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I am going to be giving away alot of my items because I am leaving Gaia... Since i'm expecting my first child and will be busy moving and such I decided to give away all my items.

Third person on page 2750 will get 10,000 gold
First person to page 3,000 will get 20,000 gold.

You have to have been posting for at least 10 pages before the page and stay in the room after the page... if you only come in to get the winnings just before the page and have not been in the room chatting or bumping, then you forfiet the win and it will defualt to the next person (same for all page winnings).

I do not mind if people want to use this place to ask for things, if others are nice enough to help you out then great. I will be watching and randomly giving things to people as they are posting. Please be nice and curtious to others.

Bump to 150 IN DIFFERENT POSTS and you will get something. *pm me to let me know which page you ended on*

Have fun.

All proceeds from donators will be given to random people. I will keep nothing for myself. I am not in this to get anything, but the enjoyment of helping others.

Are you new and need some help... here this person did a beautiful job with giving advice.. it was so good that I had to put it on here.. so thank her if you want to.


Welcome to gaia! I'm just going to list different aspects of the site and explain them.


By far the best way to earn gold and friends. There are many different forums to choose from, based on your personal interests. Polls create opportunities to earn gold, gain opinions and vote on contests.


You can earn gold all over gaia, be it posting in a forum, doing polls, playing games, selling items in the marketplace or voting in the arena.


The arena. Currently only the avatar arena is active. This is where people enter in their avatar and other people vote and comment on it based on what they like, the description and how well the avi fits its given theme. The art arena held art made my members of gaia. Housing arena the same.


On gaia we can own houses! Currently all the spots for houses are filled so don't get too worried about this.


This is where you buy items. You can buy any store sold item in the shops. In the market place you can buy just about anything, but be sure to watch the inflation.


Guilds, another fun aspect on gaia. Some guilds are very selective in their members, some aren't. Guilds are fun though! There are many different types, such as poll guilds, contest guilds, guilds based on interests.


This is nifty. You can keep journals on gaia and use them for just about anything. Storing wish lists, dream avis, rant about your day. 3nodding

Private Messages-

These are used to send messages to just one person or all your registered friends on gaia. Not much to explain about these.


Currently we have fishing, cards, slots and jigsaw. Jigsaw gives gold and random items when you win. Theres 4 difficult levels. Cards and slots give tickets. Cards is kinda like blackjack, I don't think I need to explain slots. For fishing you need bait and you well...fish!


How to send items and gold between two accounts


You can add people as friends on here, feel free to add me to test it out.

Customizing your avi-

This is where you go to put clothes on your avatar.


This is a good quick way to earn gold, but using real money. You can buy monthly collectables for $2.50 each. They sell for around 10k in the marketplace.


Everyone has a profile here. You can edit your signature, profile, and other things at the link above.

Your inventory-

This is where all your items are kept.

I hope this helps your gaia experience!
Yeah for other Giveaway Threads. You may go here and help these People out with thier thread as well... I encourage you to try many different ones as you will get closer to your dreams and quests.

Other threads to try out!

Here is a recently opened one Please visit. Thanks.

Coburn's Questy

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Banners you can use if you want to!

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yeah for avi art.. here are a few I recieved!!
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For 30 Gaians to Donate 100 gold


That's nice of you 3nodding

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