really unspecific), and move on to the next person. I'll try my best, but I can only do so much. However, I ask that you provide a reference pic of what you want. A url to the pic or referring to the avatar you're wearing is fine. No pics? Just describe what you want really really clearly and well, and I'll try my best.

There will be two waiting lists, and two "Reasonable Doubt" Waiting lists. The "Reasonable Doubt" Waiting lists will only be displayed when there is a need for one.

The "Easy" list is for single pet orders.
Easy Customs Waiting List!

No spots available.

The "Difficult" list is for more than one pet in an order, or different poses.
Difficult Customs Waiting list!

1.) The Angelina Jolie (I must check with her what she wants. Multiple kittys and a doggy.)
2.) Photoshop guy's templates (I'm putting this one down just so people understand that I'm busy with this as well, even though it's a commission for real money and not Gaia gold.)

Past Customs(links to images will be added later):
1.) xXx_Violent_J_xXx (Name on black fox&plush, and black tux kitty&plush)
2.) Kahto (Name "Kyo" on orange kitty image)
3.) Legendary Knight (Offered 1k. NM minis, NMscarf and name "Lunatik" on white, black tipped bunny) (Another of the same thing but with "LK" on it.)
4.) Kiara Lime (Offered 5k. Posed pic of kitty "Heart". Ended up giving her a collage of her kitty, and a more realistic pic)
5.) PlayerOne (Doing pet trade. Black Foxy nuzzling with Red Foxy. Another pic of a Purple Foxy with brown paws looking blankly at a flower. )

Customs FAQ
Q: I read it all and followed everything correctly, but I posted only one after another person's custom order! Does that mean I don't get my custom? crying sweatdrop
A: Don't panic! I understand that it's hard to get everything organized, and post what you want, so that is what the "Reasonable Doubt Waiting List" is for! I'll put you on it, if I feel that you were unlucky enough to be one post off from ordering a custom.

Q: I don't want to read more rules. I want (blah blah... ignorant... blah)
A: stare I'm lenient about the unlimited pets procedure, but not with Customs. You read and follow the rules or I will not accept your custom order.

Q: Will you make me another species?
A: *EDITED*Alright... I'm thinking about whether I should accept other species that haven't been made yet or stick to my original plan. I may just charge extra since I have to make a new animal. Much contemplating to do, so check on this later.

Q: What if you later make a limited that is exactly like a custom order I made before the limited came out, and the limited is cheaper? That's not very fair.
A: No, it wouldn't be fair. I've pondered where to draw the lines between customs and limiteds, and then limiteds and unlimiteds, and this is what I have decided: I will never release a limited that is exactly the same as a custom, and vice-versa. The same goes for unlimiteds and limiteds.

Q: How do I know if you're going to make a limited that may be similar to my customs order?
A: You wouldn't know. That's the gamble you take. You can wait and see if I make a limited of something similiar to what you wanted, or you can make a customs order of what you want right now for possibly more or less. Though I will let you all know that for limiteds, many of them will be holiday oriented. For different species, I will put at least one color of the animal up in the "unlimiteds" section. To alter it would be a customs request.
<center> User Image
Link to Durr... Pets!

User Image
More banners to come! ^_^

heart 3nodding Sister Shops! 3nodding heart
User ImageUser Image

Affiliates! heart </center>

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User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.</center>
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
User ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User ImageUser Image
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User ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image User ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

<img src=http://img25.photobucket.com/albums/v75/hot_popsicle/star_shop_banner.gif>
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User ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image

User Image
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User Image<img src=http://img46.photobucket.com/albums/v142/green_jewel/link.jpg>
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image
User Image
User ImageUser Image
User Image
User Image

**Shaolin Pearl's Custom Avatar Workshop
Wedding avatar edits
Free Advertising!

Here's some nifty places to go to! I'll add more as I get more time.
User Image
User Image
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User ImageUser Image

<center>Non shop links</center>
User Image
User Image Tell Sunrise TakiNeko sent you to buy a ticket!
User ImageUser Image
The Finger-Painting Ferret Boutique
<center>User Image
All donations help out this shop (in the sense that I'll be happy and make more pets!) and my angelic and nitemare scarf quest (see "Quest" post)! Donations also help out my two wonderful friends and co-workers, Laruku05 and Mayumi-chan! They haven't posted any quests yet, but later perhaps they will! ^_^

Wonderful donators and tippers list (People in dark blue didn't buy a pet, and only donated):
˜Mai-chii~500g blaugh Added 500g eek
˜Wafflechan~50g smile
˜enyo-shalom~100g biggrin
˜green_doggie_2005~70g smile
˜Xxdark~cherryxX~30g smile
˜Twitchami~75g smile Added 105g! biggrin
˜Bleepa~250g biggrin
˜cornelia129~30g smile
˜~Daffy D~~75g smile Added 5g smile x2
˜Kamiki~375g biggrin Added 400g! biggrin x2
˜Chibi Lothlen~200g biggrin
˜Maylinder~186g biggrin
˜clockworklunacy~100g biggrin
˜.Paper Dragon.~50g smile
˜Ganty~200g biggrin
˜Trntysec2mars~50g smile
˜Chibi Puddin~ 110g.. Added 700g!..Added 280g grad gift!.. Added 450g!.. Added 500g!.. Added 1000g!.. Added 140g!.. Added 350g heart eek domokun (Donated over 3000g!)
˜Cryptique~20g smile
˜Three Tailed Fox~75g smile
˜Kouriko~100g biggrin Added 300g biggrin x2 Added 50g! biggrin x3
˜Sketchy_Chik~800g blaugh Added 150g! biggrin Added 25g! biggrin x2
˜Tsuyoshi_Foxx~150g biggrin
˜Destiny Marie~120g biggrin
˜Sailor Catz~500g blaugh
˜Snow covers all~500g blaugh
˜MiyuW~1400g eek
˜Sayuri Hotaru~80g smile
˜DragonHeart21356~10g smile
˜Kloy75~70g smile
˜Azn Chix0r~100g biggrin
˜Talisa_Ahn~150g biggrin
˜Thugette2~100g biggrin
˜Apathetic Rain~900g blaugh
˜SnowFliz~100g biggrin
˜p00k13~Um.. not sure since Laruku accepted trade
˜0.o...o.0~250g biggrin
˜Mousekinn~50g smile
˜Chesea~226g biggrin
˜Li-Ann~100g biggrin
˜dimangoddude~9g smile
˜KyuKitsune~445g biggrin
˜Kai lani~100g biggrin
˜Sukai Kagami~ 45g smile
˜Andy1989~10g smile
˜Sammirah~110g biggrin
˜Alatariel Anwarunya~ 120g biggrin Added 75g! biggrin x2 Added 200g! biggrin x3
˜~Arwen~~50g smile
˜LaRingGreisCa~475g biggrin
˜Jeria Neko-chan~10g smile
˜Vixen Combatant~30g smile
˜Morrany~115g biggrin
˜Alizatina~250g biggrin
˜Sailor moon girl~20g smile
˜Friday_Dora~400g biggrin
˜Drowe~50g smile Added 50g! biggrin Added 500g and gorrila pjs! eek Added 140g! eek
˜riisken~800g blaugh
˜aahmes~110g biggrin
˜~ A l a t a r i e l ~(changed name to Alatariel Inglorion)~220g biggrin Added 25g! biggrin x2 Added 21g! biggrin x3
˜away~300g biggrin
˜Calico_kitties~50g smile
˜Fluffy sama~200g biggrin
˜TronBonne1718~30g smile
˜Gun Sniper~30g smile
˜CherryBlossomManga~50g smile
˜Fuyu Kitsune~600g blaugh
˜Minie Mae~325g biggrin
˜CatboyIggy~225g biggrin
˜Blade Leo~200g biggrin
˜seashore_38~10g smile
˜Quecumber~55g smile
˜tamaspet~1925g eek
˜~Nesso~Hybrid~50g smile
˜Basila~10g smile
˜Sand_Emerald~100g biggrin
˜Sillei~5g smile
˜ReganWolf~50g smile
˜Amras Numenesse~500g blaugh
˜Hime Lichia~30g smile
˜Emi~400g biggrin
˜Reyla~40g smile
˜Spirit_Vampiress~41g smile
˜Demon Gal~95g smile
˜Grimle~30g smile
˜Mekuru~60g smile
˜cbc19~30g smile
˜KamiNeko~5g smile
˜Kiara Lime~800g blaugh May donation letter! eek
˜Miako~1000g eek
˜Kahto~200g biggrin
˜Asagi-Chan~25g smile
˜Reitheneko~50g smile
˜NightPhoenix~300g biggrin
˜Camui~200g biggrin
˜Kieara~80g smile
˜Kristalll~50g smile
˜Xx_AzureBlue_xX~50g smile Added 100g! biggrin
˜Vampire_Queen~400g biggrin
˜Alexander Skye~500g blaugh Added 250g! blaugh x2
˜dark_angel_007~30g smile
˜chaoticdivinity~55g smile
˜Lexys~30g smile
˜Marrinna Tori~ 325g biggrin
˜sarahoh105~250g biggrin
˜goddess_ami~55g smile
˜nocturnal miyu ~110g biggrin
˜organ!c rapture~25g smile
˜Shadow Myst~5g smile
˜leatherman~10g smile
˜Escher~100g biggrin
˜OMGWTFLMAO~15g smile
˜darkness angel~5g smile
˜Chi_Chii~75g smile
˜Pixel Sage~296g biggrin Added 1000g!! eek
˜Duzzie_613~250g biggrin
˜Anna12~200g and grass skirt biggrin
˜LemurLemurLemur~25g smile
˜Amon Larethian~5g smile
˜Quinny-chan~15g smile
˜DarkPenguin2k~30g smile
˜maketradefair~3g smile Added 5g smile
˜orsonscottcardfan~150g biggrin
˜Miahra~50g smile
˜-Mouthful-Of-Poison-~50g smile
˜Sindarin~60g smile
˜Vander Kcailor~100g biggrin
˜Cole.3~5g smile
˜FaithKresha~15g smile
˜Annechan~30g smile
˜SeldoonYbHtaed~100g biggrin
˜surfer_girl_52~100g biggrin
˜Sykio~300g biggrin
˜Shotgun Angel~5g smile
˜Kyasuri~200g biggrin
˜Xaki~100g biggrin
˜XFlamexKnightX~400g biggrin
˜sadnereid~25g smile
˜DreamzEnd~400g biggrin
˜Electric_lemur~46g smile
˜silver_mustang007~100g biggrin Added 30g! biggrin x2
˜phoenixgirl~100g biggrin
˜Ruarc~5g smile
˜dark_chii_rose~30g smile
˜Sigyn~5g smile
˜Pi-sama~125g biggrin
˜WickedX~20g smile
˜Smashing~355g biggrin
˜Terry Waterflower~25 smile
˜Caelrona~85g smile Added 290g! biggrin
˜Dragonbreefly~105g biggrin
˜shienna89~265g biggrin
˜GryphonWolf~100g biggrin
˜Iris_Virus~150g biggrin
˜chasirecat~188g biggrin
˜starfire94~105g biggrin
˜Tamuril Luinwe~100g biggrin
˜Cheezieball~25g smile
˜[Silver Wolf]~15g smile
˜Lothrig~5g smile
˜666taintedskater~50g smile
˜Lunnie~User Image biggrin

Our bumpers list (these people be dedicated!):
mrgreen Mai-chii(bumped a lot in the beginning... came back!)
mrgreen Chibi Puddin (Bumps with very interesting stories and conversation! Much love to her!)
mrgreen Maylinder (Came in to randomly bump me, but nonetheless, a great help!)
mrgreen Mau Rin (Our murring bumper! ^_^ )
mrgreen Sketchy_Chik (Comes in even when grounded to bump!)
mrgreen ~ A l a t a r i e l ~ (Name changed to Alatariel Inglorion) (Friendly bumper that helps out a bunch!)
mrgreen Shinku Yoake~ (The guard fox! Give her a sandwich, she's so good!)
mrgreen DreamzEnd (Simple and sweet. ^_^ Bump!)
mrgreen Beckette (on her way to a Durr... Bump!)
mrgreen ll sL33pEh ll (on her way to a Durr... Bump!)
mrgreen ayuryia (Such help to me, especially since I only have time to fill orders nowadays!)
mrgreen silver_mustang007 (Tireless bumping! Rawr! ^^)
mrgreen chasirecat (Showed such effort in trying to help me catch direct linkers, and bumped lots! smile )

Here is the special gift for donators!
User Image
Since this took awhile to make, I don't want to give it to just any donator. 1g donations do not really count in my book, though every bit helps! Thus, donations of 100g or more will receive this special gift! Mayumi will most likely create a mini donation gift for donations less than 100g. Those will be distributed when she makes them, although I'm considering just forgetting about distributing a smaler gift since there are so many that have donated, and I'm sure many have forgotten about it anyway.... Maybe I'll make Mayumi-chan pm people the gift so I don't have to do the work, lol whee

The special gift for bumpers!
User Image
This will be a special bump for my loyal bumpers. The most loyal of all is Chibi Puddin! Hurray!
User Image
evil cbc19~ Multiple rules broken (pm-ed order, didn't post order, and only started trade with order in heading, didn't fill out the limited order form even after being asked to fill it out properly, wasn't patient, yelled and was over all a thorn in my side about things.)....
This is the last part of the conversation through pm I had with her after asking her to fill out the form correctly:
*sighs* You still haven't read the rules completely. If you did, you'd know that you're supposed to use the special July 4th/Canada day Order form that I posted. I am begging you to please PLEASE read the rules fully, because I really don't want you to go on the black list. It doesn't take more than a few minutes to do so. Please read them and post your order correctly this time. Thank you.


*NOTE* She asked for forgivenes... I accepted, but I don't know about taking her name off the list. I may consider a working off type thing for those black listed that wish to undo their mistakes.

evil brayon~Stole my art! Here is the link to what used to be the shop with the stolen art. Art Theft!
I never got to actually see my art up on the thread, but I was told by two people that it was indeed some of my plushies.

BIG thanks to peggyli76 and Lucifer Force for informing me of this theft and sending this thief up and running. ^_^

evil PolishJoker~Another art thief, but I pm-ed him and he took it down. Here's the shop anyway:

Big thank you to Alexander Skye who pm-ed my of this theft. ^^

User Image
This is a warning to the following people:
stare The_ NightHunter~pm-ed order...
stare DTrox~pm-ed order...

Those on the gray list will receive a warning, but I allow them to get their order as long as it was a first offense. Those on this list will only stay here for a few days to as long as a week as a reminder, and then I will remove them. Those who have received a warning through your order for violating a rule but are not on this list have luckily only broken a rule that I am not as strict on. But don't do it again! stare

Also, a note. If you believe that I have grey listed you unfairly (for example, gaia ate your post or some other reason), as long as you pm me your reasons kindly and courteously enough, I am more than willing to take your name off of my grey list. ^_^ I never mean to make anyone upset about this, I'm just trying to enforce some of my rules. I am very understanding, so please let me know.

Always read the rules! Thank you! wink
<center>User Image
User Image

Now I am questing for something new! I wish to have lots of art! Lot's of COUPLE art of Selo and me! smile As you may or may not know, avvie art can be expensive, and since it's couple art I'm looking for, it's even more expensive! So I'm going to need to build up my gold so that I can buy the great art made by artists on Gaia!

If you're an artist and you're interested, pm me a sample of your work and your price range to see if I'm interested. smile I'm always willing to accept free art, lol! I don't have nearly enough for the super nice art that goes around, but I could probably afford some people's art. smile I also have letters I'm willing to get rid of if I need to. Here's some art I've collected! NO STEALING!! I bought these with my gold, so no touch!

My newest one! heart User Image Erivin
User Image ^ Angie
User Image Bidelle

User ImageUser Image Glyf
User Image Hirojie User Image Alatariel Anwarunya
User Image Samikins

Want to donate to to my quest? Just send the gold to TakiNeko and in the trade heading put, "I want to help TakiNeko's Couple Art Quest", or whatever you wish really, and soon enough you will be sent a trade for a special thank you gift, and your name will be posted in the Donators list for all to see how great and kind you are! 3nodding

Past Quests
TakiNeko and Selo's Scarf Quest is now completed! I raised enough gold to buy one nitemare scarf and one angelic scarf for both me and my bf to share. ^^ I'd like to give a big thanks to all my customers, donators, and bumpers for helping out my shop and helping out my quest! Thank you so much! I'll miss questing for my scarves! *sniff*
Angelic and Nitemare Scarf Quest:
I got my Angelic Scarf!! 6/28!
Hurrah! I bought my angelic scarf for 56k! w00t!! Gweeeee! Prices will just continue to raise, so I went and bought it. ^^ Pretty good considering that I got both within one month! I raised about 100k in a little over 2 months! Wow! Maybe I should've tried for an omg or afk hat, lol!

I got my Nitemare Scarf!! 6/9!
Yay, I just bought it for 55k! OMG I bought my nitemare scarf! W00t! I decided not to be stingy, and just go and buy it! Hurrah! Now I need to get the angelic scarf!

Teh Pets and avatars! (I didn't make them, so don't ask)
Deciding how I want to do this. Most likely a few images and then link to my site with all the pets and avatar edits that I own. ^^

Teh Gifts for me!

Same as above. smile
I hope that's all! ^_^;; That was hard work!
Okay, everyone welcome to Durr... Pets!!
*cuts big red ribbon*
Let's wish this pet store's success! heart
Bumpies for my shoppe!
Animal type: extra breed foxy
Color/breed: black pawed red
How many of this type?: 1
Total Price: 75g

Could I also have this for my free unlimited please?

Animal type: Foxy
Color/breed: black
How many of this type?: 1
Total Price: free! Yay! ::does a 'free thingies dance::

Mmmm...dorkiness. wink

And since you're online, I'm sending the trade to you. Yell at me if I misbehave.

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