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Attention artists! The auction winner has paid for her art, the ones completed, and those artists will get their share (approx 8K) After that, the mule gold will be spilt 7 ways (approx 1K) Regretably, I will be closing the shop after that is done, and the mule will be re-used. I have already changed the password. I'm sorry to those of you who were responsible with your art, but to those who were not, I had to appoligize to customers one to many times for you, and I will not do it again.

Hello everyone, and welcome to [Prism]! What is [Prism], you ask? Ever notice when you look at a rainbow, there are seven colors? Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. The idea for the seven colors of the rainbow representing us seven artists came to us from Benign_Poison. Thus, [Prism] was born!

[Prism] is a seven artist joint art shop, where you can buy art from one, two, even all seven artists! There are seven different styles, all unique and special in their own ways, so you're almost sure to find an artist that will draw what you want, for a price you can afford!

Table of Contents:

o1- Introduction
o2- Rules
o3- Staff
o4- Ordering Information
o5- Red's Page
o6- Orange's Page
o7- Yellow's Page
o8- Green's Page
o9- Blue's Page
1o- Indigo's Page
11- Violet's Page
12- Collabs
13- Contests and Freebies
14- Art Trades/Our Requests
15- Link Us/ Links Out


11/6/06- Sadly, our founder and owner, [.Juichi.], has decided to take an extended hiatus from Prism and from Gaia. The ownership has been passed on to the co-owner, Benign_Poison. This also means that we will be opening a spot for a new artist, who will become our new Blue.

10/23/06 - We're all ready for comissions! All seven artists have their pages set up and in order so be sure to check all of the colours out! <33

1o/13/o6 - We now welcome our three new artists to Prism! Everyone's profile's are being set up for their art. Until then, you can order from the artists who are already all set up, but we'll all be ready soon! :3

Dream Avatar
Our Dream Avatar:

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Item list on page 99. Please help us to get this dream avatar by donating to us!

HOMG! Thanks to a generous donation from Mirumoto_Tsubasa, we only need our winged anklets!!!
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o1 - There will be no stealing of our art! If you claim it as your own, you will be caught. And punished. And hated. For all eternity. So don't. Steal that is. Yuuup...

o2 - No begging for art! Please, be kind and courteous. Do not flame us if we do not give you free art, either. Say please and thank you, and make us feel like people. Not art slaves.

o3- Please no advertising in our thread!

o4- As always, all Gaia TOS apply.

o5 - Send your request to [Prism] via PM!

o6 - Don't quote any full posts on the first page.

Breaking the rules will result in your art requests being declined. Repeated offenses could get you reported.

Regarding Donating to us:

o1- You may donate in the form of tips! Just include them with your art payment.

o2- If you wish to donate apart from your art payment please make sure it is sent to [Prism]. :3

((Donations go to artist bonuses and our mule's dream avatar!))

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to ammend to, or change these rules.
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Each artist in the Prism Joint Art Shop has their own special job. Need to talk to someone about something, but not sure who would be the best to answer your question? This might help you out!

Shop Owner- Benign_Poison

Co-Owner - To be decided.

Secretary - Death Pop - In charge of updating the shop and the journal.

Treasurer - DesertedDreams - In charge of sending out bonuses and such. Pretty much takes care of anything money related.

Contest Runner/Graphics Maker - [Saria] - Makes most of the graphics and is in charge of the Prism contests.

Moderators - apathicxtears and [slap-dash] - Are in charge of scanning all posts to make sure there are no rule breakers and such, and also take the place of someone else if they are unable to do their job for a certain amount of time.
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So, how do you order, eh? Simple. Follow these steps:

o1 - Fill out the form located in the artists bio. Only the form located in the artist you are buying from!

o2 - PM the shop mule, [Prism] your order (Due to some concern about losing orders in this huge thread of ours!). The artist will look over the form, and decide whether or not to draw your picture for you.

o3 - Send a hanging trade to the individual artist, not the mule! Make sure you specify that you're ordering from Prism, please.

o4 - Picture is completed, and so is the trade. If you would like to see a preview of your picture before it is complete, just ask.
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[DesertedDreams] - - [Red]

Status: Closed!

Personal Statistics: Hey, I'm DesertedDreams! You can shorten that to 'Desi' btw. I'm a... rather psychotic, masochistic, sadistic, homicidal, suicidal, slightly blood-thirsty little freak of nature. And I love every second of it. I like manga... or rather any type of art, video games (primarily RPG... Fire Emblem and Golden Sun *o*), computers, blood, 'goth' 'punk' or 'emo' clothing, bondage pants/jewelry, the color black, and I could go on with this for awhile XD I absolutely loathe spiders, children, and clowns... dunno just not fond of them. Um... what else... I'm sixteen, live in Idaho, five feet tall, about 100 lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes... pretty generic and boring XP And I always wear a black hoodie, I would die without my hoodie.

Will Do:
- Females
- Slight nudity
- Original Characters (Please give me either a good description or a pic)
- Avatars (If its to crowded I may ask you to remove things)
- Full CG
- Colored Pencils
- Fan art

Might Do:
- Males
- Couples
- Painting
- Prisma Markers
- Critters
- Anthromorphics

Won't Do:
- Kids
- Mecha
- Old People
- Complete Nudity
- Explicit Sex (obviously -_-; )
- Muscle-y peoples
- Realism
- Overly Crowded Avatars
- Backgrounds (Well I might... depends on how much your paying)

Anything else your free to PM about to ask on, and I would prefer if you did.

Sketch: [x]
Inked: [x][x][x]
CGed: [x][x][x]
Colored Pencil: [Drawn by [slap-dash]]
*3d: [x]
My Galleries: [Deviantart]

One person

Sketch: .5k
Lines: 1k
Colored: 1.5k

Waist up:
Sketch: 1.5k
Lines: 3k
Colored: 4k

Thigh up:
Sketch: 2.5k
Lines: 5k
Colored: 6k

Full body:
Sketch: 5k
Lines: 10k
Colored: 12k

Anything else, please PM me on, as I am currently working on prices ^_^ Sorry.


[code:1]Gaian Name: Your username
# of People: How many people in the image?
Medium: CG, ink, pencils, etc.
Reference: For OC or Fanart, can be written or a pic
Bribe: If you want me to do anything in the 'Might do' you need to bribe meh.
Total Price: How much will this all cost, don't try and pull anything over on me.[/code:1]

NOTE TO COMMISSIONERS: I will, more than likely, take a while to get to yours. I apologize sincerly for this, but due to general issues in my life, I don't have the time or will to work alot. I'm sorry, and I will try to get them done.

- DesertedDreams

Waiting List:
1. Mirumoto_Tsubasa - Full body CG

1. Mr. Quackers

*Note: I reserve the right to deny anyone art work, for whatever reason. I will limit myself in this right, but I still wish to put that forward.
ON 3D ART: First, if you want it, you have to offer me alot of money... I mean ALOT. And I may not even do it then. Why? Because 3d is not easy, and for commercial use, I can't use others props so I have to make my own. Which takes hours, end of story.
[Saria] -- [Orange]

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Status: Open!

Bio: It's comming. It's comming. IT'S HERE! OHMIGOD!
My name is Saria and all that other boring stuff. Anyways, I'm into computers, graphics, and video games. I'm random, okay? I also have an unhealthy obession with Kafei from Majora's Mask.
What ever you do on this thread, do not correct my spelling, flame me, or complain. This will get you slapped and ignored.
And Bill Gates will be waiting by your bed at night.
You've been warned.
Don't contact me off of Gaia for art. If you do, look up and see who will be waiting by your bed.
Love Legend of Zelda, I'd love to talk about Majora's Mask, Twilight Princess, or Ocarina with you. Really. <3 I ADORE Zelda.
And, Kafei x Meta Knight is the freaking sexiest couple ever created by man kind.

My Website: Inkiw.net
Everything you will order will be Chibi-ish. Don't Ask for Realism. I can't do it. You'll make me cry by asking. D: You don't want that, do you? And, look up again to see who will be by your bed if you ask.
Most Recent: [x]

Will do:
+ Males
+ Females
+ Couples
+ OC'S with Reference Or a very Good Description
+ Avatar art. (Give-in, Tahaha.)
+ Pixel work
+ Avatar Edits
+ Banners and Graphics
+ CG work
+ Colours

To a Degree:
= Mechas
= Furries
= Yoai, Yuri
= Old People

Won't Do:
- Realism. Don't Ask, please.
- Blood and Gore, I can't draw it. At all.
- Pornographic...things?
- Muscle Men
- Line Art


Art:[x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]
Pixel Work:[x] [x] [x]
CG Work:[x] [x] [x]

Headshot: 300gold
Full Body: 600 gold
Add 200 Gold per extra person
Add 75 Gold for a Background

Pixel Work//
Sprite: 200gold
Avatar Edit: 300gold
Avatars (The Lone X): 250gold
*CG of Lineart: Price Varies on Image. Contact me.

Order Form:
Fill out the correct form that pertains to your order. And the General+Extra sections.

Artist Name: Saria
Name: [User Name]
Type: [Art, Avatar, CG, Sprite, Ect.]
Type: [Headshot, Full Body, Couple]
Face Expresion:
Program: [Paint Shop Pro or Oekaki]
Type of Pixel: [Sprite, Avatar, Edit]
Sprite Base: [If Unkown, put "MapleStory"]
Avatar: [Colours, Base Image, ect.]
Edit: [Refrence Pic for your Avatar to be turned into, kthnx]
Picture to be CG'd:
Refrence of Colours: [Picture is favored over description]
Reference Picture(s)/Description: [Picture is favored over description]
Backgrounds: [Pay 75 gold extra]

Waiting List:
Vamp_yuripa [Art auction winner]

Alright! That should settle it. /slaps hands/. Thanks for reading, and feel free to PM and questons/Comments as well! (To [Prism], of course) Kthnx! =D Uhh...yeah. I think my post is long too. SHADDUP!

*I will Color line art that is already done. I don't Make Line art.
[Dethy] -- [they call me Mello Yello]
User Image
HALLO, It's Dethy.
Satus: Open once again! YAY!


My journal
The new, most likely permanent, post contains any information about my avatar for art trades, or if you wish to draw fan art, or if I'm comissioning you for art. So on and so forth.
Will soon contain information about my alternate avatar, who is Death Pop's twin brother.

I'm currently un-able to do hand-drawn comissions, until I can find the disk to re-install my scanner. I apologize for the inconvenience.

CG art (Done in oC and/or Photoshop)
-!- -!- -!- -!- -!- -!- -!-

Examples of couple art!!
-!- -!- -!--!- -!- -!-

Prices for my arts::
Single Art:
Head shots:


Any more than waist-up / Full body:
5k-7k This is dependant upon how difficult your avatar is, or if you are requesting a difficult pose or such things of that nature.

Line art or Black and White art:
2k for waist-up or head shot.
2.3k for full body.

Couple art::


Waist-up or more:
7k-10k I understand, that's sort of expensive. But I'm new to CGing and it takes a while, it's not the easiest thing to do, so you're paying for art that looks cleaner, and to help heal my mental anguish.

I also accept items in the form of payment.
Sealed envelopes, donation items, and items that you find on my wishlist (check profile) are all acceptable items for trade. If you would like to trade an item that you do not see on my wishlist, simply ask me if I'll accept it as payment. I also am currently looking for clothes for my alternate account, so I may accept even male-only clothing.

What I won't do
*Mecha. Cars. You know, mechanical things. >,<

*Overly buff people, I just can't do it. ;=;

*Sun staffs.

*Sex (Slightly erotic, or sexy things are fine. But I won't do the all out act of having sex.)

What I will do

*Nudity (Well, female nudity. No penises XD )


*"Ugly" Avatars

Just request it, I probably do it.

Bribe List
The list of things that I will do, but only for a bonus.

*Those Key blade things. (See Tsubusa's finished work)
*Mostly/All Black avatars
*RoRo Puppies

Ways to bribe me:
*Donation items / Letters
*Sealed letters
*Any nice item on my wishlist in my profile
*Or just say how much gold you're willing to pay, and I'll let you know if it's enough to bribe me.
*Art trades.

Order form:
Body size: (Full, waist-up, ect.)
Type: Line Art, Black and White, ect. ect.
Number of people: 1 or 2, only.
Specifications: Anything I need to know about the art. Tattoos, piercings, personalities, particular poses you want. If you want it in a particular drawing style. So on and so forth.
Amount you're willing to pay:

Click this to send me a trade.

Waiting List:
1. Yasashii_Ketsu

2. DustKeeper
4. Alixia
5. Moonlight Vixen
7. NightDesire
8.Pandora Box
Green Position Available

User Image
gaoGAO - Blue

Just hired and now open!!!!!!!!!

About the Artist:
For those of you who don't know me, my name is Gao Chan or just plain Gao. I don't really like to be called anything else due to mass confusion so i'm going to spare that part. I'm 20 years old and from New York state Long Island working as a Pharmacy Tech. Okay enough of the boring stuff now lets talk about something more interesting like how i became an artist. Hmm lets see, i've been drawing ever since i was old enough to hold a pen in my hand and that's further back then i could remember. I don't refer to myself as the most amazing artist but i like to keep up with it as much as i can. When i start drawing something i do intend to finish the project. If it's one thing i hate most its unfinished work. I'm not a procrastinator. I hate laying my projects off and if i ever do that, i would have to be a very good reason for it. My media is MS Paint and Flash art but i sometimes use other programs like Open Canvas and Oekaki. My favorite thing to draw is chibi art plus everything and anything cute. XD I'm obsessed with Japanese and Korean boy bands. Esp. Dbsk and Se7en if you've ever heard of them. I could be random at times and say things to make people laugh like cheese or homg pancakes! Don't ask. I don't have an explanation for that one. sweatdrop I also like giving away freebie art to nice people so if you're one of those here you might just get one. I don't give away freebie art to everyone so please no beging or you will not make it on my good list. Okay, i think i've typed enough and there's really nothing else to know about me.

Will Do:
-chibi art
-OC art [original characters]
-Fan Art

Wont Do:
-cluttered avi art
-mecha or k-style [muscular]
-Complex art

Impoortant news:
*before you order, i just want to let everyone know my situation right now. I have some depressing news but not all as sad as you might be thinking. My monster computer's montherboard has crashed which means i have a lot of lost art. How will this effect you? I have not installed Flash Macromedia on my spare laptop so i will only be drawing in MS Paint. Please be paitient as it may take a while for me to get my old computer up and runnning**
User Image

Order form:

I'm getting art from Gao Chan!
avatar image:
Flash Art:
Chibi style 1:
Chibi style 2:
MS Paint:
Half Body:
pose: optional
any additional clothing:

also, please give me a proper image of the art you want drawn.
I will not accept art that says, "draw current avi"
from my experience, people tend to change their avis way too much and it may confuse me.
User Image


Flash Art:
chibi style 1:
[[x]] [[x]]
Chibi Style 2:
[[x]] [[x]] [[x]] [[x]] [[x]]
Chibi style 2 couples:
[[x]] [[x]] [[x]] [[x]]
[[x]] [[x]]

MS Paint:
Chibi: [[x]]
Half body:
Head Shot:
[[x]] [[x]] [[x]]

I will take sealeds (or equivilant value) as well as possibly art trades. Please PM me if you wish to hold and art trade so I may give confirmation.

Please note:
i do have the right to refuse an offer.

Waiting List:
i will only accept 5 commissions at a time so if you see i'm full please don't place the order until a slot is available.
User Image

in order for me to start drawing i need to see a pending trade.
please no not send your trades to [prism] she is only the shops mule.
if you would like to order art from me, send your trades to me directly.
Pick up:

User Image
Benign_Poison - {Indigo}

Status: Closed!

User ImageAnnouncement! I am now offering freebies to anyone who bumps to 100!User Image

Hi, my name is Benign_Poison, Poison for short wink I am 20 years old and live in Texas. I will be graduating soon with my associates in arts and transfering to Baylor University in the spring. I
enjoy reading, writing, drawing, anime, movies, rock music and just hanging out.

My style is a manga/anime style, and I'm beginning to experiment with chibis, so look for some chibi art in the near future!

Notice: I now have the full version of PSP X, Painter Essentials 3, and openCanvas, so look for CG'd art in the near future! blaugh





[X] [X]



Inked Line Art:



[X] [X][X]



Fan Art (Sketches):



User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
User Image

3nodding Will Draw: 3nodding

~ Men
~ Women
~ OC's (with reference or good descriptions)
~ Shy yuri and yaoi
~ Couples
~ Avatar art
~ Tasteful nudity
~ Fan art (with reference)

xp Will NOT Draw xp

~ Crowded Avatars
~ Excessive Plushies or animals
~ Mechs
~ Full furries (tails and ears are alright)
~ Pornograhic art
~ Full nudity
~ Excessive gore


Sketches: 800g for head shot
900g for wait-up
1K for full body
Chibi head-shots: 750g
Chibi half body: 1K
Chibi full: 2k
Head Shots: 1K
Waist up: 2k
Full body: 5k
Hand Colored: +500
CG Colored: +3K
Simple Background: +1K
Additional people: +5k

Matching Headers/Side Bars/Buttons:500g per

Example: A CG colored, full body couple piece: 13k

I wil occassionally accept items for art as well. If you're interested in trading items for art, PM me. DO NOT request art, then pay with an item unless I have given you the okay to do so!

Ordering Information:

Artist Name: Benign_Poison
Name: (your name)
Type of art: (Specify waist-up, full body, etc)
Color?: (yes or no)
Inked?: (yes or no)
Reference pic: (pic of your desired avi or OC character. If no reference for OC character, please put a detailed description here)
Alterations?: ( If you desire any chanes to your art's clothes in way of color, or which extra, non-gaian items to be drawn on your avi, please list them here)
Extra information: ( if you feel you need to say anything more, please put that here)

Banner Ordering:

Artists Name: Benign_Poison
Side or Standard?:
Approx. Size:
Any desired images: (ie your avatar, dream avi, dream avi items. please provide the image)
Extra info: (desired colors/general look of the banner)

Send Form to [Prism], the shop mule. Please include the artist's name in the PM title.

Send payment to the individual artist, in this case, Benign_Poison.

Waiting List:

1)Katarra_Bloodstone - couple art (in progress XP)
2)Vamp_yuripa - full body inked OC (haven't started)
3)igor_maried_me - CG'd full OC (shading)

Status: Closed!


I have the right to refuse service. In the event I refuse service, there will be no charges and all exsisting trades will be terminated. I have a waiting list posted for a reason. If you send in an order when my list is full, you will be ignored. I also reserve the right to deny service based on your conduct in this thread. In other words, rude people = no art for you. This has been a public service announcement from Poison. You may now resume normal activities.
User Image


They carved a message deep within our broken hearts that failed to mend: Make-Out Kids never had a chance to be best friends

'ello there, Kitsune's the name. I'm a sophomore in high school with pretty much no life xP I enjoy drawing, but school work keeps me busy...that or I procrastinate a lot. I'm a rather random person and have weird moods, but for the most part I'm pretty mellow :]


User Image User Image User Image User Image

User Image User Image

User Image User Image User Image User Image

User Image User Image (WIP)


Art Status

Work In Progress:
1. [Saria]
2. [X]
3. [x]

Waiting List:
1. [x]
2. [X]
3. [x]


3nodding Will Draw 3nodding
-Shounen/Shoujou Ai
- Light/Artistic Nudity (But it may not be very good. ^^; )
- SHY Yaoi/Yuri (But it may not be very good ^^; )
- OCs (I love drawing them, actually)
- Avatars
- Fanart if reference(s) is/are provided
- Couples
- Realistic
- some degree of animalistic characters/animals. I'm not too good at them >> tho'

sweatdrop Will NOT Draw sweatdrop
- Mecha x_x
- Very cluttered avatars
- yaoi/yuri/hentai, unless it's very shy
- manly men/guys XD;;
- Old people

Shading Only
Headshot - 500
Bust - 700
Waist up - 800
Fullbody - 1.5k - 2.5k
Couples - 3.5k - 4k

Traditional Color
Headshot - 450
Bust - 650
Waist Up - 700 - 1k
Full Body - 1k - 1.5k
Couples - 2.5k - 4k

Digital Color (CG)
Head shot - 900
Bust - 1k - 1.5k
Waist Up - 2k - 2.5 k
Full Body - 3k - 3.5k
Couples - 5k - 6.5k

Clean Drawing (Digitally inked, no shading)
Head Shot - 750
Bust - 900
Waist Up - 1k - 1.5k
Full Body - 2k - 2.5k
Couples - 3k - 4.5k

Depends on what you want me to do. Tell me and I'll give you a rough estimate

Prices vary depending on how complex it is and whatnot. The reason why CGed images are priced so high is because it takes me a long time to do them, I don't have a tablet, and...I don't like doing them very much @__@ sweatdrop

Group shots will depend on how many people are in it and how complex the poses are

Artist: Kitsune (Apathicxtears)
Name: [your name/username/nickname here]
Type: (Headshot, Bust, Waist-Up, FullBody, Couple, GroupShot, OC,etc...)
Coloring: (Lineart, b/w shading, colored, CGed,etc...)
Background: ( Yes/No, if yes, describe background)
Describe image: (Please be very descriptive here with clothing, expression, pose if you want something specific. If not just say "artistic license" wink
Personality of character(s)?: (If you don't have anything specific in mind for the pose and such. Please be descriptive. "Loyal" just doesn't work here. -_- )
Reference Pictures? (if yes, please include)
Extra Info?:

User Image

[Saria] and Benign_Poison are offering up collab art!

Poison will provide the lineart and [Saria] will lend her awesome CG skills to color! 3nodding


Full body: 5k
Head Shots: 3k
Waist up: 3.5k
Couples: 7k
Chibi headshots: 1k
Chibi waist-up: 1.5k
Chibi full: 2k
Chibi couples: 3k

Note: Prices have changed but this WILL NOT affect current commissions!

The payment for Saria/Poison will be split 50/50, so when you recieve the lineart, pay half to Benign_Poison, and when you recieve the colored, half to Saria. If you have any questions, PM [Prism].

Order Form:

Collab Art from: [Saria] and Benign_Poison
Type of art:
Picture of avi: (if OC, please provide a picture here or a detailed description)
Additional info: (desired pose, facial expression, etc.)

Waiting List:

o1- Closed
o2- Closed
o3- Closed

Status: Closed!


PM the order form to [Prism], the shop's mule! Thanks!
User Image

Keep checking back here for bump contests, post contests, maybe even avi contests in the near future! We want to make this thread fun, and anything where you have a chance at gold or free art is fun, am I right? wink

Current Contests:

Benign_Poison (Indigo) will be giving free chibi head-shots to anyone who bumps to 100. Please count your bumps!
Saria (Orange) will be giving away free art for being a cool person. Chill around the thread.

Contest Winners:

st4rri3 has bumped to 50, winning free art from Fallen Child of Summer!

Mirumoto_Tsubasa has bumped to 50, winning free at from Fallen Child of Summer!

Mirumoto_Tsubasa has bumped to 100! She wins free art from Poison!

st4rri3 has bumped to 100! She wins free art from Poison!

Doometh was the first to post on page 100, winning a waist-up coloured picture from waichin88.


Some of our artists have generously offered to do freebies at random for people in the thread! How nice, huh? Keep an eye out for opprotunities to win some free art from our talented artists!

Current Freebies:

Apathicxtears (Violet) will be doing freebies for random people. Have kinky chibi adventures after midnight involving cheesecake and bondage and you have a better chance of free art whee

Freebie Winners:

st4rri3 has won free art from Fallen child Of Summer for being the first non-crew poster on page 40!

Mirumoto_Tsubasa has won free art from Fallen child of summer for being the first non-crew poster on page 50!

bigclouzz2 has won free art from Fallen Child of Summer for being the first non-crew poster on page 60!

King Henry was the first, non-crew poster on page 200, winning a freebie from Teka!

Katarra_Blodstone was the first on pg.220, winning a free chibi head-shot from Poison!
User Image

Are you interested in an art trade? Or interested in drawing art for us? Ask about letting US commission YOU! All you have to do is send the individual artist a PM about the trade/commission, IF they are looking for art! There will be no drawing art and THEN saying that we have to pay you. We're not paying for something we didn't want in the first place!

~We Want Art!~ D:

[Saria]'s Requests:

Yes, Saria wants art. Meta Knight x Kafei art~! Click here for more info.

Poison's Requests:

Poison is looking for people to do art trades! If you're intersted in trading art, please PM Benign_Poison with samples of your work to arrange a trade!

Poison is also looking for art of her OC's! PM her for details!

User Image

Link us!

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.


User Image


Links out:

User Image

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image

User Image

User Image

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