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Which medium would you prefer best if you were to order?

Dress-Up Games 0.14285714285714 14.3% [ 2 ]
Animated Colored 0.21428571428571 21.4% [ 3 ]
Colored 0.35714285714286 35.7% [ 5 ]
Animated Toned 0.071428571428571 7.1% [ 1 ]
Toned 0.071428571428571 7.1% [ 1 ]
Animated Lineart 0.071428571428571 7.1% [ 1 ]
Lineart 0.071428571428571 7.1% [ 1 ]
Total Votes:[ 14 ]
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-Table of Contents-

1. Introduction

2. Rules and Guidelines

3. Samples and Prices

4. How to Order

5. Wishlist

6. Current Orders

7. Past Orders

8. My Art Requests

9. Links I/O

Status: OPEN//Full//Hiatus//Closed

UPDATE: Because I've added upon my coloring and drawing techniques I've upped the prices of all mediums.

User Image

Hello! Welcome to my new little art shop. Have you ever wanted high-quality art, but found that other art shops don't suffice or better yet they are just plain too expensive? Well, you're in luck because my little shop can suffice the two being both HQ and affordable! I offer a wide variety of art you can get, be it line art, toned or colored, as a single person or as a couple. Most of all, I can finish up a piece in less than a week (well depending on how many people ordered before you). Order for a friend or for yourself. Better yet, request to be drawn together! So don't be shy! Step up to the plate and order to your heart's content (or until the slots are full). We are open for the fall and we'll see where that goes.
-Rules and Guidelines-

Don't be a rotten apple [and break one of them]!

● Do NOT take off the signature on the artwork I send you. Sheesh!! Talk about art theft...

DON'T cancel a trade once I send you art. You WILL get reported.

● Be courteous to everyone. Especially me if you want to actually get art or have it more HQ than usual.

● Follow the 'How to Order' form to get art.

● Patience is a virtue! I'm a junior in high school and shockingly I have another life outside of my labtop. The longest I can take on an artwork is 1 week and that is if it's colored and if I had a big project I was working on in real life. Please don't complain that I am taking too long.

● Don't request anything too sexually explicit for obvious reasons...

● Don't give me a pose reference picture to work with since I find that people requesting specific positions stifles my creative abilities. You can however give me a general idea of what you want your drawing to be like (e.g. I want my avvie and her avvie hugging with one holding her from behind).

Don't request a full-body or what not. Isn't it enough that I give the same pricing to chibi, anime and realistic? Not to mention the many options of what kind of art you can choose from. The minimum I would do is a bust up. You might get a full-body, but that's not a guarantee. One thing is certain, I will never do a headshot unless you're specifically asking for one.

● I can do anthro, mecha, chibi, OCs, groups, shounen ai and shoujo ai.

● If you want to get on the bribe slots you have to pay at least half of what you were originally supposed to pay (e.g. If you wanted a colored pic which is normally 80k, you'd be paying at least 120k).

● Lastly, I LOVE doing art trades, but make sure the art you produce is going to be on par with mine and vice versa.
Samples and Prices

[I'll add more as the art shop grows and prices are subject to change.]

My specialty is drawing in countless styles.
Dress-Up Games (80k+*)
[♥] - 1 Outfit
[♥] - 2 Outfits
[♥] - Several Accessories

Colored Art (80k) (Shades and Tints)

Animated Colored Art (40k) (Flat)

Animated Toned Art (45k)

Toned Art (40k)

Animated Line Art (30k)

Line Art (25k)





Couple (Double the price)


*The prices will fluctuate according to how many outfits you give me. Each model and one round of outfits (e.g. one shirt, one accessory, one headpiece, etc.) will cost 80k whether or not I do a waist up or fullbody. For each new 'round of outfit' you add 15k more.

1st Step: Read the frickin' rules and just about everything else that comes along with it.

2nd Step: Use the order form below...

[align=center][color=coral]Your art is the best thing ever <3 !!
[b]Medium[/b]: [Lineart, animated lineart, toned, animated toned, animated colored, colored, or DU games]
[b]Type[/b]: [Chibi, anime, or realistic]
[b]Who is in it[/b]: [Place all avatars/OCs/ref. pics in here or if you're just ordering for yourself simply state 'My avvie' *wink*]
[b]Cost[/b]: [Add up how much it will be. Don't worry. I'll double-check this just to be safe.]
[b]Anything else that matters[/b]:

...and either PM me or reply to this forum where I will then accept your request and place you in one of the slots.

3rd Step: YOU start the trade.

4th Step: I'll start and finish the art. When I am done I'll send it to you.

5th Step: You complete the trade.

[Depending on how valuable the item is, I'll probably be your art slave for multiple requests.]

● Golden Wings
● Imaginary Friend
● Infernal Spirit
● Fall of the Morning Star
● Cloud
● Seracila Pendant
● Sweet Charming Blush
● Lily Starfire
● Dark Reflection
● Reverse Panda Hat

-Current Orders-

The main differences between bribe and regular slots are I do bribe first before regular, I'm inclined to finish them sooner and there's more of a chance I'll make it a torso-up/full-body rather than a waist/bust-up.

Bribe Slots





~My Art Requests~

I am willing to TRADE one of my art pieces for yours. Make sure your drawing abilities match mine and vice versa. If you are willing to do this, please draw one of the following avatars:
User Image User Image

Received Art:
Pervy Sennin
Pervy Sennin

Links In

[PM me if you would like to become affiliates.]

User Image

[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/art-shops-and-requests/art-of-the-heart/t.62838071_1/][IMG]http://i1028.photobucket.com/albums/y350/Elliptical_Metaphor/Colored Drawings/ShopBanner3.jpg[/IMG][/url]

Links Out

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-foams at the mouth-
This is the kind of art I've been looking for for the past hour!

.......Sorry, I'm just really happy right now....
I love your art~
Question: Can I place more than one order and can I save a slot to fill out my order?


-foams at the mouth-
This is the kind of art I've been looking for for the past hour!

.......Sorry, I'm just really happy right now....
I love your art~
Question: Can I place more than one order and can I save a slot to fill out my order?

Sure. If the slots get filled up, you can order from a bribe slot xD

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