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Hi, I'm mercantes and as the title says, I'm trying to start a group rp. I've got a base idea in hand and I'm already writing up the universe. Feel free to post any inputs and stuff. This roleplay is a mix of mechas, supersoldiers and worms... Yes, you saw that right, worms. Read the plot below and see if it catches your fancy. For additional info, read the succeeding posts. Heck, read everything if you want. I put a lot of time in writing, modifying, editing and redoing everything here. 3nodding

Update: Here's the link to the Encyclopedia. Your one stop, shoot 'em 'till they drop, shop... Okay, maybe not that but hey, it's better off organized. Saves text space and stuff like that.

The Link To the IC

Plot So Far...

When humanity sends a colony ship from Earth in search of a new place to live in, they stumble upon Alkanos, a planet just about ten times the size of Jupiter. Big huh? Everything was going well and the first group of human colonists have established a little project to habitate the world. They discover different types of substances and metals such as Arkantium and its byproduct Devta. Mercantium has also been developed as a lab produced metal alloy. Soon, the colony grew and a minority group separated themselves from the majority of the group. The minor group constructed a sky city and took to the high altitudes and named themselves the Mercantians. The Marateans, the major group that dwelled on the surface of the planet then coexisted with the other group of humans. It all went well until a freak accident caused some earthworms that were brought from Earth to live in the planet to be exposed to Arkanite, Arkantium's raw form. The exposure then caused these creatures to mutate and turn into purple colored six inch to foot long worms that only regenerate when cut. Lucky for humanity, plasma was very common. The situation was contained and no one heard from the worms ever since... Until one day, they resurfaced and caused havoc throughout the surface. The Marateans and Mercantians then formed an alliance to fight the worms that seemed to feed only on humans.

The war came to a short halt after The Wall was built. The Wall is a giant plasma fence that scanned everything that passed through it if it was a Qui Vultus worm or not. The former burns upon contact with the plasma while all others remain intact. It was all going good until the Qui Vultus, the freak worms came back again and with a vengeance. This then marked mankind's fight for survival that was named the Worm Wars.

What is Alkonos?

Alkonos is the planet where humanity has landed on. Roughly ten times bigger than Jupiter, has 36 hours a day, seven days a week. Earth Years have 365 days while Alkonos years are 365 * 1.5= 547.5 days/year.

Alkonos days are longer by 12 hours than Earth days, it has seven days a week, just like ours but has a very long year. 547.5 days which is fifty percent longer than an Earth year.

Bottom Line: Living a year here is a very very long time and the days are very very very very long.

What are the Qui Vultus?
The Qui Vultus are the worms that mutated from being exposed to Arkanite. They're ugly, purple colored, six inch to a foot long worm the size of a baby snake that can form into different shapes and sizes and do other disgusting things.

Who are the Marateans?

The Marateans are the medieval fantasy inspired naturalists. The sci fi version of hippies (no offense meant) that are abnormally strong and resilient. They're the first people to come into Alkonos and are the major group of people inhabiting the planet.

Who are the Mercantians?

The Mercantians are a small group of people that chose to separate themselves from the Marateans. They are the techie boys that just love their guns. Their sky fortress is roughly the size of two giant metropolitan cities with lots of floors, buildings and condo units. Their main territory is the skies and travel by means of aircraft from fortress to fortress. All in all, there are about ten fortresses roughly the size of two cities each and powered by their own secret fuel that keeps them afloat in the air.

Why are they fighting the worms again?

The worms hunt the humans. The humans do their best to kill them first as they seem to only target humans. The reasons are unknown but the humans don't care. As long as it's trying to kill them, they would do well to kill them first.

What is The Wall?

The Wall is a state of the art plasma fence that detects Qui Vultus that go through it and disintegrate it. This applies to anything from simple Soldier Forms to attached Carrier Forms. The Wall disintegrates and Qui Vultus that it comes into contact with. The only downside is that with enough force from a well formed Qui Vultus group, it can shatter for a few minutes to days on end, until necessary repairs are done. Due to humans still hunting out of The Wall, the worms have food and with food, they survive. This hole in the defense is the reason why Operation Backyard is initiated.

What is Operation Backyard?

Remember The Wall? This is the project of extending The Wall's boundaries and further into the coast where the humans can leave the worms to starve and eventually die.

Why don't the worms burrow underground?

For some reason, the worms can only stay underground for a few hours which doesn't really give them enough time to dig underneath the defenses.

The Simplified Version of The Plot: The worms are back from the island, and they're back with a vengeance. The only thing standing between humanity and them is The Wall, a plasma wall extending to a high part of the atmosphere from the surface. The worms are forming up into new forms, namely gigantic mech-like forms that can go toe to toe with Omni Mechs and can hit The Wall pretty hard which means the only way to keep them off The Wall is to blow the hell out of the scum and extend The Wall's borders. The bad news is that the worms are getting smarter and have resorted to infecting humans and turning their corpses back into their island of doom.

The Ultra Simple Version: Mutated earthworms that have been imprisoned in an island are back with a vengeance. Lucky for humanity, the Marateans have constructed a Great Wall of China inspired structure called The Wall, a gigantic, atmospheric reaching plasma wall that burns worms but leaves anything that are NOT worms alive. The bad news is that the worms have grown smarter and are trying to break The Wall. The only option of humanity is to starve out the SOBs by isolating them in their little island of doom but the task is easier said than done.
The Rules Mk.1

1.) Read the rules. I'm serious.
2.) Read Rule number 3.
3.) All profile applications must be pm'ed to me. Use the profile format and don't be afraid to ask questions.
4.) Put 'Qui Vultus: <insert Job or class here>' as the subject of your pm.
5.) I'll be enforcing a two paragraph rule in this rp. It's not too much, just about four sentences a paragraph. You can go as long as you want but don't expect any of us to respond with the same length. There is such a thing as 'Overdoing It' you know.
6.) Writer's block moments are allowed but not too much okay?
7.) The pictures can either be in anime or in real life but please, no Emo/Scene kids. It's just... Disturbing. If you can't find a picture then describe your character. What does he look like? His eye color, his hair, weight, body build, hair style, anything that you can do to describe and flesh him out in detail.
8.) Avis as your character's picture? Just describe them. It'll look much better and besides, you've got a lot of freedom with words.
9.) No spamming, flaming, trolling,
10.) No Godmodding, being a jerk/@#!@#-hole or a !@$@!#@#!@$$!@ B--!@. Okay?
The Profile Codes.

For ground troops or ground based characters. Skirmishers, Mages, SABREs, Marines etc...

[size=18]Personal stuff[/size]
[b]Username:[/b] <So we know who's playing who.>
[b]Name:[/b] <Character's name>
[b]Age:[/b] <Character's Age>
[b]Gender:[/b] <Character's gender>
[b]Height:[/b] <Character's Height given in ?ft and ??inches) >
[b]Build:[/b] &Body shape like muscular.&
[b]Nationality:[/b] <Maratean or Mercantian>
[b]Biography:[/b] <Your character's life so far.>
[b]Personalirty:[/b] <How your character acts.>
[size=18]Professional Records...[/size]
[b]Rank:[/b] <rank in your respective division>
[b]Division:[/b] <Marines, SPi, Lancer, Skirmisher...>
[b]Weapons:[/b] <standard issue weapons included>
[b]Armors:[/b] <armor class for Mercantians, armor description for Marateans>
[b]Misc. Items:[/b] <Anything that doesn't belong under Standard Issue Weapons and armor>
[b]Skills:[/b] <Skills your character has.>
[b]Picture or description:[/b][/size]

For Mech Pilots and Omni Knights and SPies...

[size=18]Personal stuff[/size]
[b]Username:[/b] <So we know who's playing who.>
[b]Name:[/b] <of Pilot and Mech>
[b]Age:[/b] <of pilot>
[b]Gender:[/b] <of Pilot>
[b]Height:[/b] <of Pilot and Mech>
[b]Build:[/b] <of Pilot>
[b]Nationality:[/b] <Maratean or Mercantian>
[b]Biography:[/b] <Your character's life so far.>
[b]Personalirty:[/b] <How your character acts.>
[size=18]Professional Records...[/size]
[b]Rank:[/b] <Rank plus X-Class. Example: Major-Pilot M (Mech pilots have a minimum of Lieutenant as a rank and the first letter of their respective division. Major-Class M means Major, Mech Pilot of the Marines. A for Army, X for SPies. Ignore for Omni Knights.>
Weapons: <weapons loadout for your mech. Omni knights only have melee weapons in their arsenal>
[b]Armors:[/b] <Light/Medium/Heavy Mercantium for Mercantians. Omni Armor for Omni Knights. Just describe the appearance of their armor.>
[b]Misc. Items:[/b] <Additional equipment such as ECMs, ammo dispensers, beacons, designators. Limited to four.>
[b]Stealth Capabilities:[/b] <yes or no>
[b]Picture or description:[/b] [/size]
Classes: The Simplified Version.

Skirmishers- The grunts of the Maratean army. Armed with swords and... Swords.
Archers- The grunts of the Maratean army... The ranged combat version. Armed with a plasma bow or an energy crossbow.
Lancers- The heavy guys of the Maratean army. Armed with lances and can mount War Horses to deploy as cavalry and shock troops.
Mages- The "artillery" and intelligence division of the Maratean army and government. Armed with Magi staves that can spew large balls of plasma doom. Watch out for stray shots.
Omni Knights- The best of the best. They're the generals, they're the boss and they can pilot Omni Mechs, knight-like twenty foot tall walking/running machines of doom.

Marines- The first guys in and the last ones out. That's them. Armed with assault rifles that pack HYDRA rounds. Medium armed for medium assault and the guys that always pave the way for a major assault.
Army Men- The heavy assault troops of the Mercantians. Heavily armed and dammit, annoyingly slow. But, what they lack in speed, they make up for in firepower. Don't mess with 'em.
Spec Force- They're like Marines. Except they're special forces and are behind enemy lines. Behind enemy lines usually mean an abandoned base or a secluded area where worms can pop out like mushrooms. Lightly armed but highly trained both in ground ops and mech operations. They're the elite.
SPies- The mech pilot's elite. Covert ops capable? Check. Mech hijacking and retooling? Check. Mech combat in the front or behind enemy lines capable? Check. Definitely check.
SABREs- If SPies were to Mech operations, these guys are for the ground operations. Think of a full Marine battalion. Good? Now make the speed thrice as fast, strength, thrice as strong and the weapons? Just a pair of handguns or whatever the hell they can pick up. The elite of the the elite.

Other jobs? Traders? Doctors? Please refer to the encyclopedia for Medical oriented careers. Traders are allowed of course.
Start posting, people, I appreciate any input and stuff like that. I really want to make this happen. 3nodding

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