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Welcome to Femme' Fatale'.
We are a Joint Art Shoppe full of female artists that mainly sticks to drawing just girls...and if your lucky an accasional guy XP.

I have basically created these "Femme' Fatale' Joint Art Shops to help those who want to get their name out on gaia with their art work, for those who never held an art shop, and those who are still progressing and have potential in art, and also to be in a positive and friendly enviroment and build friendship. <3

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(1) Follow all TOS rules. Gaiaonline has rules for a reason... stick to it.
(2) Respect all that are in this thread or be banned/blocked/ignored.
(3) NO DRAMA... my other shop died because of it. If you have problems keep them in your inbox's or pm's... not in the shop, it scares people away.
(4) Have fun... Just don't over spam... I mean bumps are fine and dandy like cotton candy... but spam is just yucky.

Like I said this is going to be a " female only " art thread.

exclaim heart If you want to add Femme' fatale' as a affiliate to your thread... let us know <3 We will be glad to add you ^_^ heart

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Our Artists in Femme Fatale are:

User ImageUser ImageUser Image

User Image
*WOW* so many artists <3 and I love them all
So show everyone the respect they deserve <3

if you would like to be affiliate with our Shop or wish to add on
to the Monopoly of Femme Fatale Joint Art Shops
Pm Me and I will be more than happy to discuss business ^_^ <3

*click here for affiliate section and random stuffs*

and also...

*click here if you are interested in becoming part of the Femme' Fatale' Joint Art Shop Threads as an Artist*

Stay-Chat-Have Fun <3

(now open for the time being)

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******************************** RULES ********************************

Now I do have rules in this shop PLEASE READ AND FOLLOW!

1. No Drama...
save it for your momma' or poppa. >.>

2. NO L33T Speak or whatever you call it...
it's hard on eyes and annoying.
I don't mind "lol" "roflmao" or others along that nature but not words spelt with
letters and numbers. Thanks.

3. I have the right to refuse any offer if I do not like your avatar.
*list of reasons I would decline*
If your avi is:
Too Cluttered
One Solid Color all the way from head to toe
Has a gun... (long story on why I hate guns)
More will come once I think of it.

4. No advertising!
If you want to advertise pm me first!
I will be willing to add you to the " Affiliates Section ".

Follow them... they are there for a reason!

(more will be added when they pop in mind)

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******************************** Pixels ********************************

These are Examples of the pixels I do...

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

So now you know what my mini pixel's look like smile

Now also...

If you want I can put your mini pixil into a glass dome <3


User Image

And if you are ordering for a friend and it's their Birthday!!!
Make it Known!

I will do the avi of your friend and put them on top of a cupcake for free! <3


User Image


I will be doing night and day backgrounds ^_^
If you want a set of night and day request it in the special part of order form <3

night: User Image User Image :day

I am now doing animated pixels!
User Image

I can do simple things but not too complex ^_^

So, if you like what you see... feel free to order ^_^ <3

Bases are Credited to
User Image

User Image

******************************** TO ORDER ********************************

To Order my mini's is simple <3


For 1 Mini: 500gg
For 2 Mini's: 1,000gg (1k)

For 1 Pixel with glass dome case: 750gg
For 2 Pixels with glass dome case: 1,500gg (1.5k)

For a Pixel in a single night or day: 1,500gg (1k)
For a Pixel in a set of Night/Day: 2,500gg (2k)

For animated small Pixel: 1,100 (1.1k)

Keep in Mind when Ordering!!!!! X3

1. I will give a random pixel here and there for free!

2. There will be times I am away for a bit... and if I do that I will cancel trades
and give everyone " Freebie Chibi's " for the patience of waiting.

4. If you are ordering for a friend and it's their Birthday...
I will put them on top of a cupcake for free!
Just make it known in the " Any special things to add " part of the Order form!

P.S. I will not take any order if trade has not been sent
I had people order art from me and when they had their art they did not send trade... and took their pixel
and left with out a word or reason why... *sadface*
So, I will not do any orders now unless I see trade sent
and I will not add you to the list.
-Sorry for the Inconvenience-


:heart: I HAVE AN ORDER RAVIEEEEEE!!!!! :heart:

Name: ( your name )

Picture of Oc/s or Avi/s you want to mini pixeled:(post pic)

how many are you ordering:

Animated: Yes / No

Any special things to add: Yes / No (post example)

Total (unless it is and art/item trade) :

I am sending trade !!!! -Now-!!!!.

" I, ______(your name here)______ understand that you will not accept the trade till art is done. And if I void the trade at all I understand I will not recieve art until trade is re-sent. "


User Image

******************************** WAITING LIST ********************************
(will only do 5 at a time)

Nurofen x-2

******************************** FINISHED ORDERS ********************************


User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image


User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

Cupcake Mini (animated and non-animated):

User ImageUser ImageUser Image


User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image


User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

Night/Day Animated:

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

User Image

!~ Pixel Princess ~!
:Art Of A Priestess Thread:

Hello there and welcome to my shop
User Image
exclaim WILL NOT DO exclaim

Cluttered avatars
Nude Avis
Pets (most of the time)

exclaim I Will Do exclaim
Almost anything
Guys (even though this shop is mainly for girls)
Real Life Drawings (if you want a Pixel done of your real self I do that too.)
Off Site Avi's (like Roliana, Solia, Meneshwa, Ernya, Ext.)
Weapons (if I can't I will leave them out)
Yaoi and Yuri Couples, no hentai though please lol

All my drawings are done with my tablet and SAI, and backgrounds are done with SAI and PhotoshopCS4
Examples Here On My DA

Chibi: 40k
Bust: 30k
Headshot: 20k
Waist-up: 60k
Fullbody: 80k or Wishlist Items

I will post most wanted items under the slots page, those who offer them will get 2 fullbodys with backgrounds!

For Order and Slot Status Go Here

[size=18][b][color=deeppink][i][align=center]:heart::heart:Lady Kara Draw Me Please!:heart::heart:
Avi to be Drawn:
Pose Idea's?:
Background Ideas?:
Anything Extra?:
Color Style?: (Colored Pencil, Photoshop (new) or lineart)
Total: (unless it is a art trade let it be known here)

I am sending trade Now.
" I,****Username Here)**** understand that you will not accept the trade till art is done. And if I void the trade at all I understand I will not recieve art until trade is re-sent. "[/[/align][/i][/color][/b][/size]

Finished orders will be posted to my My DA

Tipsy Reveler

10,650 Points
  • Friendly 100
  • Contributor 150
  • Elocutionist 200
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Status: Very Open

Hello there!
I am psychotic__Gal. You can call me psy (or any variation other than "gal" for some reason that just bugs me).

If we were doing our "Femme Fatale" Theme, I would be the Black Canary.

I am enthusiastic, and I procrastinate [on important things] So depending on what's going on in my life...I may finish your art VERY quickly or sometimes slowly. I don't really know.

>> I love art trades! Show me your work and we can work something out, maybe<<

please send the trade right after you post the order form; I won't accept it until I am done with your art, then I will accept, etc. and you will accept then I will give you the art. Please use the page number you posted the order on in the title for the trade...you can also send your order form in PM. Although I would prefer it posted in the thread...I get side tracked very easily. : D

No Can Do::
× guys (unless Bribed)
× Elemental hair (really. they hate me.)
×Yaoi // Yuri // P0rn // Nudity
×Couples (unless bribed)
× OCs without reference pictures (I need references T.T )
× Mecha // full furry
×Some items (ask me)


Digital Chibi
A B C Dx E F

Digital Regular
Ax B C D

Glorified stick figure
x x

Digital Couple/Group:

Traditional Chibi

Traditional Regular
Ax Bx C D E F

Traditional Couple/Group:


Digital Chibi
A. 20k
x-0-x B. 25k (inclu. b.g.) x-0-x C. 5k x-0-x D.10k x-0-x E. 7k x-0-x F. 5k

Digital Regular
A. 13k
x-0-x B. Bribe x-0-xC.11k x-0-xD. 40k
Glorified stick figure

Digital Couple/Group:
Bribe me.

Traditional Chibi
A. 10k
x-0-x B. 8k x-0-x C. 4k x-0-xD.10k

Traditional Regular
A. 13k
x-0-xB. 8k x-0-xC.20k x-0-xD. Bribe x-0-xE. 4k x-0-xF. 8k

Traditional Couple/Group:
bribe me.

Please note:
For a bribe I expect something HIGHER than the normal amount I do things for.
If you'd like to bribe items, I'll only accept current MC's and EI's. Thank you

[color=darkblue][size=28]Psy![/size] [size=18]psy![/size] [size=24]PSSSY[/size][/color]

[b]Medium::[/b] [Digital /or / Traditional]
[b]Form::[/b] [Chibi / or / regular / or / glorified stick figure / or / Couple]
[b]Style::[/b] [you see the sample link letters? provide that. Thank you]
[b]Reference(s)::[/b] [ Don't say current avatar. provide image]
[b]Flob::[/b] [ yes or no-- digital art only; free ]
[b]Background::[/b] [backgrounds are +/- 3k depending]
[b]Note(s)::[/b] [any special notes?][/size]
[size=14][b] Total ::: [/b][/size][/color]

[color=darkblue][size=14] [b]Thank you, psy!![/b][/size][/color]

User Image
Psy! psy! PSSSY

Medium:: [ Traditional]
Form:: [regular]
Style:: [A]
Reference(s):: User Image
Total ::: 13k

Thank you, psy!!

User Image
Mirumoto (Avatar)
Mirumoto (OOC)
Da-ku-chan [comic]
Korin089 [auction piece]
moo_c0w_J3ss *part one*
No lines / with lines Moo_c0w_J3ss*part 2*

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DragnGuy7's Wife

Romantic Witch

25,040 Points
  • V-Day 2011 Event 100
  • Team Jacob 100
  • Object of Affection 150
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User Image
ichi banme arisu wa isamashiku ken o katate ni, fushigi no kuni.
ironna mono o kiri sute te, makka na michi o shii te itta.
sonna arisu wa, mori no oku.
tsumibito no you ni tojikome rare te.
mori ni deki ta michi igai ni, kanojo no sei o shiru sube wa nashi.

:::NekoMida's Art Thread :::

Name-NekoMida/Mida/Neko-any is preferred

Style-inky! **Now with CG XD
Will do-Anthro, yuri, yaoi (on occasion!), OC's, fanart, etc.
Won't do-complete nudity, hentai, muscley people, COLOR (unless bribed, very very heavily).
Rarely does-spikey hair. Can do, but still practicing it smile

Please PM me all orders with page number!

Likes: art trades, tips, RavenPandorah & my shop sisters heart 4laugh , Korin, items and golds heart
Doesn't like-art thieves, rude people, BEGGARS-don't beg please, illiteracy (i.e. 1337, etc.) <3

NOTE-Neko is going into college. However, if you PM her your form, you'll get art within 3 days :3.

Samples of sexy arts:
Sexy Devils
Rukia Ninja
Neko in the Past

**NEW!! CG!**Pirate Couple
Tiger Lily

Prices(can be haggled to a degree):
Single fullbody-25k+ (depends on difficulty)
Couples-50k+ (depends on difficulty)
Chibis-5k smile

The ART Form:
Heeeyyyy NekoMidaaa!
Style of art (chibi,etc.)-
Hand or CG?-
Avvie(s) to be drawn-

Available Slots:


Freebies-only given to regulars or buddies wink

Completed orders && Pickup:

The first Alice was a gallant red one
Wielding a sword in a hand in the wonderland
Slicing down everything in her way
She was followed by a bloody red path.
This new Alice deep in the woods
Was trapped as a wanted fugitive
If it weren't for the red path that she made
No one would think that she even existed.
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User Image
Korin's Corner~

Gracious Prophet

User Image

Status: Hiatus

Hello! I'm EtchedSpirit. I love to draw and every time I do it I love it even more. If you want art from me you can get it, the only thing is that my art does take some time to receive. sweatdrop But hey, everyone who has waited a long time has told me "It was worth the wait" so, you be the judge ;D I do have a freebies thread where I randomly draw people, but if you do want guaranteed art from me, this is the place to do it =D I also have a DA Account if you are interested. Make sure to write the word 'spiffy' somewhere on your order that way I know you read everything ;D Below are some examples and their styles. Please use the order form.Oh yes, I do enjoy art trades as well ;D
User Image
✗ Will Not Do ✗
Guys(bribe me and we'll talk)
✗Mecha (I'm bad at robotic type-stuff! D; )
✗Cluttered avatars (will let you know if your avi is too cluttered)
✗Yaoi/Yuri/Nudity/Porn (Don't even try to bribe me)
✗Animals/Furries (I suck an animals too)


Style One
Style Two
Style Three
Style Four
Style Five
Style Six
Style Seven (limited)
Grab bag: It's like a surprise style. It's cheap because most of the time you wont get anything super awsome but sometimes...you just might. Luck of the draw I say! Dare to go for it? (no examples available (:< )


Style One:---------------------------------------------30K (as is) only 3 times a month
Style Two:-------------------------------------------------------32K only 3 times a month
Style Three:--------------------------8k (as is) Unlimited (provided slots are open)
Style Four:-------------------------------------5k Unlimited (provided slots are open)
Style Five:-------------------------------------7k Unlimited (provided slots are open)
Style Six:------------------------------------1.5k Unlimited (provided slots are open)
Style Seven:---------------------------------------------50k (as is) Once a month only
Grab Bag:-----------------------------------500g Unlimited (provided slots are open)
Background:--------------------1k extra, on CG art only. It will be similar to this

What you see is what you get. So if you see a headshot in the style, you will get a headshot, if you see full body you will get full body. Feel free to mix and match styles! (Ex. I want style 2 but just a head shot) Just let me know which style and which attribute of each style and I will price it accordingly. If your avi does have a lot of items I might remove some if they get in the way of the picture (For the sake of the 'prettiness' of the drawing) If there is an item that you MUST have on there let me know that way I don't exclude it without you wanting me to.Make sure to write the word 'exquisite' somewhere on your order that way I know you read everything ;D
In order to pay for your art, YOU must first start the trade after you have placed your order otherwise you run the chance of me missing it. I will accept the trade when I have completed your art and given it to you.

⋆⊱Order Form⊰⋆
(Please use it)

Status: Hiatus

[size=18][color=#388E8E]Hey EtchedSpirit!
Username: (Enter username here)
Link to what you want drawn: [Avatar, OC, etc...]
I want style: (i.e. 1, 2, 3...)
Background?: (Style 4 only)
Must have items:
Suggest a *pose?:

*You may suggest a pose, but if it's too hard for me to draw you're out of luck. I'll let you know if that happens.You don't have to suggest a pose either. If you don't have one, leave it blank.

⋆⊱Art Trade Order Form⊰⋆

[color=#388E8E][size=24]EtchedSpirit! I have a proposal! :3[/size]
[size=18]Username: (Enter username here)
What I want drawn: (Avatar, OC, etc... Link please)
I want style: (i.e. 1, 2, 3...)
What I'm offering: (link please)
Please include the following items: ( put must have items here)
I want my pose to be:[/size][/color]

⋆⊱EtchedSpirit's ONE SACRED Rule⊰⋆

Once you have received your art please PM letting me know if you were satisfied with it or not. It would be awsome if you could include a critique but it is not required (Thanks!)

⋆⊱Additional Info⊰⋆

The number to the right hand side of the names in the slots indicates what style they ordered. You can do the math from there =)
User Image= Working on it
User Image= Coloring
User Image= Needs to send trade

User Image

(1)Sharifa Sagira --7

(2)Da-Ku-Chan x2 Style 2


⋆⊱Art Trades⊰⋆

(1)Pixel Princess Kara

(2)Pixel Princess Kara

(3)Pixel Princess Kara

User Image

[Ouran High Hostess][Hydrating Buffalo][NekoMida][Rishiki][Twilight Towns Kara Eto][Montressa][Kawaii Kai Kitsune][Greivous Bodily Harm][Sweet yukki][Princess from Mars][Legit Innuendo][Nibzo][Xxonly_the_fallenxX][Jenna Jokerface][oOxsammyXoO][Da-Ku-Chan][Erulastiel01][m00_c0w_j3ss][B l u m ][Sonpi-Chan][Sonpi-Chan][Jenny Kay_x][Jenna Jokerface][m00_c0w_j3ss][Adrienne Higureshi][Adrienne Higureshi][Adrienne Higureshi][Saint Hiroku][Isuzurin][Keiza of the Fortress][Jenna Jokerface][psychotic__Gal][x][x][x][x][x]

6,250 Points
  • Hygienic 200
  • Invisibility 100
  • Dressed Up 200

Hey I'm Batkitty7; Call me Batkitty, or Kitty, or Bat, or whatnot, xD
I do computer grapic art on Illustrator, color in Photoshop.
I also do banners, I'm told I'm pretty good, if you want some, PM me. :3
I will do bribes and art trades, and mainly draw girls.
I'm a nice person as long as your nice. Make me mad and well, you won't like me.
I Dunno what else to say so yeah, order some art from all the great artists, there all talented! ♥

Will Do:
•Art Trades
•Most Anything not on The Won't Do List.
Won't Do:
•Males (Unless Bribed)
•Complete Nudity
•Most Tattoos


Headshot: 3k
Waist Up: 7k
Knee Up: 8.5k
Chibi: Coming Soon~
Full Body: Bribe
Couples: Bigger Bribe
Color: 2-4k Depends on the Size.

1. Adrienne Higureshi - Coloring
2. JennyKay_x - Waiting [x]
3. Korin089 - Auction Winner -Waiting

Finished Orders:
heart Jenna Jokerface heart Rishiki heart Da-ku-chan heart

Order Forum:
Please please please Follow it, I can't stress this enough!

:heart: Extra Extra! Read all about it, Batkitty7 has an order! :heart:

Username: (Your Username Here)
Refrence: (Link a nonchanging refrence here)
Type: (Knee Up, Waist Up, etc.)
Color/NonColor: (Color or No Color)
Any Last Words?: (Anything else you need to say)

I am sending trade Now.
" I, [u](Your Username Here)[/u] understand that you will not accept the trade till
art is done. And if I void the trade at all I understand I will not receive art until
trade is re-sent. "

Questing Inks, Donations would be great. (:
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

Wheezing Zealot

11,550 Points
  • Trader 100
  • Entrepreneur 150
  • Wall Street 200
__ G B H ____ a r t __ t h r e a d ___

Hey hey all, I am Greivous Bodily Harm (aka GBH ). I am a collage student and I am learning to become an animator as well as a web designer, I want to make a comic books and have fun. smile Im nice enough just dont be a dumb dumb and tick me off otherwise you will be head less smile

__ X a m p l e z __ & __ p r I c e __

{chibi style 1}- 8k
5 min wonders- 3-6k (750g for regulars)
head shot 1- 10k
head shot 2- 8k
Vector Head shot- 8k can be made much larger
Torso shot 1- 15k
Torso Shot 2- 20k
Full body 1- 28k
Full Body 2- 40k
Anime (limited once a month)- 40k
Comic Style- 50k
Star Wars 2d Clone wars style- 25k

100k Mega Order

100k will get you 4 pictures of any style you want from the group above. Regular buyers will get 1 maybe 2 picture free smile So the more you mass order, the more you could save!
Limited Edition styles are excluded from this. (Either A full Body or Comic style, eithyer one of the other in orders.) For any questions feel free to PM me

Limited Edition Style (LIMITED)- 100k

Couple art is x2 of the style art you choose, up to 6k can be removed from the price if I like you.
Yes I do Yuri, (you may need to bribe me because I may not be in the mood) and YOAI you must bribe me via PM

Backgrounds- From 1k up to 6k extra (depending on what you want will depend on the price)

Banners (ranging from 7-35k depending on size and complexity):
They can move blink, resize themselves. Depending on what you want them to do it can be done, Will be given as a flash file unless otherwise specified, if you tell me in gif or not.
Moving texts and background will cost 3k for each bit

Blinking Eyes- 10k for plain
For colored and moving up to 20k, Large 35k (Depending on what you want)
Advertising No picture- Medium 7k
Advertizing banner w/picture- Small 7k, Medium 8.5k Large: 11k

Large Banner w/picture examples: [Style1][style2]

More style are avalible and you can bribe me if worst comes to worst.

__ BRIBES 'n NO Go3S __

Nudity (BRIBE VIA PM- Females more likely then males)



I Do it, you pay it, you bale out I will sniper you while you sleep

___ ORD ER _ F 0 RM ___
If you dont use it, I wont do it.
Please PM me your order forms so that I dont loose it.


[color=#6cff00][i][b][size=24]hey... GBH, since you love me an all...:[/size][/b][/i]
Username: (Enter username here)
Link to what you want drawn: [Avatar to use]
I want style: (name here)
Color?: (yes, no)
Price: (Price plus tips)
Anything to add?: (background ect,)[/color]


[color=#ffcf38][b]GBH GBH! BANNER RIGHT HERE SISTA![/b][/color]
What type: (moving non-moving)
Style: (Blinking, advertising, thread banners)
Price: (price plus tips)

Please and thank you :3 I will let everyone know that you did my banner :3[/color]

*You can sugest a pose and color scheme if you wish. But if i cant do it, then you get what I give you


BOLD= Done
Italic = in progress
Underline = still pending

Only 5 slots at a time I will do. Since I do take some time to do



<User Image>

User Image

~ Panda Art ~

Ello Dahh-ling biggrin
Im Panda Bear Goes Rawr. but really I'm Panda ;D
I like to smile:]
I made an order form, so if you could use it that'd be AWESOME ;]

~ Will Do: ~

Nude Peoples but imma gonna cover that stuff ya know
anything Not on the wont do's
~ Will Not Do: ~

Cluttered Avatars

~ Prices ~

Headshot: 1.5k
Waist: 4k
Fullbody: 7k

Waist: 8k
Fullbody: 14k

Headshot: 1k
Waist: 3k
Fullbody: 6k

Chibi Couple:
Headshot: 2k
Waist: 6k
Fullbody: 12k


Normal Avi:
(coming soon)
Chibi Style 1:
Chibi Style 2:
Knee Shot:
Full Body:

~ Panda say follow this ~
When you get your art I need to know if you are satisfied. Pm me to tell me if you were satisfied.

Edits cannot be maid after color is applied. If you would like to see the copy before it's colored let me know!

~ Order Form ~

[size=24]Pandaroo I Love You!![/size]

OC or Avatar:
I want a:
Poses (if you have a preference):
Color (yes or no)
Line Art(if color is no):
Extras (want your name or a symbol on it?)
Will want to see it before it's colored to make any final edits(yes or no):

Panda, I [u] (Insert Name Here) [/u] am aware that I must send a trade as of right now for my order to be completed. Shall I fail to pay , and take my art, I will be put on the blacklist and reported. I know you will not accept the trade until my art is finished.

Orders I am Currently Working On:
1. Neko-Mida

Orders I Am Trying To Get To:

Finished Orders

heart [x]

heart [x]

heart [x]

heart [x]

heart [x]

Past Customers/ White Lisst<3
iEuphie heart
cari_mae heart
da-ku-chan heart
iEuphie heart
Rishiki heart

User Image

User Image

~ iEuphie's Art ~

Hi I'm iEuphie. I have many styles. I love to draw a lot. I don't have too draw you but I can if I want. I procrastinate sometimes. And I DO CHARGE FOR COLOR!

~ Examples ~
[ heart ]
[ heart ][ heart ][ heart ][ heart ][ heart ][ heart ][ heart ][ heart ][ heart ]
[ heart ][ heart ][ heart ]

~ Will Do: ~
Nude Peoples (censored if really nude I can make items cover those parts too wink )
anything Not on the wont do's

~ Will Not Do: ~
Cluttered Avatars
Anything or Anyone I don't want to do

~ Anime Prices ~
Headshot - 2k
Shoulder - 3k
Waist - 5k
Fullbody 10k

Couples :
Headshot- 4k
Shoulder 6k
waist - 10k
Fullbody 20k

~Realism/Semi-Realism Prices~
Headshot- 4k
Shoulder- 5k
Waist- 7k
Fullbody- 12k

Headshot- 8k
Shoulder- 10k
Fulbody: 24k

~Chibi Prices~
Fullbody: 3k

~ Order Form ~

[size=18][color=lime]:heart:Hi iEuphie:heart:
I want a:
Style: (realistic,anime,chibi,semi-realism)
Paper or Computer:

Slots : ) :

( 1 ) cari_mae pg=222
( 2 ) ll SlaSh ll pg=262
( 3 ) Panda Bear Goes RAWR pg=277
( 4 )
( 5 )


( 1 )
( 2 )
( 3 )

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Tenauri's Significant Otter

Loyal Codger

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          Hi there, I'm Sonpi-Chan but please call me Sonpi (or whatever nickname you'd like to give). It's a pleasure to meet you!
          Generally my pictures are done traditionally but I now have a tablet and can do some computer pictures as well. Usually I color my pictures but some days my art comes out better without color. So if you're wanting color, you better state so! Though once you order, I will do my best to get the pictures to you as soon as possible, so please be patient. CG pictures may take longer than traditional because I'm still relatively new to it. So do expect them to take longer on some occasions. For more examples of my art, do check out my deviantArt.

          Please note only one commission slot per person unless things are going slow and you just absolutely have to. It would also be great if you would read through this once in awhile due to constant changes and/or updates to available slots and what types of art are available at that current time.
          Thank you!

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          Headshot Samples
          [x] [x] [x]

          Waist Up Samples
          [x] [x] [x]

          Chibi Samples
          [x] [x] [x]

          Full Body Samples
          [x] [x] [x]

          Fan Art Samples
          [x] [x] [x]

          Chibi Couple Samples
          [x] [x] [x]

          Regular Couple Samples
          [x] [x] [x]

          [x] [x] [x]

          CGed Samples
          [x] [x] [x]

          User Image

                                        Traditional Art Prices
                                        Head shot: 3,000 gold
                                        Waist Up: 6,000 gold
                                        Chibi: 8,000 gold
                                        Full Body: Not Currently Available
                                        Fan Art: 13,000 gold
                                        Couples: Will need a bribe for this

                                        CG Art Prices
                                        Head shot: 4,500 gold
                                        Chibi: 15,000
                                        Waist Up/Bust: 20,000
                                        Full Body: Bribe
                                        Couples: Bribe

            How to Pay
              Please start the trade when I have confirmed that I will do your picture. Only finish the trade when I have the picture done. As that is all taking place in the end, I will send your picture to you via private message. If that doesn't go through for some strange reason (like you have your messages set to only friends), the picture will be posted here in the shop as well in the pick up area under your name.

          ~*Order Form*~
          [size=18][color=#006688][b]Right Here Sonpi~![/b][/color][/size]

          [b]Picture Type:[/b] (ex: Headshot, chibi, etc)
          [b]Couple?:[/b] (yes/no)
          [b]Color:[/b] ( None, Traditional, or Computer)
          [b]Picture Ref(s):[/b]
          [b]Price:[/b] (How much it costs in total)
          [b]Extra:[/b] (Anything else you'd like me to know)[/size]

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Newbie Noob

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Hello, I'm Leiux. You can call me Lei, L, Light, or whatever other nickname you can come up with.
I'm your average psycho. I love drawing gore, and little girls wearing gothic lolita...all cut up.. Kinky. 8D Say what?
I should stop talking before I scare you away.
I draw multiple styles so make sure to check out which you prefer.
Some of my samples are sketched quickly. Your art will be in better quality.
More samples will be added soon.

Current Status: CLOSED



[x] [x]

.:Style 2:.

[x] [x]


[x] [x]

.:Chibi 2:.



[x] [x]

.:Sketchy 2:.

[x] [x] [x] [x]

[Coming soon]

[Coming soon]



Black and White:

Head/Bust}-- 10-20k
Torso/Waist}-- 40k
Knee/Full}-- Bribe


Head/Bust}-- 30k
Torso/Waist}-- 60k
Knee/Full}-- Bribe

CG Background}-- +20k
Style 2

(Only offered in color)

Head/Bust}-- 50-70k
Torso/Waist}-- 100k-200k
Knee/Full}-- Bribe

Full body}-- 4k

Chibi 2

Full body}--5k


Head/bust}-- 3k

(Color +2k)

Sketchy 2
(Color Only)



-Anything Not Listed In Wont Do

-Cluttered Avi's
-Certain Animals
-Some Hats
-If there's items on your avi I can't do, I'll let you know

.:How To Order:.

Fill out this form:

[b][color=lightblue][size=24]LEIUX! OVER HERE![/size] [/color]

[color=darkblue]Username: (Who's the Gaian ordering?)[/color]

[color=Lightblue]What Style Do You Want Drawn: (Reg/Style 2/Chibi/etc)[/color]

[color=darkblue]What Avatar: (Please Post An Image Reference; DO NOT SAY CURRENT)[/color]

[color=Lightblue]Payment Total: (Total Amount; Tips?)[/color]

[color=darkblue]What Pose: (What pose do you want your avatar to be drawn in?)[/color]
Any Last thoughts: (Anything you wish to add about your art)[/color]




.:Completed Art:.

Jenny Kay_x [x]
Jenna Jokerface

Wealthy Shopper

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Hello, My name is Korin, and this is my corner

I've been loved so much that they've allowed me to live in my own corner of the thread [and Neko's store heart ]

Anyone who comes here is welcome to hang out here, even if I'm, not here, just make sure you keep it clean.

After all, While waiting for your awesome art from our great artists, you might as well hang out here and have fun heart heart heart

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