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This is an apology to all my loyal customers, and also to those who haven't yet had a chance to own a Faemouse. You see - after so many being out there, I have become rather disenchanted with colouring Faemice. Frankly, even the new Dragon and never-released Angel linearts have failed to stir my creativity.
So, I am closing the shop. Who can say for how long? You never know, I may become re-inspired in the future, but it will be a long time away. I want something new to colour! Yes, I have my Unicorn shop as well, but that came too late to stop the boredom with the Faemice, I am afraid. I wish things were otherwise, I really do. So to prevent the same thing happening with my Unicorns, I will open a new shop as well - hopefully one that people will find as adorable as they have done so with these Faemice.
Those that have not yet reached their full growth will still do so, but after that, the end comes. Again, I apologise, but there is really nothing that I can think of that is inducing any more excitement towards this shop.

So, thankyou to all who have made this place a success, and I do hope to see you about the place at my new shop. This is the link...

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Yup. Every shop has them. But I will try and keep this simple for you.

1. DO NOT STEAL MY ARTWORK. Really, it's just pathetic if you do, and just proves to the world what a no-talent loser you really are inside.
2. DO NOT PINCH OTHER PEOPLE'S FAEMICE. Why would you? It's got their name on it. Besides, I keep an owners list and also have a tendency to do random journal reads and stuff to amuse myself. Chances are high that you WILL get caught.
3. ONLY DIRECT LINK UNTIL THE ADULT STAGE. I'm going to get militant about this. From now on, if you don't check the Guardians List regularly to see the latest growings, and your Faemouse has been at the Wings Stage for more than four days, I will delete it from my server, no questions asked, and it will NOT get put back up. If you think that this might happen and you are going on holiday or something, PM me to let me know.
4. RESPECT ME, MY MICE, AND ALL VISITORS. I mean it. No nastiness in any way, shape or form. Keep things PG13, please. This also goes for l337 and chatspeak - it confuses me, and that's not a good thing.
5. SEND TRADES IMMEDIATELY. No cash, no mouse. Simple. I will only accept payment plans from those whom I know really well or those who can put up a item as collateral worth at least 3k, mid-gen.
6. NO ALTERING. No resizing, flipping, editing, color changing, lineart modifications or any form of changing my Faemice or the certificates is permitted.
7. I reserve the right to add more rules as I think of them.

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Post 1 - You Are Here. Rules, Contents and Updates.
Post 2 - The Story, and Types of Faemice Found
Post 3 - Samples of Stages, and Certificate Explanation
Post 4 - How to Get a Faemouse
Post 5 - Current Flatsale/Auction. Other special events will be here too.
Post 6 - Breeding Your Faemouse
Post 7 - Guardians List
Post 8 - Items for Your Faemouse
Post 9 - Thankyous, Totally Addicted to Faes, and Blacklist
Post 10 - Links
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Just over the horizon and around the corner, a little left of centre, lies a small jewel of an island. This is Micikil, home of the Faemice!

The island has only one beach, protected by dangerous reefs and unpredictable currents. It is otherwise surrounded by high mountains, some of them blowing smoke high into the air, and somehow the land within the mountains is divided into three clear areas of forest, lakes, and desert.

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For ages, Faemice have been hunted to become exhibitions and curiosities in the homes of the rich. This heinous trade has meant that there is only one place left to find the Faemice - Micikil! Their traditional home, and safe from all but the Bad Thing.
But now, there is hope. One woman, known only as the Captain, has taken it upon herself to introduce these adorable critters to those who will care for them as they deserve, and to lead them to the Sanctuary - a place free of persecution.
Are you a person of honor and goodness? Dare you bond with a creature that many would kill you to have? Are you assured enough of yourself to face the wrath of the being known only as the Bad Thing? Time is running out...

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These are the types of Faemice that are currently known.

Elemental Faemice - the normal type.

Your basic Faemouse, and the type most often available through flatsales.
Earth - Live in forests, and tend to be the steadiest and calmest of the Faemice.
Air - Live on mountain tops, and spend most of their time flying around. Love practical jokes.
Fire - Live in volcanic areas, hot springs, and central desert zones. Quick-tempered and adventurous.
Water - Like in, around, and under oceans, lakes, rivers etc. Secretive by nature.
Light - Live on desert edges, and spend most of their time sunbathing. Love music.
Shadow - Very mysterious.
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Egg Stage

Lasts for 2-3 days. During this stage, the 'antenna' on the egg communicates with the guardian. The more violently it whips about, the more the Faemouse is feeling neglected. Smart egg, huh?

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Child Stage

This stage lasts for about a week. The Child Faemouse is insufferably curious about absolutely everything, so keep an eye on it! You never know what it might drag home! It still does the greater part of it's communication through the 'antenna', though a limited form or body language is applied, and also a sound vocalisation. Mainly meeps and squeaks.

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Teen Stage

This stage also lasts for about a week. The 'antenna' is lost, and the Faemouse's wings begin to develop, though flight is limited to gliding safely from high spots. It can speak at about the same level as a 6 year old human child.

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Adult Stage

The final stage of the Faemouse. Speech is pretty much perfect. Wings are now fully developed, the the Faemouse will spend the greater percentage of it's time in the air.
As mentioned in the rules, I will delete the Wings Stage Faemouse from my server after 4 days, and will not put it back there under any circumstances. I will generally send a PM notifying the owner once their mouse is at this stage, but it is up to you to watch the Guardians List and check just in case I forget to do so.
The only exception to this rule is this - if you will be away on holiday and you think your mouse might become full-grown in that time, PM me to let me know.

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1. The gender of your Faemouse. Male or Female, obviously.
2. The element of your Faemouse. Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Shadow, Light, Spirit.
3. The date your Faemouse hatches from the Egg.
4. Your Faemouse's lifemate - this is now only for RP purposes. Faemice can breed with any other Faemouse, any time.
5. The parents of your Faemouse
6. Your name goes here

Guess what? We now have different certificates for each element of Faemouse! Here they are!

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NOTE - You will notice that the stage is no longer represented in the certificate with a word. This is cause I didn't feel like doing it. So there.
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There are four ways to become a Faemouse Guardian. These are as follows:


Flatsales happen fairly regularly. I will give notice of a Flatsale before it happens. During these, it is first come, first served. Post your interest here, making sure to tell me which Egg it is you want. Only one egg per flatsale, unless some are unsold and I post that previous buyers can get another. Wait for a PM from me letting you know that you were successful, then send the trade. Flatsale Faemice cost 3k.

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Auctions will only be run for Special Edition Faemice, eg Christmas, Easter etc, and for Cosplay Faemice Sometimes I might even auction off a custom cosplay! Post your bids here in the thread, then once the auction is over I will send a PM notifying the winner and asking for the details of the custom. Auctions generally start at 2k with a minimum bid increase of 500g, though cosplay auctions might start a bit higher.

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If you wish to effect a pet trade, PM me with the link of your shop and I will take a look. If I like what you are offering, the following will happen: if the pet is a growing type, a straight trade will occur. If not, the value of what you are offering me must be equal to the value of the custom pet that you are wanting.
For item swaps, I will only accept the items shown in the little box below.

Items I Want
Sealed Letters!

Pet Trade Custom Slots Available


Note - will not trade cosplay Faemice unless it is a cosplay pet you are offering to trade!

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If you would like to get a Faemouse to your own specifications, eg not just the name but the gender, element and patterns etc (no items allowed for customs at the moment, you will have to buy those separately once your Faemouse reaches the wings stage) then either post or PM me your request and send the trade immediately. Providing, of course, that there is a spot open below! Prices for Custom Faemice are as follows:

Elemental Faemice: Colours and patterns only. No lineart changes. 4k

Cosplay/Lineart Changes: Depends on the difficulty and time taken, but at least 6k anywhere up to 15k. PM me with any queries.

Custom Faemouse Slots Available


<center>CUSTOM FAEMOUSE ORDER FORM (copy and paste)

Name: (of Faemouse)
Element: (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Shadow, Light. Cosplays are 'Special'.)
Main Body Colour:
Ear Inner, Paw Pads and Nose Colour:
Patterns and Colour (if an elemental Faemouse):
Cosplay of (if a cosplay Faemouse):
Wings Main:
Wings Secondary:
Owner Name: (who the Faemouse is for)
Image or Link of ref pic for Cosplay:

User Image


Just a quick note on co-owning Faemice - yes, I do allow it, but only in the following circumstances:
1. For an auction Faemouse.
2. For special customs, if two people want the same thing and the first person to request it is willing to do so.

I will expect equal shares of the cost from the owners in both cases, unless one person wants to cover the entire cost, of course.
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Angelic Faemice Coming Soon!
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This section will (hopefully) tell you everything you need to know about breeding your Faemouse/Faemice! *Deep breath* So here goes...

Breeding Basics 101

You need two Faemice, obviously. A male and a female, of compatible elements (see below), and both must be at the Wings/Adult stage. Faemice can only breed once every two months, up to a maximum of three times.

You will also need 4k or 6k. Faemice will lay two (or three, if you paid 6k) eggs every time they breed. The eggs will be of either of the parent's elements, or a rare Spirit element (which can in turn breed with any of the other mice), and coloured with a mix of their parent's colours.

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Compatible Elements List

Earth can breed with Earth, Water, Fire, Light, Shadow or Spirit. NOT Air.
Air can breed with Air, Water, Fire, Light, Shadow or Spirit. NOT Earth.
Fire can breed with Fire, Air, Earth, Light, Shadow or Spirit. NOT Water.
Water can breed with Water, Air, Earth, Light, Shadow or Spirit. NOT Fire.
Light can breed with Light, Water, Air, Fire, Earth or Spirit. NOT Shadow.
Shadow can breed with Shadow, Water, Air, Fire, Earth or Spirit. NOT Light.
Spirit can breed with ANY element, and even with Faemice of it's own gender.

Note 1: Some "Specials" cannot breed at all. The only ones so far that fall into this category are the Christmas and Valentine Faemice, and the Superhero Faemice.

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How to Go About It

Single Owner Breeding

If you have two Faemice yourself that you would like to breed, here's how to get the ball rolling:

1. Check compatibility. All cool?
2. Post the names of the Faemice to breed, and if I ask for them, links to the pictures of the Faemice.
3. Send the trade of 4k (two eggs) or 6k (three eggs) immediately after posting.
4. Wait for the confirmation PM telling you that the Faemice are ready. I will show you samples of the eggs, and then you must decide what you want to do with them. (Permitted uses of the eggs are at the bottom of this post.)

Two-Owner Breeding

If you and a friend want to breed your Faemice, this is what you do.

1. Check the compatibility. All cool?
2. Both of you must post with the names of the Faemice to breed. The reason for this is so I can confirm that both of you are cool with the breeding and able to pay. If I ask for them, also send links to the pictures of the Faemice.
3. Send the trade of 4k (two eggs) or 6k (three eggs) immediately after posting. This can come from one of you, or as 2k or 3k from each. I will not start the breeding until I get all the money. If one of you fails to send me your part of the trade, the bit I have already received will be considered as a donation. NO REFUNDS. If this happens, it's problem between the two of you.
4. Wait for the confirmation PM telling you that the Faemice are ready. Each of you will get PMd. I will post samples of the eggs, and then you must decide between you what you want to do with them. (Permitted uses of the eggs are at the bottom of this post.)

Breeding Slots


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Permitted Uses of Eggs

So what can you do with your brand new Faemouse Eggs? These and these ONLY are possible:

1. Keeping the eggs yourself. This does not mean that you can claim them as your own work. It means that your name will be under 'Guardian' on the certificate.
2. Giving them as gifts to people. Sure! Go ahead. But you must notify me of what you are doing and who the eggs are going to, so I can update the certs and keep both the Guardians List and my own personal notes up to date.
3. Auctioning. You may indeed put your eggs up for auction. But, and this is important, I WILL BE THE ONE TO DO IT FOR YOU. No exceptions. Also, I will take a 50% cut of the profits. After all, it's my work, I deserve it.
4. Flatsale. You can have a flatsale of your Faemice, but again I WILL RUN IT FOR YOU. The eggs will be sold for 3k, the normal price, and I will take 1k from each egg as my cut.
5. All other shop rules apply.
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These are the Faemouse Owners. If your name is not here and you have a Faemouse, one of two things has happened. 1 - I forgot to put it here. 2 - You are a thief and are in trouble!

This is the format:

Lady Mystique (Me!)/Mirage/Female/Wings/Spirit/None/No breedings. elleth celebren/Seran/Female/Wings/Water/Galestian/1 breeding. Tasah/Starphin/Male/Wings/Water/Footsie/1 breeding. Katt_Sham/Lav Stone/Male/Wings/Shadow/None/No breedings. wicka/Stiggy/Male/Wings/Earth/None/No breedings. Rhiannon Everwind/Pyralis/Female/Wings/Fire/Forte/No breedings. shadowicedragon1/Lilazu/Female/Wings/Air/None/No breedings. Menelie/Lucia/Female/Wings/Light/None/No breedings. Daeva/Drusilla/Female/Wings/Shadow/None/No breedings. elleth celebren/Galestian/Male/Wings/Air/Seran/1 breeding. Tigeria/Kaji/Male/Wings/Fire/None/No breedings. Tasah/Footsie/Female/Wings/Water/Starphin/1 breeding. Tenoh Aiko/Lucas/Male/Wings/Light/None/No breedings. Keilyna/Sentrosi/Male/Wings/Fire/None/No breedings. Sukkubus/Forte/Male/Wings/Shadow/Pyralis/No breedings. Chibikerichan/Titia/Female/Wings/Earth/None/No breedings. Jinxeh/Vasi/Female/Wings/Light/None/No breedings. Jinxeh/Jericho/Male/Wings/Desert/None/No breedings. Tasah/T'lion/Male/Wings/Spirit/Clio/1 breeding. (Custom) Huroggmeten/Aimithe/Female/Wings/Forest/None/No breedings. Rhiannon Everwind/Paddy/Male/Wings/Luck'o'the Irish/Teranika/No breedings. (Auction) Huroggmeten/Felix/Male/Wings/Christmas/None/No breedings. (Auction) mooshroom/Sherbet/Male/Wings/Light/None/No breedings. shadowicedragon1/Nuffa/Female/Wings/Air/None/No breedings. Eekoh/Daisy/Female/Wings/Fire/None/No breedings. Tyus/Shade/Female/Wings/Shadow/None/No breedings. EternalNightwalker/Oliver/Male/Wings/Earth/None/No breedings. birdboy164/Tria/Female/Wings/Shadow/None/No breedings. Jinxeh/Agade/Female/Wings/Fairy/None/No breedings. Sizzla/Rainey/Male/Wings/Water/None/No breedings. elleth celebren/Dra'cone/Female/Wings/Devil/None/1 breeding. Wunderwesen/Sharra/Female/Wings/Fire/None/No breedings. Rhiannon Everwind/Emilan and Naline/Male and Female/Wings/Twins/None/No breedings. Aquira/Apple/Female/Wings/Fire/None/No breedings. mooshroom/Chocolate Ice/Female/Wings/Water/None/No breedings. Rhiannon Everwind/Marble Cake/Male/Wings/Earth/None/No breedings. Sukkubus/Hot Dog/Male/Wings/Shadow/None/No breedings. Maeko-Hana/Pineapple/Male/Wings/Light/None/No breedings. Vickster/Fruit Salad/Female/Wings/Spirit/None/No breedings. Jinxeh/Banana Shake/Female/Wings/Air/None/No breedings. shadowicedragon1/Damistrya/Female/Wings/Shadow/None/No breedings. (I'll Make You Faemouse) Damia Grynn/Damian/Male/Wings/Earth/None/No breedings. (I'll Make You Faemouse) Rhiannon Everwind/Teranika/Female/Wings/Earth/Paddy/ No breedings. (Butterfly Jewel) Star Sorceress/Orion/Male/Wings/Fire/None/ No breedings. (Butterfly Jewel) Tasah/Clio/Female/Wings/Water/T'lion/1 breeding. (Butterfly Jewel) Midoreko/ObyssFemale/Wings/Shadow/None/ No breedings. (Butterfly Jewel) Tellah Amna/Aeron/Male/Wings/Air/None/ No breedings. (Butterfly Jewel)
Sukkubus/????/Female/Wings/Light/None/ No breedings. (Butterfly Jewel) shadowicedragon1/Shroom/Male/Wings/Shadow/None/ No breedings. (Custom) Damia Grynn/Ti'ana/Female/Wings/Shadow/None/ No breedings. (Custom) Jinxeh/Titania/Female/Wings/Fire/None/ No breedings. (Custom) Rhiannon Everwind/Kiara/Female/Wings/Shadow/None/ No breedings. (I'll Make You Faemouse) Jinxeh/Dasenar/Male/Wings/Earth/None/ No breedings. (Evil) Jinxeh/Darth Maul/Male/Wings/Fire/None/ No breedings. (Evil Custom) KimCL/Halthala/Female/Wings/Earth/None/ No breedings. (Custom) elleth celebren/Draklos/Male/Wings/Shadow/None/ 1 breeding. Damia Grynn/Maria/Female/Wings/Spirit/None/ No breedings. Tanman44/Zyro/Male/Wings/Light/None/ No breedings. Huroggmeten/Lynne/Female/Wings/Water/None/ No breedings. (Evil) Rhiannon Everwind/Sparkie/Male/Wings/Fire/None/ No breedings. (Evil) KimCL/????/Female/Wings/Earth/None/ No breedings. (Evil) Tellah Amna/Zak/Male/Wings/Shadow/None/ No breedings. (Evil Custom) Tasah/Eistoof/Male/Wings/Water/None/ No breedings. Tasah/Passion/Female/Wings/Water/None/ No breedings. Tasah/Rising Myst/Female/Wings/Spirit/None/ No breedings. Tasah/Fractured Dream/Male/Wings/Spirit/None/ No breedings. Tasah/Teal Surf/Female/Wings/Water/None/ No breedings. Tasah/Lion Crest/Male/Wings/Water/None/ No breedings. elleth celebren/Angel Eyes/Female/Wings/Spirit/None/ No breedings. (Valentine) shadowicedragon1/Antonio/Male/Wings/Shadow/None/ No breedings. (Custom) elleth celebren/Luna/Female/Wings/Air/None/ No breedings. elleth celebren/Kai/Male/Wings/Water/None/ No breedings. Damia Grynn/Harley/Male/Wings/Shadow/None/ No breedings. (Animal Cosplay) Angel1x/Bliss/Female/Wings/Air/None/ No breedings. (Animal Cosplay) elleth celebren/Puff/Female/Wings/Light/None/ No breedings. (Animal Cosplay) Tellah Amna/Ophelia/Female/Wings/Water/None/ No breedings. (Animal Cosplay) Huroggmeten/Ryder/Male/Wings/Earth/None/ No breedings. (Animal Cosplay) Rhiannon Everwind/Tigger/Male/Wings/Fire/None/ No breedings. (Animal Cosplay) Rhiannon Everwind/Demitrius/Male/Wings/Earth/None/ No breedings. Rhiannon Everwind/Avani/Female/Wings/Earth/None/ No breedings. Rhiannon Everwind/Lizzie/Female/Wings/Spirit/None/ No breedings. Star Sorceress/Kei-chan/Female/Wings/Earth/None/ No breedings. (Guest Coloured) elleth celebren/Freya/Female/Wings/Spirit/None/ No breedings. (Custom Cosplay) Rhiannon Everwind/Keeran/Male/Wings/Shadow/None/ No breedings. Sukkubus/Huo Po/Female/Wings/Fire/None/ No breedings. elleth celebren/Chii/Female/Wings/Spirit/None/ No breedings. elleth celebren/Temaulsa/Female/Adult/Spirit/None/ No breedings. shadowicedragon1/Fuffle/Male/Wings/Shadow/None/ No breedings.

elleth celebren/Kai/Male/Adult/Water/None/ No breedings.
Rhiannon Everwind/Keahi/Male/Adult/Fire/None/ No breedings.
Presca/Qushione/Female/Adult/Air/None/ No breedings.
Star Sorceress/Loomy/Female/Adult/Earth/None/ No breedings.
Damia Grynn/Sephra/Female/Adult/Shadow/None/ No breedings.
KimCL/Kuporo/Male/Adult/Light/None/ No breedings.
Damia Grynn/Liam/Male/Adult/Light/None/ No breedings.
elleth celebren/Enki/Male/Adult/Earth/None/ No breedings.
Kawaii-Princess/Breeze/Male/Adult/Air/None/ No breedings.
Rhiannon Everwind/Daray/Male/Adult/Shadow/None/ No breedings.
faerierain/Aquana/Female/Adult/Water/None/ No breedings.
Ceryus/Eithne/Female/Adult/Fire/None/ No breedings.
KimCL/Valadhiel/Female/Adult/Spirit/None/ No breedings.
KimCL/Galadriel/Female/Adult/Spirit/None/ No breedings.
Rhiannon Everwind/Spidermouse/Male/Adult/Special/None/ No breedings.
elleth celebren/Invisible Womouse/Female/Adult/Special/None/ No breedings.
Jinxeh/Amman/Male/Adult/Air/None/ No breedings.
Jinxeh/Jemdet Nasr/Male/Adult/Spirit/None/ No breedings.
Keilyna/Akilah/Female/Adult/Air/None/ No breedings.
Damia Grynn/Wolvermouse/Male/Adult/Special/None/ No breedings.
Atarashii and Chibizoo/Aquatikor/Male/Adult/Water/None/ No breedings.
Tellah Amna/Haer'Dalis/Male/Adult/Special/None/ No breedings.
Damia Grynn/Vespa/Female/Adult/Earth/None/ No breedings.
Damia Grynn/Nikal/Male/Adult/Shadow/None/ No breedings.
Star Sorceress/Starlight/Male/Adult/Earth/None/ No breedings.
Star Sorceress/Mousetique/Female/Adult/Special/None/ No breedings.
Star Sorceress/Jaedan/Male/Adult/Shadow/None/ No breedings.
burkyboy/Cid/Male/Adult/Earth/None/ No breedings.
Jinxeh/Fiachra/Female/Adult/Fire/None/ No breedings.
HelMel/Zephyr/Female/Adult/Air/None/ No breedings.
Maegrambaiel/Alexia/Female/Adult/Water/None/ No breedings.
Stem/Willow/Female/Adult/Light/None/ No breedings.
mooshroom/Loopy/Male/Adult/Earth/None/ No breedings.
Keilyna/Pet Rock/Male/Adult/Light/None/ No breedings.
Angelique Elf/Fayla/Female/Adult/Shadow/None/ No breedings.
Star Sorceress/Elleth/Female/Adult/Air/None/ No breedings.
elleth celebren/Xerxis/Male/Adult/Fire/None/ No breedings.
baby_gwing/Luna/Female/Adult/Water/None/ No breedings.
Star Sorceress/Talena/Female/Adult/Special/None/ No breedings.
elleth celebren/Tic/Female/Adult/Fire/None/ No breedings.
elleth celebren/Tac/Male/Adult/Fire/None/ No breedings.
Keilyna/Andante con espressione/Male/Adult/Shadow/None/ No breedings.
Tasah/Fernie/Female/Adult/Water/None/ No breedings.
Tasah/Jack Sparrow/Male/Adult/Special/None/ No breedings.
Alatariel Rakamash/Belle/Female/Adult/Special/None/ No breedings.
Torvil Rakamash/Djim/Male/Adult/Fire/None/ No breedings.
elleth celebren/Hideki/Male/Adult/Special/None/ No breedings.
elleth celebren/Snow White/Female/Adult/Special/None/ No breedings.
elleth celebren/Star Sorceress/Female/Adult/Special/None/ No breedings.
NessyBaby/Sailor Venus/Female/Adult/Special/None/ No breedings.
Tellah Amna/Cinderella/Female/Teen/Special/None/ No breedings.
elleth celebren/Jasmine/Female/Adult/Special/None/ No breedings.
Star Sorceress/Aquarius/Male/Adult/Water/None/ No breedings.
elleth celebren/Lilith/Female/Adult/Shadow/None/ No breedings.
Tellah Amna/Rhodes/Male/Adult/Earth/None/ No breedings.
KimCL/Samolia/Female/Adult/Air/None/ No breedings.
~s3XyTHang~/HUNKy/Male/Adult/Fire/None/ No breedings.
Keilyna/Moments Musicaux/Female/Adult/Light/None/ No breedings.

User Image

mooshroom/Smoothie/Female/Teen/Earth/None/ No breedings.
elleth celebren/Leeloo/Female/Teen/Special/None/ No breedings.

User Image

Tellah Amna/Viconia/Female/Child/Special/None/ No breedings.
elleth celebren/Esteria/Female/Child/Air/None/ No breedings. (Dragon)
Star Sorceress/Brina/Female/Child/Water/None/ No breedings. (Dragon)
Tellah Amna/Smaug/Male/Child/Fire/None/ No breedings. (Dragon)
Keilyna/Lysaer/Male/Child/Light/None/ No breedings. (Dragon)
mooshroom/Ice Dragon/Female/Child/Shadow/None/ No breedings. (Dragon)
burkyboy/Leela/Female/Child/Earth/None/ No breedings. (Dragon)

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No eggs at the moment!

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156 Faemice are out there!
When there are 200, something special will happen!
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elleth celebren - First customer!
Tasah - for faithfully following me around and bumping all my shops!
shadowicedragon1 - for the Moofle pet trade!
wicka - for the Faerie Egg pet trade!
Jinxeh - Llirin pet trade!
Keilyna - custom Llirin certificate and items trade
Rhiannon Everwind - my first autobuy customer
And many others, too!

User Image


Check out my best customers, and how many Faemice they own!

elleth celebren (Owns 24 Faemice!) eek
Rhiannon Everwind (Owns 13 Faemice!) eek

Tasah (Owns 12 Faemice!)
Jinxeh (Owns 10 Faemice!)
Star Sorceress (Owns 10 Faemice!)
Tellah Amna (Owns 8 Faemice!)
Damia Grynn (Owns 7 Faemice!)
shadowicedragon1 (Owns 5 Faemice!)
Keilyna (Owns 5 Faemice!)
Huroggmeten (Owns 4 Faemice!)
KimCL (Owns 4 Faemice!)

And these people are slowly catching, with 3 Faemice each...

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Thankfully, nobody!<center>
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Link to me with this button!
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another shop? you are too much Lady Mystique.....
Star Sorceress
another shop? you are too much Lady Mystique.....

I couldn't resist selling these little guys and gals. Hopefully they will be more popular than the Springtails!
They're cute! 3nodding

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