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Should I offer watercolor art?

Yes 0.61290322580645 61.3% [ 38 ]
Maybe 0.2741935483871 27.4% [ 17 ]
No 0.11290322580645 11.3% [ 7 ]
Total Votes:[ 62 ]
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Shameless Shapeshifter

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    So for a really long time I have wanted a devil tail,and finally have decided to start questing for one. And then, I got one. biggrin

Please read posts I, II, III completely!! If you don't, I'm turning down your offer.

News thus far:

User Image

My boyfriend bought me a tablet, so that means I am doing digital art again!

And I need to redo this thread... and By that, I mean I might possibly start a new one with the same layout because I like neatness.

The awesomeness that is PvP took me up on my offer for the tail! <3 *has lots of drawing ahead of her* heart 3nodding

My tabby is dead, but I am back, with the option of traditional art till I can get my tabby... fixed? xD

AHH! I know I've been like... dead forever and a half, but I have
been given a date for when I will get my net back! So hopefully, if
all goes well, around the 7th I'll be back and able to finish orders, and such o.o;;

Sorry for the unexpected leave, guys! gonk sweatdrop heart

Fang is going to be moving in a couple of days. ._.;
That means... Less time for art [ gonk ] and her time
will be spent packing and stuff. ;-;

Thread is in process of being.. created?
So-Naa and Fang's collab auction being planned. whee


.. razz ost I. News......................>
.. razz ost II. Rules....................>
.. razz ost III. Samples..............>
.. razz ost III. Ordering..............>
.. razz ost III. Waiting List..........>
.. razz ost IV. Items=Art............>
.. razz ost IV. Past D-tail quest.>
.. razz ost V. Freebies, Etc..........>
.. razz ost VI. Links....................>

More to come as I find them. xD



I'll add more later. biggrin

Shameless Shapeshifter

User ImageUser Image
    So of course, like every thread,
    there's going to be rules.

    + Follow the T.O.S.

    + Please don't argue

    + No stealing/using my art without my consent.

    + I can refuse any orders

    + Please post your orders in this thread.

    + Dont advertise here. PM me with a link.

    + You can PM me with questions.

    + I reserve the right to cancel an order if I get too stressed

    + <3 Bump and chat.

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Shameless Shapeshifter

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I will draw:
Gaia avatars
Original Characters

I will not draw:
Guys [ Gona have to bribe me]
Anthro [ Gona have to bribe me]
Complicated backgrounds
Complicated avatars
Hats. <-- they hate me.

Yes, to the samples. I'm only going to link to a few here. The rest can be found in my photo bucket album.

[[:: Lalala. Doing traditional media ONLY, at the moment. ::]]
The pictures with a heart on the thumbnail are a little past PG-13.

Past commissions:
++ -- ++

++ User Image ++ User Image ++ User Image ++

--== ~~~x~ --x-x-- ~x~~~ ==--


++ -- ++User Image++ -- ++
The newer ones are marked with **. Also, there are a couple of mature pictures in there. They are all thumbnails, but Im sure you can tell which ones to aviod. 3nodding

++Click *here* for my CG samples. :3++

    This is how ordering will work:

    You place your order in the thread [not PM]
    And I will reply, here. If I accept your oder;
    You will send a trade with the correct amount.
    I will work on the image, and accept when I finish.
    I will send you a preview image, and then you accept.
    Afterwards, I send you an non-watermarked image.

Please be sure to include important information and details!
But most importantly, whether you want a..
sketch, or colored peice
what medium, if it applies
headshot, halfbody, etc..
**Please include page number
of your order in the trade title!**

Also note: I don't have a set price..<<=-
post an offer with your request.

&anything else you might consider to be important. whee

Waiting List::

1.]]__ PvP
A lot of art xD -- Color

User ImageUser Image

Shameless Shapeshifter

User Image User Image

There a few items I'd like in exchange for art.

    .:..Ace of Spades..........
    .:..Angelic Pendant........
    .:..Angelic Staff.............
    .:..Bani/Goti Clips..........
    .:..Chain Wallet.............
    .:..Devil tail. [Lol.].........
    .:..Horns of the Demon..
    .:..Kitsune Mask............
    .:..Nitemare Scarf [Lol.].
    .:..Winged Anklets.........
    .:..Zombie G CORP Shirt

So.. those, or bribe me with gold. xD
Just make sure I'm not super busy so I don't get annoyed. :3

For now, though, I will have my rough estimates for the D-Tail
I am thinking..
~10 full-color, full body pictures
~5 full-color half body pictures.
I will negociate~
-->Guys. x.x;;
This is just an idea! DX
If you just.. you know, happen to really like my art, and have a devil tail you're willing to give up for it..
We can talk about the amount of art and stuff over, too.

User Image User Image

Shameless Shapeshifter

User ImageUser Image

This will be for freebies, bumping contests, and... Stuff!!

For now, I'll keep track of Polls here, too. ^^

Is my offer for the tail good?
Yes. :3
50% [ 37 ]
No-- Add more
28% [ 21 ]
No-- Offer less
21% [ 16 ]
Total Votes : 74

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Shameless Shapeshifter

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Visit Macoy's shop, bitches. ♥

User Image

♥Go bid, she has awesome arts!♥

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Shameless Shapeshifter

Feel free to post? whee

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