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Hey everybody!!!
Welcome to the Three Flavor Cafe! ^^
Enjoy your stay! For your convenance there is a table of
contents listed below. ^^ Also please keep in mind
that EVERY THING is hand drawn, no bases what-so-ever, so please, please do not steal!!!
I have not water marked anything, so please do not steal! Stealing will reasult in a permenant ban from my shop
and a nice spot on my Black list with a big fat descrription of what you did.</center>

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arrow Post 1............ Welcome message, affiliates, link back, and Updates
arrow Post 2............ Peachie's art comissions
arrow Post 3............ Strawberry's Gumball machine, Strawberry's Graphics and Weasleys' Wizarding Wheezes
arrow Post 4............ Cherry's avatar plushies and other buildables
arrow Post 5............ Event Page (Current Event- Gaia Rose Exchange)

<center>Hey, let me explain the confusing layout,
ok, first off there are three flavors,
each flavor (peach, strawberry, and cherry) has a different
theme and content; ie: Peachie has avatar art and drawings in general.
I also wanted to make a store of the Weasley twin's creations,
instead I have some of their creations
in the Graphics section, if the items are popular
enough, they will get their own little sub-section... ^^
One last thing, EVERYTHING was drawn by me,
I did not use ANY bases
so please do not steal anything!!!

UpdatesUser Image
Feb. 5 2005- User Image Be prepared to feel the romance! to kick off valetines day I have released all new My Chemical Romance Plushies!!!
Jan. 2 2005- Listening station has been deleted...

Dec. 23 2004- User Image NEW Christmas limited!!!!!!
Dec. 12 2004- Might do a layout change to make things easier to get to.... Well caroling is here, so gather up those carolers to carol with us! ^^ Oh, we have a listening station too! So now all you need to do is click on the link and it will open a new window for you so you can listen to a song while browsing around! If you have any song requests just PM me and I will check to see if I have that CD.
Nov. 30 2004- Yep, in two days time EVERYTHING will be ATLEAST 1/2 off!!! So off you go, and be expecting some awesome limited edition items! ^^
User Image*NEW*
Oct. 31 04-*Gasp* She actually updated?! you mean she hasn't died? yes, I know, I'm barely on but life keeps feeding me a busy schedule so I'm lucky I got these out, yes I know it's november but still these aren't limiteds because of the late appearance... not that anyone cares... sweatdrop

Sept. 12,04- New Family Guy plushies!

Sept. 11,04- I really don't feel good today but I am able to give out plushies and things, although the commissions I'm working on are currently on hold until the Tylenol kicks in 3nodding there is also a special limited plushie coming to help us remember to stay together and have faith.

Sept. 09,04- Grand Re-Opening!!

Sept. 07,04- I'm sorry, I really I didn't want to do it but I had to, prices for gumballs have gone up, I'm sorry but I just wasn't making enough off of them and they seem very popular so it won't be much, just 25g instead of 10g, also from now on to order a gumball please post.

Sept. 3, 04- Please be patient, I am switching all my images to photobucket due to bandwith problems, PLEASE be patient, this is very frustrating for me as I trusted my Image hosting site...

Sept. 2, 04- Grand Opening!!!!

NO stealing
NO copying( in other words do not steal and alter my works!)
NO flaming or belittling of my work, if you have consructive critisism it's welcome, however if you just want to say "This Sucks!" then don't post here.
Please POST your orders, unless I say otherwise.


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Valentine's freebie, post if you're gunna use it.

User ImageAffiliates

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Please PM me with a banner and link in order to be on my Affiliates list...

User ImageThe White List</center>
Tacara, privelages-free graphics or anything she likes even though she is a great artist herself and most likely would not want any of my works. ^^
Meggie292- exactly the same.^^
NabiJun- Anything she wants for free! ^^ Love ya'!

<center>The Black ListUser Image</center>

Misc. About Me

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Current Mood: blaugh ODed on My Chemical Romance
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About commissions- ok, here's the deal with commissions,
if anyone would like me to draw them a custom drawing I can do it,
but please keep in mind how much work and time this will take,
due to school and homework I will only be able to take a few orders at a time,
also please keep in mind that commissions will be open on and off,
meaning that if I am simply too busy you will be put on the waiting list,
just be patient.


1.) I will NEVER draw any thing innapropriate,
so don't even bother to ask stare
2.)Please make sure to give credit
to what ever I draw you
3.)I would love to re-fund everything
but commissions are none-refundable because
I have spent my free time drawing for YOU,
so the only re-funds available are on the regular art work,
in other words the works that are NOT commissions

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Whee! Time for prices.
The choices next to head shot, half of body, and full body are there for a reason, please pick one of those choices when ordering or your order will be rejected.
Also I will notify you when the order is done and then PM you the link,
please make sure to host it your self before that time has passed,
if you need an image hosting site try: http://www.photobucket.com or http://www.tinypic.com
Ok so here it is:


Headshots >> quarter-view,profile, front-view =150 color, 100 sketch
Half of body>> Down to bust/chest,To thighs=200 color, 150 Sketch
Full body>>standing position,laying down on stomach,sitting =400 color,350 sketch

User Image

Order Form

User Name:
Gender sad of the pic)
Full body, half,or head shot:
Pose sad for headshot your choices are:side-view, profile, or front-view. Check under prices for other choices)
Hair color sad be DESCRIPTIVE!! if you simply say red and you wanted a kind of auburn I won't know that so please be specific)
Clothes sad Again, please be very descriptive, if I can't go by the description you've given me I will PM you asking for a clear description)
Skin tone:
Include any accessories your want or anything I may have forgotten to ask with your order.

*Note: If you would like simple avatar art please just send me an order that says avatar art and please make sure your avatar looks exactly the way you want when it's drawn.

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Now Serving...</center>
2.) Black___Dragon sweatdrop
3.)Raziel0419 sweatdrop
( when these spaces are filled I will not take any orders)

<center>User Image

1.)Trtysec2mars[1] [2] [3] blaugh
2.)Desirae V. Strife blaugh
3.)azntrycksa blaugh
4.)French Vanilla blaugh
5.) x.EC.x blaugh
6.) Graceangel

Smiley Key

domokun not paid for, in progress/finished
redface paid for, haven't started
sweatdrop not paid for, haven't started
blaugh paid for and finished
3nodding paid for and in progress
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The Gumball Machine

User Image
Spare change? Send a trade of 25 gold with the subject "Gumball Machine" and you will recieve a random colored Gumball which will eventually evolve into a wad of gum! ^^
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User Image

Pixel Pets

These little Pixel pets were done pixel by pixel by yours truely, so I'm asking you, please,please do not steal these. They were relatively hard to make, especially since they were done with microsoft paint.

User Image
Fruits Basket set, 30g each, 100g set

User Image
Aqua set, 30g each, 50g set

User Image
Farm set, 30g each, 80g set

User Image
Safari/Jungle set, 30g each, 80g set

User Image
Misc, 30g each

Carrying case

User Image-30g

User Image

Weasleys' Wizarding Wheezes
Here's the part I am most excited about, this is my own version of the Weasley twin's creations. As you can see there are lables next to each Item, when ordering you can order a lable that looks like a price tag next to your item, please see the Ordering section at the end of this post for more info.

User Image

User Image


Order info, Info to order everything in Strawberry's section. Please do not direct link, host it on your own! product will be deleted on the morning of the third day.

Weasleys' Wizarding Wheezes

Screen name:
Name of product:
Lable sad yes, no)

Pixel pets
Screen name:
Case sad yes, no)

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Build-a-plushieUser Image
Want your avatar to be a plushie? Well, for a fee of 450g you can have it!

User Image
this is the base, hand drawn by me.

First pick a skin tone:

User Image

Next pick an eye style

User Image

Last, but not least, pick a patch color sad white is default)

User Image

User ImagePlushie ManiaUser Image

User Image
(from left)Patrick-100g, Mr. Krabs-100g, Spongebob-100g, Plankton-100g, Squidward-100g, Jellyfish-100g, set- 550g

User Image
Peach-100g, Cherry-100g, Strawberry-100g, Raspberry-100g, Apple-100g, Blue Berry-100g, Set-550g

User Image
Mint-100g, Ichigo-100g, set-N/A until further notice

User Image
Stewie-100g, Louis-100g, Peter-100g, Brian-100g, Meg-100g, Chris-100g, Family Guy set- 550g

User Image
Pumpkin-150g, Carmel Apple-150g, Ghost-150g, Candy Corn-150g, Halloween set-400g

User Image

User Image
Gerard-150g, Mikey- 150g, Frankie- 150g, Ray- 150g, Bob-150g, set-500g
LimitedsUser Image

User Image
Christmas Limited- 200g each, 900g set[ Available through Dec 23-Jan 2]
User Image
[Birthday Limited- available through oct 2-oct4]

User Image
9/11 Limited-150g[available through Sept. 11-13th]
<center> Events Page

Valentine's rose exchange under production....

Events that are No Longer Running

User Image
Gaia Caroling!
Ok, so this is how it works,
you put a banner(provided below)
in your post, then you select a piece
of a song from our song bank and post
it in random threads. Please take care to
make sure that the thread you are posting random
bits of christmas song in tolerates this kind of thing.
If there is a conflict or problem please PM me.
obviously threads you should NOT post in are
stickies, anouncements, official fan threads
or the like.

The Banners

User Image User Image User Image
More coming soon!

The Songs

User Image User Image</center>

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